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By John Muguerza, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Jun 27th 6:10pm EDT

Some time within the last week, Dez Bryant's agent had his first face-to-face meeting in nearly four months with the Dallas Cowboys. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: This can only be good news for Bryant's fantasy value whose current ADP in standard drafts is 9th overall. The reaction that some have had about Bryant missing OTA's and building chemistry have been overblown. As long as Bryant is participating at training camp he will be fine. The deadline for the Cowboys to sign Bryant to a long term deal is July 15th, training camp begins July 30th.


By Nate Hamilton, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Jun 19th 3:20pm EDT

The longer the Cowboys and their number one receiver go without an extension the more it could negatively effect the fantasy value of both Dez Bryant and Tony Romo.

Fantasy Impact: Time without Bryant can only lead to Romo gaining chemistry with his other receivers. When it comes time to make a quick in-game decision, Romo may opt away from number 88 and throw elsewhere because he may feel more comfortable with a receiver he has come across that very scenario in practice. I understand Dez Bryant may not need to practice to improve his game, but he does need to practice to get on the same page with his QB. Bryant off the field only increases the workload for guys like Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams who are very capable of producing valuable fantasy numbers. This is something to keep in mind for those who already have Dez or are faced with potentially drafting him this season. Bryant and the Cowboys have until July 15th to agree to a new contract or the franchise tag is locked in and negotiations are held off until the end of the season.


By John Muguerza, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Jun 18th 3:10pm EDT

Even with his contract issue unresolved, Dez Bryant showed up for final day of Dallas Cowboys minicamp. This comes one week after reports surfaced Bryant would consider missing games if not signed to a long term deal, and one day after expressing his frustration on twitter. Bryant however, was not a participant in any drills merely a spectator. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: The window is closing for keeper and dynasty owners to try to trade for Dez Bryant (if looking for a discounted deal). Bryant is truly a unique talent and is arguably the most gifted WR in the league today. With DeMarco Murray gone and OC Scott Linehan's pass happy history in Detroit, it's a real possibility Bryant finishes as the #1 WR in fantasy this year.


By John Muguerza, Cowboys Correspondent, Wed, Jun 17th 2:46pm EDT

Dez Bryant is becoming more vocal about not having a long term deal. Today he took to twitter expressing his frustration, "13 mil is cool but Where is my security? I'll wait ...5 years without complaining..So how am I selfish? #family1." The Cowboys have a July 15th deadline to sign the star WR to a long term deal or risk him being disgruntled or even worse missing games. (Source: Dez Bryant on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant is arguably the #1 WR in fantasy football, and will be gone by the 2nd round in most drafts this year. Whether Bryant gets his long term deal or not remains to be seen. But keeper and dynasty owners looking to acquire Bryant should see if his owner is willing to trade due to the unforeseen future. Bryant set the Cowboys record last year for most receiving TD's in a season with 16.


By Jonathan Ebanks, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Jun 12th 5:09pm EDT

If the Dallas Cowboys don't sign Dez Bryant to a long-term deal by July 15, Bryant will consider sitting out the season opener. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Bryant still hasn't signed the franchise tag, which would give him more than $12 million next season. ESPN's Chris Mortensen said that Bryant hasn't even been offered a long-term deal since before the 2014 season. Considering that Bryant caught 88 passes for 1,350 yards and 16 touchdowns last year, the Cowboys would do well to pay up since Tony Romo doesn't have many years left.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Mar 3rd 10:27am EST

Dez Bryant could be back with the Dallas Cowboys, as the team extended a $12.8 million franchise tag to the star WR. The Cowboys still have until July 15th to extend a long-term contract to Bryant and a team would have to sacrifice two first round picks if they sign the restricted free agent. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: The Cowboys are trying their hardest to have Bryant financially fit on the team. They have expressed an interest in signing Bryant long-term, but they have other issues to address. DeMarco Murray and Rolando McClain are major free agents as well and the Cowboys are trying to keep their roster together from a 12 win team. Bryant had his best season in 2014, leading the NFL with 16 TDs and becoming a big part of the running game as well. He has come under fire with legal issues recently, but that is not holding the Cowboys back from pursuing the superstar WR.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Feb 17th 5:14pm EST

