Andrew Luck
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Luck was 12-for-21 for 161 yards, including a first quarter 32-yard TD to newcomer Andre Johnson. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: He did fumble to start the second half and was abruptly removed from the game. Luck has a number of top rate options and looks like he should repeat last year's performance as a top two QB. He is being drafted ahead of Aaron Rodgers in most leagues in the second round.

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Breaking Football | Sep 3rd
Luck slowed down at the end but finished just 4 pts out of 1st. He's going to be a top-5 guy for years to come.
Yahoo! Sports | Sep 3rd
Blew away the QB field last season, and he's now another year seasoned and loaded with the best arsenal he's ever had
Fantasy Couch | Sep 2nd
More risk than Rodgers, but also more upside. These 2 QBs are close
FFLockerRoom | Sep 2nd
Back to back years of 40+TD's just doesn't happen. I expect a slight statistical regression this season. Even if he does backslide TD-wise the loss of Nelson is enough to keep him as the top overall QB option now.
WalterFootball | Sep 2nd
Luck put up more yards and touchdowns than Aaron Rodgers last season, but his 16 interceptions cut into his fantasy points enough for Rodgers to nose him out in fantasy points. Rodgers is more efficient without a doubt, but Luck threw almost 100 more passes and ran more often than Rodgers and he should be bolstered by the addition of Andre Johnson. Luck's upside is sky high in this offense.
The NY Times | Sep 2nd
Fantasy's best QB in 2014 will have even better weapons around him this year.
Coach Esser | Sep 2nd
Nothing but target upgrades for last year's dominant Fantasy Quarterback. The Defense didn't get better and while they upgraded at running back they didn't do much to improve the O-Line Run Blocking, I expect big numbers.
Fantasy Football Maniax | Sep 2nd
Luck is entering his 4th year and is only 26 years old coming off a season where he had 4,761 yards passing and 40 passing touchdowns. He should be the premier fantasy quarterback for the next decade. The signings of WR Andre Johnson and RB Frank Gore should only help his numbers.
RotoBaller | Sep 1st
There are two schools of thought when it comes to drafting a quarterback in fantasy football drafts. One strategy is to grab one of the top-notch passers early like Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck, giving you an automatic advantage at a key position. The other, more common philosophy, is to wait on QB entirely considering... Read More
FFLockerRoom | Aug 31st
I do not hide my feelings for Luck. There is no other QB in the league I would want on my team more than Andrew. If the Colts can make a nice signing to the RB/WR corps it will only help the QB that does more with less.
Hatty Waiver Wire Guru | Aug 29th
If you don't get Rodgers in the first or second round then Luck is a solid QB for 2015. He threw the most TD's last year we should expect similar numbers in 2015.
Breaking Football | Aug 27th
The Indianapolis Colts are probably the favorite to win the AFC in 2015. Not only are they the favorite to win the AFC this season,…
The Fantasy Fix | Aug 25th
1. Andrew Luck Luck is clear-cut QB1 in my eyes. He’s just 25 years old and coming off a season in which he threw the ball 616 times for 4,761 yards and 40 touchdowns. He also added 274 yards and three TDs on the ground. This season, the Colts added
The Fantasy Fix | Aug 25th
If you are like me, once Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck are off the board, QB takes a back seat to WR and RB in the first few rounds of the draft. Then when you look up around the 5th or 6th round you have some decent options under center,
Yahoo! Sports | Aug 12th
Andrew Luck and Rob Gronkowski were the only QB and TE taken in the first three rounds of Yahoo's latest mini mock.
Yahoo! Sports | Aug 10th
While Ricky Williams was a high pick (no pun intended) coming off a one-year suspension in his prime, Adrian Peterson is the most extreme case, as plenty argue he should be the No. 1 pick in 2015. He’s obviously our generation’s best talent at running back, and the argument is he should be fresh after sitting out essentially a full season that had nothing to do with an injury. Peterson...
Razzball | Aug 5th
The 6 point passing touchdown super-being (with bonus triangle). I've played in 6-point passing TD leagues since I started playing fantasy football in 2002.  Does it change how you should value QBs?  Of course! (Well, a little.  It's not a massive change.)  I think the main thing to keep in mind is finding a difference maker at QB helps your team just a little bit more than it...
The Fake Football | Aug 4th
  If there was ever any doubt, Andrew Luck has just confirmed the treachery that flows through his blood. This became evident yesterday as Matt Hasselbeck – he who was  Full Article » The post August 4th Training Camp Fantasy Notes appeared first on Fantasy Football Rankings & more, The Fake Football.
Yahoo! Sports | Jul 31st
With the fantasy football draft season here, you'll want to be prepared when you're on the clock. Brad Evans has three tips to help you build a winning team. [Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football: Sign up and join a league today!]The early part of the draft is about limiting your risk, so target players with a high floor and not a high ceiling. Quarterback could come into play earlier than normal with A...
Yahoo! Sports | Jul 29th
I'm not going to list off the common and inane "mistakes to avoid" that are regularly trumpeted in this kind of piece; let's try to be better than that. Everyone knows not to draft off last year's stats. Everyone knows not to rely on a magazine cheat sheet that was created several months ago. Everyone knows not to show up at the draft reeking of Old Milwaukee. Everyone knows to monitor the waiver ...