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Dustin Ackley (2B,LF,CF)

Seattle Mariners

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Dustin Ackley News & Advice

KFFL | Apr 15th, 8:04pm
Seattle Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon said he has no plans to move C Mike Zunino ...
Roto Professor | Apr 14th, 5:48pm
Dustin Ackley has 15/15 upside and thus far he has carried a strong spring into the regular season. He's still banished towards the bottom of the order, which would cap his value, but if he were to move into one of the top two spots (which is highly realistic) his value would sky rocket. - Eric Stashin
Roto Authority | Apr 10th, 7:03pm
Dustin Ackley is great because MI/OF eligibility is really handy if you've got a pretty short bench. There have always been rumors of his ability to hit, and while I never saw much evidence of their truth while living in Seattle, he's been plenty playable so far. Moderate-depth leagues are (often) particularly suited to his versatility too. - Alex McCrum
Roto Professor | Apr 7th, 2:35am
Thus far he's seemingly been banished to the bottom of the order, but he could easily climb towards the top of the lineup to replace either Abraham Almonte or Brad Miller. He may not be more than a 15/15 type option, but there's nothing wrong with that if he can hit .280ish with eligibility at 2B and OF. There's a lot to like and he's well worth grabbing if he's still available. - Eric Stashin
The Fantasy Fix | Apr 7th, 1:09am
Something like a low-teens double-double (homers and steals) with a high average is an attainable line, and that alone is enough to make him a middle infield option in large mixed leagues. If he moves up in the order and adds a helpful runs scored total to his fantasy portfolio, he goes from a rosterable player to an asset. His upside is probably the lowest on this list, but the bar for fantasy relevance is also lowest for him due to the dearth of quality offense in the middle infield. - Josh Shepardson
Roto Professor | Mar 30th, 1:18am
While he's not suddenly going to develop into a major power threat, is there a chance that he finally taps into his potential? With his eligibility at both 2B and OF, it's well worth gambling to find out. If he's sitting on your waiver wire, stash him if you have room. - Eric Stashin