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Freddie Freeman (1B)

Atlanta Braves - 98% owned

Bats: L, Throws: R

Freeman's strikeouts have been a problem but nothing like tonight against Clayton Kershaw. Freeman has to deliver in these matchups and he is flailing at pitches that make him look amateurish.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman will post decent numbers this year but in no way will his value reflect his ADP. It seems logical to trade him if you can sell high and improve your lineup and get better value for your pick.


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Freeman is rocking along and his numbers are above average. But the concern is still there for him to have a sub-par year (at least for Freeman). Clearly there are not good viable hitters in the Braves lineup to offer any protection whatsoever. And this is not going to improve or change.

Fantasy Impact: I think Freeman is a sell-high candidate. Memorial Day is the right time of the season to be looking for trade partners to fill your needs and with Freeman as bait you might be able to cash in.


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Freeman is Atlanta's MVP. He comes through again and again for the team. For the year, his slash line is .301/.367/.491 and his peripheral numbers look great.

Fantasy Impact: Trot him out there every game. Freeman is the type to pay great dividends to long-term investors.


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He also scored a run. His effort this year has been phenomenal and his peripherals have stayed high in spite of a couple of slumps.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman hopes this starts another run of big games. It seems that with Maybin batting second and Markakis fourth is too his liking.


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Freeman is struggling through a slump, which stands now at 5-for-31. He also struck out twice tonight. His K rate sits at 21.7%, which is about his norm as a pro. His peripherals are still good, and hopefully he gets back on track quickly.

Fantasy Impact: He is still Freddie Freeman, which means he can and will have a good season. But a great season is little too much to expect due the anemic lineup around him which offers little protection for the slugger.


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Freeman has been here before but now he lacks real protection in the batting lineup. Coach Fredi Gonzalez continues to use a different batting order every day which doesn't allow players to grow accustomed to whatever role they have.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman has made pitchers pay for their mistakes this year and this elevated his stat line and peripheral numbers. But with Gonzalez toying with the batting order everyday it's anybody's guess when Freddie will find consistency.


He also collected two walks. Freeman continues his march to greatness. He's had five multi-hit games in the last seven contests, has hit .375/.439/.614 in his past 24 games, with 12 extra-base hits and 10 RBI in past 16.

Fantasy Impact: Remember his slow start to the year? Yeah, seems insignificant now. He keeps delivering for his owners and the DFS players like this ride as well.


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No extra base hits, no home runs, just a standard .500 night for the elite Freeman, who carries terrific peripheral hitting numbers, and a .333 batting average with him so far this season.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman is quickly becoming the nemesis of most pitchers in the NL. He makes them pay for their mistakes and he is seemingly relentless with his craft. When you own an elite player who is doing well, all is right with the world.


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One of the hits was a double, his 14th of the season. Freeman continues to connect well and make pitchers pay for their mistakes.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman is just wreaking havoc on opposing pitchers. They throw here and there, not a lot of good pitches, but they make mistakes, and he is tearing them apart.


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Just a so-so day but Freeman has been improving on his K rate lately, in addition to hitting lights out. Earlier this season, he had a K rate above 25%, but he has whittled that down to 20.8%, which is more in line with historical numbers.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman continues to impress with how he has responded to the challenges that he faces each day with an ever-changing Braves lineup. He continues to have great at-bats and usually is able to make the opposing pitchers pay for their mistakes. Freeman is an elite player, but perhaps a bit overvalued right now.


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Even when others in the lineup are struggling, Freeman still adds value and excitement to fantasy lineups. He is an MVP waiting to happen and it's too bad the Braves are in rebuilding mold, because that allows opposing pitchers to 'pitch around' him. But what is occurring is that the opposing pitchers are making mistakes and Freeman is connecting and making them pay. That's a sign of a great hitter.

Fantasy Impact: The Braves offense is doing well, especially Markakis, Simmons, Pierzynski, and Freeman. You can still join in by possibly adding Markakis or Simmons. For a short-term bump, you can also grab Pierzynski.


