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Allen Craig (1B,LF,RF)

St. Louis Cardinals

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Fangraphs | Jul 18th, 9:55pm
As the weeks go on, it's becoming increasingly clear that Craig isn't going to match pre-2014 Craig , either, and we're approaching the stretch run in the fantasy season. Duda remains widely available in all three major formats - he's unowned in a whopping 75 percent of Yahoo leagues - and if you drafted the Cardinals' would-be slugger as much for his versatility as his power, Duda might be the best available candidate to replace that role on your team. - Karl de Vries
FanGraphs | Jul 18th, 1:15pm
These are dark times for Allen Craig owners. It’s not just that those of us who drafted him realize he’s having a bad season — that fact became shriekingly apparent months ago — it’s that there aren’t a lot of signs that he’ll turn things around, and worse, such word is spreading throughout the fantasysphere, […]
Roto Authority | Jun 29th, 4:12am
He's raised his average up to .260 by now, with steady hitting since the first month. He still doesn't do much else, but it's not like you were asking him to anyway. Interestingly, though his March/April BABIP was just .239, and his May BABIP rocketed up to .360, he's now evened almost exactly out, to a neutral .301. Not that he's ever had a neutral BABIP over a full there's a decent chance that average is moving on up. - Alex McCrum