The window to franchise players opened on Monday and Dez Bryant may fill that role for the Cowboys. The team has not been able to secure a long term contract with Bryant, much to his dismay, but they will try to keep him on the team in any way possible. The team will still have the opportunity to sign Bryant to a long term contract until July 15th. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant is a top-ten WR no matter the offense that he is in, but in the Cowboys offense he could be the first WR drafted this season. Even though the Cowboys ran the ball considerably more in 2014 than in Bryant's first four seasons, Bryant still posted a league-high 16 touchdowns and posted 1300 yards with a 15 YPC average for the second time in his career. DeMarco Murray re-signing for the Cowboys would be huge in maintaining Bryant's value, but the Cowboys have been active in pursuit of Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson and have also considered Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon in the draft. Bryant gained value as a more diverse receiver in 2014 and, along with Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley, would lead one of the top five WR cores in the NFL in 2015.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Jan 23rd 9:44am EST

The Cowboys will need to be financially elastic to keep their NFC East champion team together for 2015. One piece of elasticity will be franchising Dez Bryant rather than signing him to a long term contract. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant is a top-five WR target, potentially top-three depending on the Cowboys' other moves, and the team will make sure that he is in the future plans. This may mean that he is franchised for the 2015 season and then signed long term after the 2015 season. Bryant has emerged as the type of receiver that is worth keeping on the team long term and could end up as a receiver more similar to Marvin Harrison than Michael Irvin into his 30s. Hall of Famer Irvin only had 3366 yards and 15 touchdowns in his 30s while Harrison had 7502 yards and 66 touchdowns; Bryant is only 26 and every sign shows that he will age gracefully.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Jan 13th 10:09pm EST

Dez Bryant is a top-three WR and wants to be paid like one. He is willing to take a franchise tag, but would also like a long term deal. (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant has scored 41 touchdowns over the past three seasons and led the Cowboys to the playoffs this season with his 16 touchdown receptions; he would like the Cowboys to respect his play with a generous contract extension. He could make $12.7 million with a franchise tag, but seems to be more receptive to a contract with more years, even if it means less money per year. Bryant's attitude has been an issue in the past, but he has become a better teammate this year and a player worthy of an extension with his increased skills. On the Cowboys or not, Bryant should be one of the first five WR off the board next season and is a top-15 fantasy football target overall.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Jan 11th 6:20pm EST

A 31 yard catch by Bryant that would have set the Cowboys up on the 1 yard line to take the lead in a game where the Packers led 26-21 was overturned by review. This review was instrumental in ending the season, and potentially Bryant's Cowboy career, in a 26-21 loss to the Packers in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

Fantasy Impact: Bryant had a pedestrian three catches for 38 yards, but the 31 yard catch would have boosted his numbers, especially if he had reached into the end zone like he had attempted to do. For the entire season, Bryant finished with 94 catches and 1406 yards in 18 games and also had 16 touchdown receptions. These numbers look outstanding, but many will look at the fact that Bryant only had six catches for 86 yards in the two Cowboys playoff games and was seen as a disappointment. Bryant, and teammate DeMarco Murray, will be the top free agents available and, no matter the team, Bryant is a true WR1 and a top-five WR.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Jan 11th 8:26am EST

Hall of Fame RB Tony Dorsett compares the "triplets" of Bryant, DeMarco Murray, and Tony Romo to Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, and Troy Aikman. The comparisions between Irvin and Bryant are huge, but Irvin has had successes in the playoffs that currently elude Bryant. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant is an elite WR but his performance in the Wild Card round was not befitting of a top WR. Although he had a 43 yard reception, his other two receptions only went for five yards in total. Bryant's performance against the Lions may have been poor but, if past performances are indicative, Bryant should see a bump in his numbers against Green Bay today. The Packers rank 23rd against fantasy WR and Bryant has averaged 10 catches and 119.5 yards and a touchdown per game in the two games against the Packers. In fact, last year against the Packers, he had 11 catches for 153 and a touchdown; Bryant should be seen as a premier option this week again.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Jan 10th 5:40pm EST

