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Pablo Sandoval (3B)

San Francisco Giants

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The Fantasy Fix | Jul 18th, 9:55pm
Kung Fu Panda is in a contract year and it was supposed to be a big year before a big contract. Instead, he ranks as the 19th best third baseman according to ROV and is in a tie for 17th in wRC+. Those aren't the kind of numbers that get you big contracts. Then again, the Giants have been giving out their fair share of big contracts, so maybe this was pretty good for the Giants long-term. - Scott Barzilla
Roto Authority | Jun 29th, 4:12am
Pablo Sandoval is actually having a pretty decent year. I wouldn't have guessed it, since his April batting average of .177 is dragging his season number down to .265, but yeah. Since the end of April (still very cold in San Francisco , I note, suggesting a simplistic, yet tangible explanation without offering concrete evidence for its role as a cause), Sandoval has batted about .317. If you need a third baseman, I'd make an offer relatively soon. - Alex McCrum