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Jason Kipnis (2B)

Cleveland Indians

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Roto Professor | Jul 11th, 6:03pm
Kipnis was 3 - 4 last night and scored two runs with two stolen bases. Kipnis is now 14 - 40 this month. The power still isn't there, 0 HR's and 1 RBI, but Kipnis has 10 R in nine games and five steals, all of them in his last three games. It's frustrating to see Kipnis only get 1 XBH out of 14 hits, but right now you take what you can get and as the Indians leadoff hitter Kipnis will have value if he gets on base. - Will Overton
Roto Professor | Jul 9th, 6:45pm
Speaking of lack of power, Jason Kipnis has been in the same boat as Cano thus far.  The difference is that he carries a lower groundball rate (46.2%), which is actually in line with his career mark, and also contributes in the stolen base department.  Don't writes him off based on the poor start. - Eric Stashin