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Andrelton Simmons (SS)

Atlanta Braves - 60% owned

Bats: R, Throws: R

He also walked once. He has cooled off a little but he is in the right place as far as the batting order is concerned. Hopefully, he will regain his stroke quickly.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons is fine. Owners just have to hang in with these slow periods, happens to everybody. He is a reliable play in fantasy.


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He also scored a run. Simmons was batting in the 7th spot tonight. He seems to be more productive in the lower part of the order so it's a good sign that coach Fredi Gonzalez is playing to his strengths and comfort zone.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons has been mired in a slump so this is a good sign. His K rate is still low at 7,4% and his peripherals are slightly above average. Simmons is improving over a disappointing year at the plate last year.


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Simmons has done best career-wise hitting toward the bottom of the order. Problem is, most of the Braves hitters fall into the same category, which forces coach Fredi Gonzalez to toy with the batting order every day in an effort to find what works. To date, the numbers show that the Braves have been lucky to play .500 ball thus far.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons has shown improvement this year at the plate when compared to last year, but in order to maximize his potential Gonzalez has to play him with his strengths in mind. Owners need to watch this closely over the next two weeks and then make determinations based upon results. Gonzalez surely will settle on a consistent batting order soon.


He still has a low K rate of 7.2% and is on track to hit around 40 doubles this year.

Fantasy Impact: He is a reliable fantasy contributor and has rebounded from the disappointing year at the plate last season. As long as his K rate stays pretty low, many will be glad they scooped him up.


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Simmons did something unusual tonight: He struck out twice, so hopefully he won't slide back into 2014 habits. He has been a pleasant, mild surprise this year with his offensive output moving him into hot waiver wire material. Tonight's home run was his third of the season while he also has nine doubles so far.

Fantasy Impact: Simba is really achieving remarkably well after a disappointing year in 2014. His owners can be reasonably assured that he will continue to be a productive, reliable bat in their lineups.


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The Simmons you saw last year at the plate is gone, and nobody is happier than Andrelton. His work with new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer has been a success and what we are seeing is a hitter ready to surpass any previous year's stats in a potential breakout year for him.

Fantasy Impact: More and more are catching on with Simmons' resurgence but if he is still available in your leagues, pick him up now. He is a reliable and consistent producer.


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Simmons has made a remarkable turnaround from last year, offensively speaking. His wOBA is .360, which is near-great, and his ISO sits at .170, and his K rate is a meager 4.3%. He also hit his eighth double of the season tonight.

Fantasy Impact: The news about Simmons is he is only owned in about a quarter of leagues. If you have needs at SS, MI, or Utility, then consider Simmons. You'll be pleased. He is more than serviceable, offering a reliable alternative at his position. Cheap for DFS as well.


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One of the hits was a triple. Simmons is coming along just fine thus far, with a slash line of .273/.333/.414, along with a wOBA that is slightly above-average at .330 and a wRC+ that sits at 111.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons remains a legitimate target for fantasy leagues. He is also an inexpensive value option in DFS. If you have a middle infield slot you could do much worse than Simmons.


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He also scored two runs and walked twice. His K rate is near a career low 5.3%. Simmons is in the average range with a .315 wOBA and has been a consistent producer at the plate thus far.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons is coming along well offensively and should continue to progress in the coming weeks. I believe he is a cheap value pick in DFS and would be a good addition to most fantasy rosters.


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His slash line for the year is .273/.325/.403 and he continues to make positive strides at the plate. He has a low K rate which stands at 6% and his wOBA is at .323. He also scored two runs tonight.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons is a legit SS for fantasy rosters. He is hitting reliably and does not strikeout much at all. He is also an inexpensive option for DFS lineups.


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Simmons is carrying a respectable .279 batting average this season and has done a commendable job of rebounding from last years disappointing results at the plate. He enjoys a beyond excellent 6% K rate and has 10 singles, five doubles, a triple, and a home run in 63 at-bats thus far.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons is a worthwhile add to your roster if you have space and need. He will prove to be a player that will help you with a reliable bat at SS.


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He struck out once but otherwise is still doing well at the plate. Simmons is rebounding from a disappointing year at the plate last year. He and coach Kevin Seitzer are working well together and we should all see better results this year.

Fantasy Impact: I think Simmons is a legitimate pickup off the wire. He is still widely available but it appears that he will show great improvement from last year and return to the more productive Simmons we knew in 2013.


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Simmons was the only real fireplug the Braves going today, accounting for two of the three runs today for a weak offense. With Freeman in a slump, Simmons is enjoying a seven-game hitting streak, with a slash line of .291/.339/.418.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons would be a safe addition to your rosters. He brings good (not great) stats and is a reliable producer.


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Simmons raised his average to .263 with tonight's effort. He know has five extra-base hits in 39 plate appearances and is primed to have a season similar to 2013.

