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Los Angeles Dodgers

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Roto Professor | Apr 20th, 2:52am
Kemp entered the day with a mediocre 16.7% line drive rate (though we would still expect better than a .200 BABIP). Obviously it's an incredibly small sample size, but Kemp is still rounding into shape and it could take some time for him to get back to his elite levels (if it's even possible for him to get there). - Eric Stashin
news | Apr 17th, 2:55am
The Dodgers lost a manager's review in the second inning Wednesday night when Matt Kemp was picked off first base by Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong.
The Fantasy Fix | Apr 7th, 3:19am
Kemp declares himself 100% healthy and owners can only hope. The Dodgers crowded outfield will likely be sorted out through rest days between Kemp and Carl Crawford , while Andre Ethier sits against lefties (or at least he should). - Rich Migliorisi
Fangraphs | Apr 7th, 3:12am
The various projection systems have Kemp somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 home runs, double digit steals and a .270+ batting average. Our very own Jack Weiland has Kemp in his third tier of the National League outfield tiered rankings and that sound about right given his injury risk. - David Wiers
Roto Professor | Apr 7th, 2:33am
You have to think that the Dodgers are going to be cautious with him initially, so be prepared for several off days. We'll get a feel this week, but if he's a recommended play for next week all depends on your alternatives (though with his upside it'll be tough to sit him). - Eric Stashin