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Evan Longoria (3B)

Tampa Bay Rays

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Fangraphs | Apr 7th, 2:56am
We haven't seen back-to-back healthy seasons from Longoria since 2009-10, so it's kind of incumbent upon him to perform in order to hang around with this group but when it comes to counting stats, he's a cut above the next tier when he's on the field. - Michael Barr
The Fantasy Fix | Mar 24th, 12:51am
He's shedding versatility in service of transforming himself into one of the elite power hitters in baseball. Speed is no longer a part of his game, but it was never really a big part to begin with. Batting average is becoming less of a strength as well; his strikeout rate is on a three-year upward trend, matched by a three-year downward trend in contact rate on pitches in the zone. Both mean bad things for his batting average, but indicate a more aggressive approach. - Gerard Martin