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Freeman is just producing his heart out on the way to a very good season. The lack of protection around him means he sees few good pitches to hit. When he does see a good pitch, he is certainly making them pay so far. His ISO is a near-great .243, while his wOBA sits at .405 and his wRC+ is 161.

Fantasy Impact: You can't just go out and grab Freeman, but you can cash in on the Braves offense by using Markakis and Simmons, who bat ahead of him in the lineup. Freeman owners just want him to keep a patient eye on the plate and keep working on getting his K rate down, which sits at 21.4%, better than the 25+% it's been.


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He also scored three runs and had two RBI. Freeman is really doing well, having raised his average to .301 from a low of .233 just 8-10 days ago.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman is finally hitting the ball well. What makes it better is that he is doing this on a woeful Braves team.


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Freeman has continued to progress lately and now has a stellar 137 wRC+ along with a wOBA of .371. His slash line is looking better at .284/.346/.505 after a rather slow start with the 2015 campaign.

Fantasy Impact: This is exactly what you can expect from Freeman this year. His stats are rounding into form and he is producing at a high level.


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Freeman has really come on strong the last four games, raising his batting average from .233 to .296. His K rate even fell a couple of points to 22.7%. His wOBA is a solid .383 and his wRC+ a nifty 145.

Fantasy Impact: The man can lay the lumber and the only thing holding him back is getting good pitches to hit on a consistent basis. Still, Freeman will have a good year for fantasy owners.


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Freeman has turned things around in the last three games. He started the season slowly with his batting average dipping to .233 recently. He now sports a slash line of .286/.345/.519. More importantly, his wOBA is a nifty .377 and his wRC+ sits at 143. Still problematic is his high K rate at 24.4%.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman's owners are ecstatic with his turnaround and hope this is a sign of things to come. While Freeman did start out slow, he will have a productive year. It would be even better if the Braves were able to offer him better protection in the lineup.


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In his last two games, he has gone 4-for-7 which is a dramatic improvement over a 1-for-19 slump he was in before yesterdays game. His resurgence is sorely needed as the Braves have been struggling since they got off to such a great start.

Fantasy Impact: His owners are optimistic and hoping this is the beginning of a successful season. Most likely, it will be an up and down year for the star since he has little protection in the lineup.


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Freeman had been in a 1-for-19 slump, so this was a bit of good news for everybody concerned. The Braves had 10 hits today, and that helped him a lot. Protection in the lineup is a huge concern for Freeman this year, otherwise he'd be MVP material.

Fantasy Impact: Owners had to be happy today and can only hope this signals a turnaround for Freeman. Hang in there with him, he won't disappoint.


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The entire team could only manage two hits against Aaron Harang and company tonight. Freeman's batting average stands at .233 now and his strikeout rate is around 26%.

Fantasy Impact: The strikeout rate is a concern but no reason to do anything but wait and watch. Freeman is just not seeing good, hittable pitches thus far due to lack of adequate protection in the lineup.


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Yes, his average is below .250 but his wOBA is an above average .359. That, and his wRC+ is a healthy 138, whereas average is 100. He does have a high K%, which is sitting at a career high 25.4%. Freddie is in a bad spot, as he is getting little needed protection from those around him in the lineup.

Fantasy Impact: Freddie is fine, unless you're getting dinged for each strikeout, then you just have to review the numbers. He will have a good year, but not great, only because of the weakness around him in the lineup. Otherwise, he would be in the MVP conversation.


He hit his third double of the season today and increased in batting average to .283. He has an excellent wOBA of .411 on the season.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman is just cruising along and getting better each day. He and Markakis are making the most of the lineup and doing remarkably well.


