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Yovani Gallardo (SP)

Milwaukee Brewers

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FanGraphs | Apr 14th, 5:15pm
Prior to the season, I wrote an article in which I warned fantasy owners to stay away from Yovani Gallardo on draft day. I cited his velocity decline, his decreased strikeout rate, his decrease swinging-strike rate, and his increasingly-ineffective curveball. I mentioned how he could experience a bounce-back season, but the right-hander would need to […]
The Fantasy Fix | Apr 14th, 2:32am
The numbers say he is right around where he should be as a pitcher. A scant two years ago, he was considered a borderline fantasy ace. Now, he is a borderline fantasy starter. The Brewers seem to be employing a group of these guys. - Scott Barzilla
Roto Professor | Apr 10th, 2:42am
While he's 2-0 and has yet to allow an earned run against two impressive offenses (he faced Atlanta on Opening Day), there is still reason to be skeptical. In his first outing he also hadn't brought his velocity all the way back (91.1 mph on his fastball), so continue to proceed with caution. - Eric Stashin
Fangraphs | Apr 7th, 2:48am
Gallardo looked good in his first start of the year, but last season still scares me. - Chris Cwik