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Matt Cain (SP)

San Francisco Giants

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Fangraphs | Apr 14th, 5:11pm
Like Miller , he's trending in the wrong direction. It seems like his days of outperforming his peripherals are behind him, which makes him a fairly unremarkable pitcher. Actually I would compare him to Lynn in terms of expected results, except with a bit more risk and reward. Watch to see if his whiff rate improves. - Brad Johnson
The Fantasy Fix | Apr 14th, 2:32am
Overall numbers indicate that Cain should slip again, but he does have an impressive strikeout to walk ratio. So, if we average out those factors maybe he deserves to be right where he is at. He is just one of those guys that is hard to pinpoint right now. - Scott Barzilla
Fangraphs | Apr 7th, 2:51am
Cain might look like a question mark this high given his down 2013, but I feel like he has enough of a track record to suggest he'll get back to his lower-than-normal home run rates. - Chris Cwik
Roto Authority | Mar 28th, 1:56am
Cain remains a high-level SP option, just after the truly elite. Though ADP and the Expert Consensus only slot him a few ranks lower, they suggest he belongs squarely in the middle of your number-two pitchers. - Alex McCrum