Scouts believe that Dez Bryant is the best red zone target in the NFL and the numbers show that this is a pretty fair assumption. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant led the NFL in TD receptions in 2014 with 16 and has 41 TD catches over the past three seasons; this is the defintion of being a true red zone threat. Bryant has also become more of a deep threat as the year has progressed, as he has averaged 17.9 yards per catch since Week 10. The Packers have been poor against fantasy WR, ranking 23rd, and allowed 20 fantasy points to WR groups nine times this season, including 54 against Atlanta. Bryant is one of the top two fantasy WR options this weekend and should score in excess of 20 points in daily fantasy formats.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Jan 9th 4:48pm EST

No matter the freezing weather, Dez Bryant will wear short sleeves in Green Bay and look to burn the Packers' secondary. (Source: Stadium Forecast)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant had a poor performance in the Wild Card Game against the Lions, but that should not get in the way of the fact that he was a top-three WR this season. He was the NFL leader in receiving touchdowns with 16 and had 10 touchdowns and 98 receiving yards per game in the previous seven weeks. Most importantly for fantasy owners, Bryant has made the most of the opportunities when the ball has been thrown in his direction, catching 77.3% of his passes targeted at him over the past eight weeks. There will be plenty of opportunities for passes targeted at Bryant on Sunday, as the Packers rank 23rd against WR this season. Bryant should either be the number one or number two option at WR for the Divisional Round and should near 100 yards receiving against a weak Packers secondary.


By Jerry Emry , Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Jan 3rd 3:24pm EST

The Dallas Cowboys enter 2015 with 23 free agents, some big names on that list include RT Doug Free, WR Dez Bryant, RT Jeremy Parnell, RB DeMarco Murray, LB Bruce Carter, LB Dustin Durrant, and Anthony Spencer to name a few. There is no doubt the Cowboys will have to make some very tough decisions to start the 2015 football season, if you remember last year the Cowboys parted ways with DeMarcus Ware in 2014. (Source: Spotrac)

Fantasy Impact: DeMarco Murray or Dez Bryant could find themselves playing for another team besides the Cowboys, if the Cowboys can not figure out how to be creative with resigning them or restructuring other players contracts on the team. However, the Cowboys do have the option of using the Franchise Tag on one player, if they choose to do so.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Jan 2nd 11:35am EST

The Cowboys have not been in the playoffs since 2009, when Dez Bryant was still at Oklahoma State, and Bryant wants to make an impact against the Lions this weekend. (Source: USA Today)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant has played the Lions three times in his career and, although he only averages 39 YPG in these matchups, he has five touchdown catches in total and a touchdown in each of their three matchups. This should be no shock those who know Bryant's skills, as he led the NFL in TD catches in 2014 with 16 and has 41 TD catches over the past three seasons. Bryant has had six TD catches over the past three games; his 15 YPC average is the best of his career and his 5.5 receptions per game are in line with his career average. Bryant should be seen as a top WR target this weekend, even going against the 10th ranked Lions defense.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Dec 21st 8:11pm EST

Dez Bryant caught five passes for 73 yards and a touchdown in the 42-7 Cowboys romp of the Colts.

