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Rotoworld | Apr 23rd, 4:00am
Justin Verlander earned his third win of the season on Tuesday, holding the White Sox to two runs over seven innings as the Tigers won by an 8-6 margin.
news | Apr 21st, 10:47pm
Left-hander Chris Sale most likely will not take his scheduled start Tuesday night at Comerica Park against the Tigers and Justin Verlander. But how long the White Sox ace will be out of action remains to be decided.
news | Apr 17th, 6:23pm
Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis expressed some frustration in the third inning on Thursday and promptly paid the price. Following a three-pitch strikeout at the hand of Tigers starter Justin Verlander, Kipnis received his first career ejection from home-plate umpire Lance Barrett.
Roto Authority | Apr 14th, 2:32am
For Verlander owners counting on their man to return to his top-of-the-rotation form, the early results aren't promising. Just throwing it out might want to start quietly seeing what you could get for Verlander in a trade. - Mark Polishuk
Fangraphs | Apr 7th, 3:05am
I, and I assume most others given his auction/draft cost, expect a rebound from Verlander . Though, his first start wasn't very encouraging as he actually walked one more batter than he struck out. - Mike Podhorzer