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Mike Trout (LF,CF)

Los Angeles Angels

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Rotoworld | Jul 23rd, 6:22am
Mike Trout went 1-for-4 with a two-run home run in Tuesday's loss to the Orioles.
FanGraphs | Jul 22nd, 6:15pm
I bought Mike Trout for $10 in 2012. He brought me two top-three finishes in the ottoneu experts league. But I was not up to the challenge, and now he’s $49 and my team is 8th. I see no other option but to sell Mike Trout. It’s utterly depressing. It’s also utterly exhilarating. The packages […]
Rotoworld | Jul 20th, 11:27pm
Mike Trout started a ninth-inning rally with a walk as the Angels came from behind to walk off victorious against the Mariners on Sunday.
news | Jul 19th, 1:10am
Mike Trout shared the spotlight with Jeter during the Yankees shortstop's final All-Star Game before stealing the show with a 2-for-3, two-RBI performance that earned him the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player award.
news | Jul 16th, 2:58pm
AL leadoff man Derek Jeter ended his All-Star Game career in style with a pair of hits, and No. 2 hitter Mike Trout earned the MVP Award with two extra-base knocks.