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant was not a WR1 this week, but did continue his run of touchdown receptions. His first quarter touchdown extended his NFL lead of 14 touchdowns, also setting his career high for touchdown catches. The Cowboys look to clinch the NFC East against the Redskins in Week 17 and Bryant looks to beat the young Redskins secondary.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Dec 20th 7:23pm EST

Dez Bryant will be covered by Vontae Davis tomorrow and that matchup may decide the game. (Source: Dallas-Forth Worth Star-Telegram)

Fantasy Impact: Davis is the definition of a lockdown cornerback, as he has not allowed a touchdown this year, and Bryant leads the league with his 13 touchdown receptions; obviously, something needs to give in this matchup and whoever has the bigger game will decide the matchup. Davis has three interceptions this year and is a big reason that the Colts rank fourth in fantasy points allowed to WR; Bryant has seven receptions in his last five games, including three multiple touchdown games. Davis is hampered by a groin injury, but is likely to play. An injury might be what makes the difference for Bryant as he looks to set his career high in touchdown receptions in a single season- he also had 13 touchdown receptions last year.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Wed, Dec 17th 1:11pm EST

Dez Bryant had six catches for 114 yards and three touchdowns against the Eagles, becoming the first Cowboys WR since Michael Irvin to be an Offensive Player of the Week. (Source: NBC Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant has been a top-five WR this year, as he is on pace for another season with 90 receptions, 1300 yards, and leads the NFL with 13 touchdown receptions. He also has not fumbled this year, a former critism by pundits, and his 14.5 yards per catch is better than a 14.1 yard per catch average for his career. Bryant has only played the Colts once in his career, as a seldom used rookie in 2010, but showed his explosiveness with 107 return yards. The Colts rank 4th against fantasy WR this year, but Bryant is still a top-five option this week.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Dec 16th 7:06pm EST

Dez Bryant had six catches for 114 yards and three touchdowns against the Eagles and has been a Pro Bowl player this season. (Source: NBC DFW)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant has averaged 18 fantasy points over the past five games and is on pace for his third straight season with 90 or more receptions. Bryant is also over 1000 yards receiving for the third straight season and leads the NFL in receiving touchdowns with 13. Bryant has had multiple touchdown receptions in three games and is averaging 82 receiving yards this season. The Colts are 19th against the pass and rank 4th against WR in fantasy points allowed so Bryant has a tough hill to climb on Sunday.


By Ryan Olinyk, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Dec 13th 11:29am EST

Dez Bryant says he couldn't wait to face the Eagles again. “Basically,” Bryant said. “It’s the way you have to look at it. The way we prepare, we’re very confident. We can’t wait until Sunday.” (Source: NBC)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant was held to just 78 yards on Thanksgiving against the Eagles. Of course this is just all talk, but you can't help but feel excited when a player comes out and says something like that. Dez Bryant is a must-start WR1.


By Jacob Harpel, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Dec 5th 12:43am EST

Although Cowboys' WR Dez Bryant was able to put up respectable numbers against the Chicago Bears, he was vastly outperformed by fellow WR Cole Beasley in the 41-28 win on Thursday night. (Source: Bleacher Report)

Fantasy Impact: In a game where the Cowboys were able to score five touchdowns, fantasy owners would have expected a Dez Bryant payday against the third worst passing defense in the NFL. Unfortunately, Dez Bryant was unable to get a score all night. He was still able to have a productive game, with six catches for 82 yards but fantasy owners expected a much bigger boom from the Dallas Cowboys' star wide receiver. Dez Bryant now has a total of 73 receptions for 1,034 yards and 10 touchdowns this season and will look to continue his production as he prepares for revenge against the Eagles next week, in what might be the most important game of the year.


By Jacob Harpel, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Dec 2nd 10:01pm EST

The difference? “Our approach,” Bryant says. “Everybody wants to get better. Just by the little things. Not making the cold weather a big issue. Just go out there and understand what’s important. That’s the opportunity that we have to go out and get into the playoffs.” (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Cowboys' WR Dez Bryant remains a solid option for the team and fantasy owners as they head into the most important part of the season. Dez Bryant has collected 67 receptions for 952 yards and 10 touchdowns so far this season. With Dallas currently in a do or die situation, owners should expect them to lean on the star receiver in order to solidify their place in the post-season. Bryant will be going against the Chicago Bears this Thursday, who have the third worst passing defense in the league.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Nov 28th 12:44pm EST

