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Fangraphs | Apr 7th, 3:04am
I've never been a Weaver fan, but there's still nothing yet that suggests he's lost the ability to suppress homers on fly balls or hits on balls in play. His skills have always been rather soft, but he's well beyond the point of calling what he does luck. That said, he's risky because he relies on skills that appear to be flakier. - Mike Podhorzer
Yahoo | Mar 30th, 1:13am
Weaver 's K totals have been subpar each of the past two seasons. If his ERA finally creeps up, say, a half run, he suddenly looks a lot more like Bronson Arroyo than a borderline top 30 starter, where his ADP currently resides. - Brandon Funston
Yahoo | Mar 28th, 2:18am
Look at the frightening loss of velocity , look at the disappearing strikeouts. This isn't difficult. And yet, Weaver's name brand remains strong - his ADP checks in at 135. Can't go near this one. - Scott Pianowski
Roto Authority | Mar 28th, 2:14am
Weaver went from overrated to underrated in the space of about a year. I'm inclined to think that he's being punished for the fact that he hasn't sustained that one season of elite strikeout production. Weaver is just the kind of pitcher that I like to use to balance out high-K, high-BB pitchers like Gio Gonzalez. - Alex McCrum