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The home run came off of R.A. Dickey in the third with one on-base. It's clear Freeman is starting to see the ball better and thus, becoming more productive at the plate.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman owners are smiling today and enjoying the benefits of having him on their teams. Still, unless Freeman has consistent protection around him in the lineup, it could be an average year for the guy who is good enough to earn the MVP award, if only on a more consistent team.


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He hit it off of Brett Cecil in the eighth inning and the Braves went on to win 8-7. Freeman ended the night going 1-for-4 with two RBI. He now has a slash line of .231/.286/.513 with three homer's and six RBI on the season.

Fantasy Impact: Despite the low average, he owns a very favorable .345 wOBA on the season. Freeman stands to have a good year, which could become great if he gets protection from those around him in the lineup.


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It was Freeman's second home run of the year. He has started out a little slow, hitting only .250 on the young season.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman will be fine as long as he gets some protection in the lineup. Otherwise, it'll just be a so-so year for him.


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It was his first home run of the year. The Braves are rocking a 5-0 record and Freeman is just hitting his groove. His batting average is now at .333 on the young season.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman is striking out a bit, in 21 at-bats he has struck out seven times. Aside from that it's all systems go for 'Hugs' but owners need to monitor how others around him in the lineup are doing. If he lacks adequate protection, his numbers will suffer.


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Freeman went 5-for-13 in the first series of the season and seems primed for an excellent year.

Fantasy Impact: If the hitters around him in the lineup can offer some protection then the sky is the limit for Freddie. He's a MVP type player who is the best hitter on an otherwise sub-par team. Baseball is a funny game and so far, the Braves are playing well. Might be an interesting year.


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He had two doubles, two RBI, and two runs scored in the lopsided 12-2 victory over the Marlins. Freeman also had two strikeouts.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman is the lone offensive star of the club and the concern has been about Freddie getting hittable pitches. That may become a real concern later but for now the lowly Braves are 2-0 and having fun.


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He ends the Grapefruit campaign with five doubles and three home runs in 59 at-bats. With an OPS over .900 he also is generating excitement in anticipation of a great year.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman is the type of hitter that has the ability to generate MVP numbers. The question is who will protect him in the lineup? He will have to be patient at the plate this year and if so, his numbers will make fantasy owners very happy in 2015.


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He sports a .390 batting average and a .490 OBP along with a sweet 1.124 OPS. Freeman would be an MVP candidate if he had good batters around him but the Braves re-tooled and now Freddie sits unprotected unless others step up.

Fantasy Impact: He is a destination player who will have a good year regardless of the Braves. Don't be afraid to draft him, just temper your elation with the facts that are facing such an anemic lineup.


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It's just spring, but hope springs eternal in Braves camp with Freeman leading the way. In 34 at bats this spring, he has an OBP of .500 and an OPS of 1.176. He also has six SOs along with eight walks. In addition, he has four doubles and two home runs, sporting a batting average of .382.

Fantasy Impact: Everybody expects this from Freeman, and he will have a good year. But how good of a year he has depends greatly on those around him in the lineup. The Braves are going small ball on us because they have no other choice. Freddie will hit home runs, but it's the doubles that intrigue me. New hitting coach Kevin Seitzer is doing a great job, and will emphasize hitting liners but if Freddie doesn't have adequate protection around him, it's unlikely he'll see very many good pitches this year.


Freeman would be an MVP candidate if the Braves had better talent around him, but he has just raked this spring in spite of the obstacles. In 22 ABs, he has a .409 BA, a .519 OBP, and a 1.337 OPS. He also has three doubles, two HRs, and seven RBIs.

Fantasy Impact: The thing to keep in mind about Freeman is will he see good pitches in the regular season. The Braves have no one to protect him in the lineup, unless the young players step up mightily and have good years.


Freeman homered, doubled, and knocked in three runs today against the Nationals.

Fantasy Impact: Freeman's value is a bit diminished due to the reboot of the roster that GM John Hart engineered this offseason. He will not see good pitches once the regular season begins and thus will be limited in production this year. Still, he is in line to have a decent year, just not a monster one.


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