Fantasy Impact: Everybody should be monitoring his improvement now. His wOBA is still low but improving. Many more nights like tonight and he should be scooped up.


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Simmons is off to a good start this season, batting .304 with three doubles, a triple, and five RBI. It appears he is taking advantage of having a good hitting coach (Kevin Seitzer) on staff.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons should be considered as an add to fantasy rosters. It looks like he is regaining his stroke from 2013 and more extra base hits are forthcoming.


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He also scored a run. Simmons is hitting .250 now but the great news is he has only struck out once in 20 at-bats. New hitting coach Kevin Seitzer is doing a fine job with the Braves so far.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons can have fantasy value if he regains his 2013 form at the plate. He should be monitored closely to see if he adds value to your team. If he starts collecting doubles, grab him.


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He also scored a run in the big win over Miami. Simmons is really picking up on his hitting, with new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer.

Fantasy Impact: He can be of value to your team if he regains his form from 2013, which his numbers should reflect as he continues to improve. Keep an eye on him but don't wait too long.


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He is now hitting a cool .467 to go with 12 RBIs in 10 spring games. The question is, where will he bat in the Braves order?

Fantasy Impact: Hopefully, he won't be buried in the back end of the batting order, which is a veritable wasteland as far as the Braves are concerned. But with Young and Markakis at the top of the order, who knows? He is worth a draft pick, but in mid to late rounds.


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Simmons was also hit by a pitch on the elbow today. It was immediately iced, and although he felt initial numbness his elbow starting feeling much better after treatment. He is hitting a blistering .481 on the spring, with 10 RBIs and an 1.130 OPS. (Source: Mark Bowman and Brian Mctaggart)

Fantasy Impact: I have written about this but it bears repeating: Simmons is responding well to new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer, and if he regains his 2013 stroke, he will have a lot of fantasy upside. So far, it appears he is doing just that.


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Simmons is really responding well to his new hitting coach, Kevin Seitzer. He is now 9-for-16 this spring with one HR.

Fantasy Impact: If this continues Simmons will be sneaking up in fantasy drafts. It might be a good idea to keep an eye on his numbers in the coming days. He's a gamer and doesn't take many days off. While not elite at the plate, he is certainly looking like he won't hurt you.


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Although he struggled at the plate last year, Simmons had 27 doubles and six triples in 606 ABs during the 2013 campaign, but in 2014 he lost his swing. Even in 2013, his BA was .248 while his OBP was .296 and OPS was .692. Not very impressive. But he is responding to a new hitting coach and it seems that he is getting his old swing back.

Fantasy Impact: Simmons is 26 and still maturing as a hitter, and thus becoming a more productive fantasy player. If he gets his swing back his numbers will improve and fantasy owners will have a decent option at SS without the high cost, but with tremendous upside.


Simmons is looking like his old self under hitting coach Kevin Seitzer, having gone 5-for-9 in his first three games of ST. He is also hitting on all cylinders in the field as well. (Source: Michael Cunningham)

Fantasy Impact: If Simmons is getting his old swing back, then he is worth an add on fantasy rosters. Fantasy drafters will have to add him to their watch lists leading up to their draft.


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Simmons looked fine in the field as well. He hit lead-off in the game and he seems fully recovered from the oblique strain. (Source: David O'Brien)

Fantasy Impact: The Braves and Simmons are hoping to recapture his offensive promise that he showed oh so long ago. Watch him this spring, if that old swing is back, he might be worthy of consideration for your lineup.


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Fredi Gonzalez confirmed Andrelton Simmons is scheduled to make his first spring training start Thursday. Simmons is recovering from an oblique strain.

Fantasy Impact: Andrelton Simmons hopes to improve on his offensive struggles in 2014, only hitting .244 while slugging .331. While Simmons is a gold glove in the field, his offense hasn't brought much to the fantasy table the last 2 seasons.


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The Braves have been very careful with Simmons' oblique strain and he is getting closer to a full return to all baseball activities. Welcome news for a team bereft of great news. (Source: Mark Bowman on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Simmons is a bright spot on the Braves roster but it remains to be seen if that translates into fantasy success. If he returns to his old hitting form he might be a decent pickup.


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There was never much concern over the strained oblique and this news reinforces the fact that Simmons is and will be fine. (Source: David O'Brien on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Look for Simmons to continue his stellar play at SS and hopefully regain his early form in hitting. Simmons might be worth a look as a utility player for your team depending on how his hitting stroke looks.


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Simmons will likely be held back several days, perhaps even 10 or so, as a precaution. This is not a major issue, as he will have plenty of time to prepare for the season opener. (Source: David O'Brien on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: The Braves will likely struggle this year and have little fantasy relevance going into the 2015 campaign. Simmons has potential to be relevant because the Braves have new hitting coaches and might revive his early propensity to rake line drives for doubles.


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