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By Matthew Hoffman, Nationals Correspondent, Sat, Feb 28th 11:21am EST

Scherzer has a simple motto; You either get better or you get worse. Right now, Scherzer is focused on getting better and has added a refined Cutter to unleash on the NL (Source: NBCSports)

Fantasy Impact: After receiving the biggest free agent contract for a pitcher ever, Scherzer got to work and added a pitch to his arsenal. He isn't the best SO pitcher in the game but this should help increase his numbers. Right now he owns a 27% strikeout rate and is one of the safest bets on the board. In his six full seasons with over 1,200 IP under his belt, Scherzer has never landed on the disabled list, and he’s now as safe a bet for 200 IP with 220 K as there exists in the league. His ERA has been low for the past two seasons, and now he’s moving to a great pitcher’s park, league, and division,. There’s absolutely no good reason in my mind to worry about him.

By Brendan Ross, Nationals Correspondent, Mon, Jan 19th 3:21pm EST

Max Scherzer has agreed to a 7-year contract with the Washington Nationals worth a reported $210 million. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: The elite right-handed power pitcher has finally landed on a team. Already considered by many to be the most talented starting pitching staff in 2014, the Nationals add a top-5 starting pitcher to their already sterling roster. There are questions now if Stephen Strasburg or Jordan Zimmerman could be moved. Expect Scherzer to have an ERA under 3.00, a WHIP around 1.10, and compete with Clayton Kershaw for the NL strikeout champion. Scherzer is a locked in stud for 2015, so draft him with confidence.

By Chris Zolli, Nationals Correspondent, Fri, Jan 9th 3:54pm EST

Many teams are looking at the top free agent, but, as with all top free agents, the Yankees are always a viable option. (Source: Washington Post)

Fantasy Impact: The Yankees are without a true ace and Scherzer would give them the pitcher that they need to compete, even if the price tag is steep. The Yankees have made some shrewd short term price cutting moves and do have the financial space to acquire Scherzer. The 30 year old righty has become one of the premier pitchers in baseball, winning the 2013 AL Cy Young and racking 10.5 K/9 and a 3.24 ERA over the past three seasons. The true difference in his game over the past four seasons with the Tigers is that he has refined his control, now only 2.6 BB/9, and that he has averaged 217 innings over the past two seasons. Scherzer is a top-five SP for the season and the Yankees pairing him with Masahiro Tanaka would give them a one-two punch that compares with any in the AL.

By Chris Zolli, Nationals Correspondent, Mon, Dec 22nd 11:42am EST

A six year contract at $25 million is a bit too much for the Yankees, so they will look for other options then Scherzer to top the rotation. (Source: ESPN NY)

Fantasy Impact: Although Scherzer may be too expensive, the Yankees may still be in the running for James Shields. The former Cy Young winner would have been a nice addition, but Shields has pitched in the AL East for seven years with the Rays and gained playoff experience with both the Royals and Rays. Although he may not be as flashy as Scherzer, Shields has topped 200 innings for eight seasons and the Yankees need a stable option at the top of the rotation.

By Christopher Ziza, Nationals Correspondent, Tue, Dec 2nd 10:02am EST

According to Detroit Tigers catcher Bryan Holaday, free agent starting pitcher Max Scherzer is still a possible signing for the club. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: This is good news for Tigers fans, but keeping Scherzer is still only a remote possibility at the moment. With free agency playing itself out, don't expect the right-handed stud to be in any hurry to sign with a team in the near future. As other top tiered starting pitchers like Jon Lester and James Shields sign, you can expect the Scott Boras client to wait to make a choice. No matter the salaries for the other top tier pitchers, it is fair to assume that Scherzer will only come back to the Tigers for less than last year's offer of six-years and $144 million dollars. Considering his age, awkward delivery, the loss of velocity on his fastball last season as well as it appearing to be a tight market, Scherzer will have a hard time finding a suitor that will match his 7-year, near $200 million dollar demands.

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Outfielder Bryce Harper badly wants to help the Nationals win a World Series title. In fact, Harper sounded pretty confident Wednesday afternoon that the Nationals could go all the way this year. It helps that the team signed right-hander Max Scherzer to a long-term deal.
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Tanner Roark was the presumed odd man out of the Nationals' starting rotation once the team acquired Max Scherzer during the offseason, but the Nats have told him to continue to prepare as a starter this spring.