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Chase Headley (1B,3B)

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Chase Headley was 0-for-2 with a walk in the Yankees 3-0 loss to the Rays. Headley is hitting .314 this spring.

Fantasy Impact: Headley could be a fringe top-ten 3B this year if he can have an OBP above .365. He had a .371 OBP in 58 games with the Yankees last year and should give them consistent play this season as well. Headley's ECR is only 220, but he could play himself into the top-150 this season at a minimum.


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Chase Headley cooled off over the past couple days, but heated right back up against the Astros on Sunday afternoon, finishing 3-4 with a home run, double, and three RBI. He is now hitting .327 this spring.

Fantasy Impact: Headley has been the best player for the Yankees this spring, as he has seven RBI and has elevated his status to a top-15 3B for fantasy purposes. He has shown very good power during the spring and has particularly excelled at the top of the lineup. It would be wise for the Yankees to bat Headley second in lineup, as he has over a .370 OBP he started with the Yankees, even if he has 12 strikeouts and only three walks this spring.


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Headley was 0-3 with a strikeout against the Orioles on Saturday. He now has a .289 batting average this spring.

Fantasy Impact: Headley was hitting over .360 a couple weeks ago, so he has considerably cooled off after a hot streak. He still has five extra base hits, four runs scored, and four RBI this spring. With a lot of the other Yankees regulars struggling, Headley has seen his value raise this spring and could be valued as a top-10 or top-15 third baseman.


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Chase Headley finished 1-4 with a run scored against the Phillies. Headley still has an OPS of .918 this spring.

Fantasy Impact: Chase Headley appears to be a top-ten 3B this year, as he can get on base and will have RBI opportunities in a stronger Yankees lineup. The Padres had one of the worst offenses in MLB history last year, their leader in RBI had only 51 and their leader in runs only had 55, and the Yankees offense will help Headley's numbers jump.


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Chase Headley was 2-3 with RBI against the Mets. He is hitting .286 this spring.

Fantasy Impact: Headley has been one of the best hitters for the Yankees this spring and could be a top-ten 3B this season. He had a .371 OBP in 224 plate appearances with the Yankees in 2014 after a midseason trade sent him from the Padres.


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After a hot two weeks for Chase Headley, he was hitless over the weekend, finishing 0-2 with a walk against the Mets on Sunday, and is now hitting .313 for the spring.

Fantasy Impact: Headley still looks to be a top 15 3B for sure and could be a top ten 3B by the end of the year. The Yankees will move Headley around in the lineup, especially if Brett Gardner continues to struggle near the top of the lineup, but he should be able to get on base. Headley's Spring Training OBP matches his 2014 Yankees OBP, .371, and he will continue to be a reliable fantasy option if he has an OBP over .360.


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Chase Headley cools off

Sat, Mar 21st 3:40pm EDT
By Chris Zolli

Chase Headley went 0-3 with a strikeout against the Astros on Saturday, but is still hitting .333 this spring.

Fantasy Impact: No reason to worry about a poor outing from Headley; he is still worth a roster spot no matter what. He showed that he could get on base with the Yankees in 2014, .371 OPS, and has hit well in the past two weeks. Headley is a quality pick in the mid-late teens and could end up being a top-ten 3B this season.


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Chase Headley excels again

Fri, Mar 20th 10:35am EDT
By Chris Zolli

Chase Headley hit his second home run of Spring Training against the Phillies, finishing 1-3. He now has a 1.080 OPS this spring.

Fantasy Impact: Headley is looking more like a top-ten mixed league 3B than a low level or AL-only 3B. Headley had a weak 2014 with the Padres, posting only a .296 OBP in 307 plate appearances, but looked much stronger in 224 plate appearances with the Yankees, posting a .371 OBP. Headley has had a .370 or greater OBP in two MLB seasons, 2011 and 2012, and his 162 game average for those two seasons was a .835 OPS, 58 extra base hits, 94 RBI, and 168 hits. For reference, the tenth best fantasy 3B in 2014 was Nolan Arenado and he posted a .828 OPS, 54 extra base hits, 61 RBI, and 124 hits; Headley could reach those numbers in 2015 and have a tremendous impact.


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Headley was on base in two of his three plate appearances, posting a walk and a single, and added a RBI in the Yankees 12-5 win over the Braves. Headley now has a .423 OBP during Spring Training.

Fantasy Impact: Headley started Spring Training slowly, but now looks like he is a fringe top-ten 3B fantasy candidate. Three of Headley's nine hits this spring are for extra bases and he has two run scored and two RBI. Headley had a .371 OBP in 191 at bats as a Yankee in 2014 and could be an asset at the top or middle of the Yankees lineup. Headley could be a better option at the top of the lineup than Brett Gardner, who has struggled in the leadoff and second slots of the lineup this spring.


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Chase Headley was 1-3 with a solo home run in the Yankees win over the Philies. Headley's home run and RBI were the first of the spring and a cap to a week where he had seven hits.

Fantasy Impact: A paltry start to the spring led many to believe that Headley was not worth a roster spot, but the past week, as well as his .371 OBP with the Yankees, could have him ranked as a top-ten 3B. Headley will probably hit sixth or seventh for the Yankees this season, an opportunity for RBI, or may hit second, leading to run scoring opportunities. Either way, Headley is due for a bounce back in a rejuvenated Yankees lineup and has high potential.


