Photo of Joey Votto

Bryan Price, the Reds manager will likely start the season with Votto hitting second.

Fantasy Impact: Knowing that Votto will get on base a ton this makes a lot of sense for him to hit second. This will allow the likes of Frazier & Bruce to hit behind him which will add protection and the opportunity for him to score more runs. Don't be skeptical about this move as he is still not being loved in most drafts. Once he proves to others they were wrong you will be very pleased with his production and value.


Votto to start Saturday against Kansas City. (Source: John Fay on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: 2015 has been labeled a bounce back year for the Cincinnati Reds and no individual player needs to bounce back more than Joey Votto. Votto only participated in 62 games last season following a knee injury. His absence from the lineup proved to be detrimental down the stretch, with the Reds finishing the season at 76-86. Major concerns developed earlier this week after Votto missed the first 4 spring training games, but he and the organization hope to alleviate those concerns tomorrow as he is slated to step out on the diamond for the first time since early July. A healthy Joey Votto is Cincinnati’s most valuable player from a fantasy perspective. Votto boasts an outstanding career OBP of .471 paired with the ability to leave the yard consistently. If Joey Votto proves to be healthy when he debuts tomorrow and has the ability to avoid injury throughout the season, he will be the best 1st baseman in the National League and a possible MVP contender.


According to Bryan Price, Votto is in great health. “The last report when Sean was up in Toronto earlier this month was very, very good,” Price said. “The strength was outstanding, the stamina was good and the agility...I’m confident that he’s going to be ready to go.” (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Expect Votto to bounce back from his 2014 in which he missed 100 games with a distal strain on his left quadriceps. This is positive news as Votto was not in perfect health coming into 2014.


With Joey Votto coming off an injury-plagued 2014, elite production is not expected out of the former all-star. Round 7 is what this site has projected for Votto. (Source: Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks)

Fantasy Impact: Drafting Votto in the seventh round could be quite a steal. There would be a lot of upside to a pick this late if Votto can get his power numbers back to where they were. If your league is utilizing BB, drafting Votto would be wise even without the power.