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Brett Lawrie (2B,3B)

Toronto Blue Jays

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The Fantasy Fix | Apr 18th, 2:46am
The point at which you can no longer get full draft day value for Lawrie is fast approaching, if it hasn't passed already. The home run he hit on Sunday afternoon may feel like an indication of future success, but I'd say it's just as likely a red herring. At the very least, it's good ammunition to start some Lawrie-centric conversations on the trade market. - Gerard Martin
Roto Professor | Apr 14th, 5:56pm
Is 2014 going to be the season where he finally figures it out? We still wouldn't rule it out, coming off a second half where he hit .283 with 6 HR and 7 SB, but we also wouldn't consider it a lock to happen (obviously). It's a disappointing start, but for the time being stay the course and hope that he can turn things back around. - Eric Stashin