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FanGraphs | Oct 28th, 1:15pm
If it doesn’t seem all that long ago that Manny Machado was the darling of prospect hounds and fantasy dreamers, well, that’s because it hasn’t been; the 2010 first round draft pick made his debut just two seasons ago, broke out as an all-star last year and was barely drinking age on opening day back […]
Fake Teams | Oct 28th, 10:18am
Manny Machado’s second major knee injury in two years puts his 2015 production in question Manny Machado spent the entire 2013-14 offseason rehabbing from a torn medial patellar femoral ligament (MPFL), and he’ll spend the entire 2014-15 offseason doing exactly the same thing. Machado tore his right MPFL in August 2014, nearly a year after tearing his left MPFL. I have taken a strong...