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news | Apr 17th, 6:23pm
Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis expressed some frustration in the third inning on Thursday and promptly paid the price. Following a three-pitch strikeout at the hand of Tigers starter Justin Verlander, Kipnis received his first career ejection from home-plate umpire Lance Barrett.
Roto Authority | Apr 14th, 2:32am
For Verlander owners counting on their man to return to his top-of-the-rotation form, the early results aren't promising. Just throwing it out might want to start quietly seeing what you could get for Verlander in a trade. - Mark Polishuk
Fangraphs | Apr 7th, 3:05am
I, and I assume most others given his auction/draft cost, expect a rebound from Verlander . Though, his first start wasn't very encouraging as he actually walked one more batter than he struck out. - Mike Podhorzer