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Brandon Morrow (SP)

Toronto Blue Jays

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Roto Professor | Apr 14th, 5:51pm
While his strikeout rate had fallen in recent seasons, you have to wonder if he's simply finally healthy once again? He currently owns a 12.1% SwStr% and has shown a good mix of his fastball (51.7%), slider (25.3%) and change-up (13.8%), while also mixing in a curveball. There's no questioning the upside as long as he's healthy. - Eric Stashin
Roto Authority | Apr 10th, 6:59pm
Brandon Morrow used to be the king of strikeouts and walks. After so much time off (and weird 2012) I really don't know what to expect. But the chance is there and he's worth owning or watching at this ownership rate. - Alex McCrum
The Fake Baseball | Apr 2nd, 10:19pm
Those a little more interested in the risk-reward options should turn to widely available Brandon Morrow . Last season was a lost season for the strikeout artist, who had 489 strikeouts over 450.1 innings from 2010 to 2012. Morrow also cruised through the Mets Saturday, striking out 8 while only allowing 4 base runners. It isn't a slam dunk win against the Rays, but the upside for strikeouts is there. - Neil Parker
Roto Professor | Mar 30th, 1:20am
We all know there's a lot of allure to his strikeout potential, though he has posted K/9 under 8.0 each of the past two seasons. Struggling? Constantly injured? Pitching in the AL East? If you can get him in the later rounds or off waivers and stash him there's no harm, but the appeal is quickly dwindling. - Eric Stashin