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Aroldis Chapman (RP)

Cincinnati Reds

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news | Jul 29th, 5:03am
Reds closer Aroldis Chapman threw 20 pitches on Monday night and 15 of them were fastballs. None of Chapman's fastballs were clocked at less than 101 mph and the average speed of those pitches was 102 mph. Chapman hit 104 mph on a pitch to Paul Goldschmidt and hit 103 mph five times in the inning.
Roto Professor | Jul 18th, 2:34am
Chapman missed the beginning of the season (which is why his preseason ranking was so low) and has only thrown 28.2 innings thus far, yet still has managed 20 saves and 57 K.  The guy is a machine and it's nearly impossible not to have him slotted at the top of this list. - Eric Stashin
Fangraphs | Jul 14th, 2:55am
To put in perspective how ridiculous his fastball has been, he has averaged 100.1 mph on the heater this year. That is about two-and-a-half miles per hour more than the next highest reliever ( Carter Capps ). The jury is still out as to whether velocity has a definitive correlation to major arm injuries like Tommy John surgery, but Chapman owners are obviously enjoying the wave. - Colin Zarzycki
Fangraphs | Jul 9th, 6:45pm
Chapman doesn't register ground balls at an elite rate, but with so few bats even making contact, even less makes great contact. There's not much else to say here, we all know he's among the league's best, if not the best and ranks in the top three fantasy relievers at the worst. - Benjamin Pasinkoff