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Roto Authority | Jul 9th, 6:45pm
Has Vance Worley come back to life for Pittsburgh? Maybe. Not a lot of whiffs, but PNC Park is a good place to pitch. - Alex McCrum
Roto Professor | Jun 29th, 4:12am
Worley has now allowed only four runs in 20.2 innings in his three starts. It's encouraging to see a guy who once had a 3.01 ERA for the Phillies. Keep expectations in check though as his three starts are against Marlins, Cubs and Mets. Worley isn't a big strikeout guy though he did get 7 - 8 K/9 with Philadelphia back a couple years ago. In deep leagues or as a streaming option in standard leagues, Worley has fantasy value, I wouldn't go much further than that. - Will Overton