Photo of Hisashi Iwakuma

Following a rumor in which the Boston Red Sox had contacted the Seattle Mariners in regards to Hisashi Iwakuma, many speculated a trade could be reached with Yoenis Cespedes headed to the Emerald City. According to Jayson Stark's contact, the Mariners have no intention of trading their number two starter. (Source: Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: While Hisashi Iwakuma might be a number two starter for the Seattle Mariners, he has ace like potential for fantasy baseball managers. Furthermore, Iwakuma could be a value on draft day for numerous reasons. First, an age bias could be in place as Iwakuma will be 34-years old next season. Also, for fantasy owners who solely project by the numbers, a drop in innings from 219.2 in 2013 to 179.0 in 2014, could raise an injury red-flag and further lower his draft-day cost. While Iwakuma missed the first five weeks of the 2014 season, it was a freak finger injury that knocked Iwakuma out of action, as his finger got tangled in a training net. Iwakuma is one of the best pitchers in the game when it comes to limiting walks, commanding the strike-zone and keeping batted-balls on the ground. While a 3.52 ERA in 2014 was nearly a run-higher than his 2013 2.66 ERA, a 3.25/2.85 FIP/xFIP shows the slightly inflated ERA was not due to any sort of skill loss. Invest confidentially.