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Chase Headley stays hot

Sat, Mar 14th 3:10pm EDT
By Chris Zolli

Chase Headley was 2-3 with a double against the Tigers on Saturday, raising his spring average to .368. After a slow start to the spring, he has six hits in four games.

Fantasy Impact: With Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner not in the lineup, Headley hit second and showed why the Yankees may be better suited for him to hit second. With a .371 OBP with the Yankees in 2014, Headley demonstrated his ability to get on base and with either Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner hitting in front of him, he could get a lot of RBI opportunities. Headley also has 30 double power and, if he is in the right part of the lineup, could be a top-ten 3B in 2015.


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Chase Headley keeps up his pace

Fri, Mar 13th 12:10pm EDT
By Chris Zolli

Headley is only 5-16 this spring, but has four hits in the past three games. He had a double against the Braves last night.

Fantasy Impact: Headley looks to regain top-ten 3B value and has 30 double potential. The Yankees could have him hit as high as second and as low as seventh in the lineup and his career .347 OBP should enhance the lineup. He had a .371 OBP with the Yankees in 224 plate appearances last year and, if he is the second hitter in the lineup, he will score plenty of runs if he gets on base at that rate.


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Mired in a 1-10 slump to begin Spring Training, Chase Headley broke out against the Orioles, finishing 3-3 with a double.

Fantasy Impact: Headley should be a productive member of the Yankees this season and a fringe top-ten 3B in a weak class. He had a rough 2014 season, but has shown 30 double power before and should be relied upon for an OPS north of .760.


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Chase Headley was 1-3 against the Astros.

Fantasy Impact: Headley looks to regain top-10 3B form in 2015 and rebound from a weak 2014 season. Headley had a .747 OPS in 2013 and a .700 OPS in 2014, but was the top 3B in 2012, with an .875 OPS and 31 HR and 115 RBI. Headley may never regain that power again, but he has a career .347 OBP and has had 30 or more doubles in a season three times. He may not be a top-10 3B in 2015, but he should be on fantasy rosters.


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For the first time this season, the presumed Yankees Opening Day infield was in the lineup on Friday afternoon. Chase Headley finished 0-2 with a walk and two strikeouts.

Fantasy Impact: Headley provides upside at 3B, mainly because the Yankees lineup will be better in 2015 and he is coming off of a down year in 2014. Either Brett Gardner or Jacoby Ellsbury will lead off and Headley is the presumed second batter in the lineup, this could give Headley a big opportunity for RBI with that much speed ahead of him in the lineup. He could be a top-10 3B rather than a top-15 3B, especially with a weak 3B crop in 2015.


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Chase Headley opened his Spring Training campaign with an 0-2 performance, striking out once.

Fantasy Impact: After signing a four year contract with the Yankees, Headley is firmly entrenched as the third baseman for the Yankees. There is potential that he is a top-15 3B and that he can build on his positive end to the 2014 season.


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Alex Rodriguez may still be the best offensive 3B on the Yankees roster, no matter what the depth chart says. (Source: New York Post)

Fantasy Impact: As the article states, Rodriguez's 2013 season was his worst, but would have made a significant impact on the 2014 Yankees. His .771 OPS would have been the best on the Yankees last year for anyone who had at least 181 plate appearances, was better than the AL’s average designated hitter in 2014 (.743), and beats all but two seasons in Headley's nine year career. This puts a lot of pressure on Headley to earn his 3B spot by more than just playing outstanding third base. Headley has only had one season with an OPS over .800 and is a career .265 hitter; even in a better hitting ballpark like New York, Headley only had a .262 BA and .768 OPS. Headley may only be a top-15 3B in a best case scenario and should not be drafted.


Alex Rodriguez's new found motivation should challenge Chase Headley to be even better. Headley was acquired by the Yankees at the trade deadline and was signed as a free agent in December, giving the impression that he would be a big part of the team going forward. (Source: River Ave Blues)

Fantasy Impact: Headley's defensive skills are his calling card, but his hitting abilities should not be understated. He has a career OPS+ of 114 and, after a rough patch in San Diego for the first half of 2014, he rebounded nicely with a .768 OPS with the Yankees in the second half. The big issue for Headley was the lack of run-production; his 17 RBI with the Yankees in 58 games project to only 47 in a full season. He projects to hit second in the 2015 Yankees lineup, hopefully a position where he could be productive with Brett Gardner getting on base in front of him. He may not put up MVP-type numbers like he did in 2012, where he hit 31 home runs with 17 SB, but Headley will be a solid option at 3B. The extra pressure by a rejuvenated Rodriguez will only fuel Headley more; he can be a top-15 or top-10 3B this year and in a good position with a healthier Yankee lineup.


Chase Headley was a huge part of the Yankees successes in the second half of 2014 and will be a vital piece of the organization for the next four years. (Source: Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Chase Headley was acquired by the Yankees in July of 2014 and was an impact player from the beginning; he had a walkoff hit in his first game on the team and had a .768 OPS for the remainder of the season while playing elite defense. Although his defense makes him a top-10 3B, there are opportunities in his hitting that could make him fantasy relevant. He may not hit 31 home runs again like he did in 2012, but he can hit 20 or more home runs utilizing the short porch in right field. With few 3B with 20 home run potential, Headley may even be able to sneak into the top-10 3B range for fantasy purposes as well.