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Mike Trout hits 2 HR's

Sat, Apr 18th 10:38am EDT
By Ryan Trammell

Mike Trout stayed hot on Friday, going 2-for-4, hitting two home runs and driving in five runs.

Fantasy Impact: Mike Trout became the youngest player in MLB history to hit 100 home runs and steal 100 bases. He is now batting .444 on the season with three home runs, nine RBI, nine runs scored and two stolen bases. He is the top outfielder in all fantasy formats.


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Mike Trout has solid night

Thu, Apr 9th 4:40pm EDT
By Ryan Trammell

Mike Trout went 1-3 with one Run and an RBI on Wednesday against the Mariners. (Source: Ryan Trammell)

Fantasy Impact: Mike Trout is now hitting .273 on the season with 1 HR, 2 Runs and 2 RBI's. He has also strukeout five times in 11 at-bats which is disappointing but still not a cause for concern. Trout remains an elite fantasy player in all formats.


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Mike Trout hit a Home Run on his first at-bat today against the Mariners. (Source: Ryan Trammell)

Fantasy Impact: Mike Trout hit is first Homer of the season in the first inning off Felix Hernandez. He struck out on each of his remaining at-bats but that's nothing to worry about as the Mariners have one of the better pitching staffs in all of baseball right now.


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Mike Trout walks and scores

Sat, Apr 4th 12:33pm EDT
By Ryan Trammell

Mike Trout went 0-for-2, walked and scored a run last night against the Dodgers (Source: Ryan Trammell)

Fantasy Impact: Mike Trout is in mid-season form right now as he is batting .446 with 5 HR's and 5 SB's this Spring. Trout will once again be the top outfielder in fantasy baseball in all formats coming off his AL MVP season.


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Mike Trout went 1-for-3 with a solo-HR against the Dodgers on Saturday.

Fantasy Impact: That was the fourth home run of spring training for Trout, as he has absolutely been raking thus far to the tune of a .468 batting average. Trout also made a fantastic catch to rob the Dodgers of a home run in the game. Trout is the #1 overall pick in fantasy, so hopefully you are lucky enough to get that spot in your draft.


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After the first 14 Grapefruit League games, Mie Trout leads the Angels roster in average (.545), home runs (3), and RBI (10), plus runs (10) and total bases (25). (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Ok, so D'Arby Myers is hitting .667 in three at-bats for the Halos, but nobody is checking on his updates. Trout can obviously be counted on to show up every game, even during March. If the two guys around him in the lineup also keep hitting like this in the regular season, with Calhoun at .292 and Pujols at .320, those three players could boost numbers all the way down the scorecard.


Mike Trout went 2-for-4 today with two home runs, and six RBIs.

Fantasy Impact: Mike Trout continues to have a monstrous spring, and is still hitting over .500 two weeks in. Trout has been more aggressive and has been swinging at more first pitches. He hopes this will keep him from striking out so much, and so far it has. Trout has more walks then strike outs this spring, and anytime he is on base he is a threat. A more aggressive Trout is going to be scary for the rest of the league, because he can be even better than he was last year.


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Mike Trout went 2-for-2 with two stolen bases in today's game. He also had a walk, while scoring two runs.

Fantasy Impact: Mike Trout has been red hot and is now 10-for-18 with three stolen bases on the spring. One of Trout's main goals this season is to steal more bases. His stolen base total has fallen every year since his rookie season. If he can steal more bases this year it will just add to his fantasy value, which is already far beyond anyone else in the league. Trout has also been on fire in the box. Trout was worried that the new pace of play rules might affect his production, but he has shown no sign of slowing down this spring.


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Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said he has no doubt that the best lineup spot for 2014 AL MVP Mike Trout is second. Scioscia said despite considering different lineups, "..the two spot is where he fits us best." (Source: Orange County Register)

Fantasy Impact: After recent speculation about Trout batting third in 2015, Scioscia made all the analysis moot with this revelation. With the lineup virtually locked for the first three batters (Calhoun, Trout, Pujols), the questions revolve around the other six spots. When the only other guaranteed, everyday starter is SS Erick Aybar, Scioscia will likely be considering different lineups on a daily basis. In other words, Trout will still pile up a good chunk of his counting stats through his sheer talent, but he can't ensure triple digits in runs and RBI by hitting 100 home runs himself.


Mike Scioscia may be considering moving Mike Trout to the third spot in the batting order. Trout batted second in all but seven of his at-bats in 2014. The health and performance of Josh Hamilton also would affect Scioscia's decision. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Surely the first thought in the minds of fantasy owners is, "How much further will his stolen bases drop when he's batting third?," as Trout has declining SB totals of 49, 33, and 16 from 2012-14. Two factors likely affected his 2014 total: Kole Calhoun is not the typical speedster at leadoff to give Trout an open second base, and, with a healthy Albert Pujols batting third all of 2014, Trout's green light may have been dimmed due to strategy. Trout managed 20 SBs from the second slot in 2013 but made up for a gimpy Pujols, who routinely hit into double plays. Pujols would move to fourth if Trout drops to third, leaving a question mark for now at the second spot. Kole Calhoun is a virtual lock to continue at leadoff in 2015, so Trout will likely be running behind Erick Aybar, Matt Joyce, Howie Kendrick's replacement at 2B, or even a surprise in Kyle Kubitza. Aybar has shown better numbers in the second half of the lineup, Joyce doesn't profile in speed or patience as a #2 hitter, and 2B could become a revolving door with an unproven group of names. If former Braves prospect Kubitza can bring the speed and OBP (minus a few Ks) from AA last season, the Angels might have two lefties at the top of the lineup for Trout to knock around the bases. Trout remains the top pick; the expectation here is that he will be in position to exceed his 2014 performance.