Dez Bryant caught four passes for 73 yards in the Cowboys' 33-10 loss to the Eagles, but says that the return trip to Philadelphia will be different. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Bryant has had a solid Thanksgiving history and a great 2014 season, so facing the 28th ranked pass defense of the Eagles seemed like it would be a great day for Bryant and his fantasy owners. This was not the case, as quarterback Tony Romo could not get in sync with him at all during the game and he was beneath 100 yards receiving and was shut out of the end zone for the first time in five weeks. The Eagles were able to get to Romo and Bryant only had seven targets, more than two less than his 9.3 average coming into the Week 13 matchup. Bryant faced man to man coverage, usually a situation that he thrives in, but Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher were able to slow him. His 18.25 yards per catch was his second highest total of the season, though, and his seven targets were tied with Cole Beasley for the team lead. Bryant and the Cowboys face the 30th ranked pass defense of the Bears in Week 14 next Thursday, so look for Bryant to rebound.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Wed, Nov 26th 1:45pm EST

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy said in the preseason that he "owns Dallas"; Dez Bryant said in practice this week that "Jerry Jones owns Dallas". (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: For this season, and his whole career, Bryant's outspoken nature has been validated by outstanding play and in six games with the Eagles, it has been no different. Bryant has averaged 102 receiving yards and seven receptions in his past three games against the Eagles, with three touchdowns in those games. After a relatively slow start to the season, Bryant has caught touchdowns in four consecutive games, including two in each of the past two Cowboys games. He has solidified himself as a top WR1 option and, going against a weak Eagles secondary that ranks 30th against the pass, look for Bryant to be the top WR this week.


By Ryan Olinyk, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Nov 24th 5:21am EST

Dez Bryant one-upped Odell Beckham's spectacular catch with 2 touchdowns of his own, including a game saving score, coming on the Cowboys' final drive to beat the Giants. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: Throw up that X! Dez Bryant makes fantasy owners very happy finishing with 7 catches for 86 yards and 2 touchdowns. Bryant now has 10 touchdowns in 11 games played this season. Dez Bryant is a very high WR1 for the remainder of the season, especially when Tony Romo is given 8 seconds to throw, which is how long he had to throw on Bryant's second touchdown catch.


By Ryan Olinyk, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Nov 21st 10:49am EST

When speaking to Michael Irvin about his contract Thursday, Dez Bryant replied, “I’m just going to let my play speak from here on out, because I am ... I’m confident.” (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant seems ready, rested and feeling good about his team. Showing confidence for a strong finish and a potential deep playoff run, is music to fantasy owners' ears. Although talking about it is simply talking, you always feel encouraged hearing players' motivation. Dez Bryant is a must-start WR1 each and every week.


By Ryan Olinyk, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Nov 17th 7:29pm EST

According to SB Nation, the Dallas Cowboys 'won't lose' Dez Bryant and are willing to use the franchise tag on their 2010 first round pick, even it means potentially losing star running back DeMarco Murray. (Source: SB Nation)

Fantasy Impact: It looks like the Dallas Cowboys want to keep Dez Bryant for years to come, they just have to find the right way to do it. Bryant is on pace for 90/1269/13 this season. With Tony Romo and that offensive line in Dallas, keeping Dez Bryant seems like a no-brainer from a football standpoint. If Dez does in fact stay in the Big D, he will be a clear cut WR1 for the 2015 season.


By Ryan Olinyk, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Nov 15th 11:36am EST

Jerry Jones commented on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] on Friday: "We can count on each other to work it out," Jones said. "And that's the way it's been for the first five years that we've been together." (Source: Fox Sports)

Fantasy Impact: It is pure speculation at this point, but it seems that both parties want to get a deal done. Dez Bryant is a clear WR1 on the Dallas Cowboys, and would remain that way with the Cowboys locking him up with a long term deal. It definitely makes sense for both the team and Bryant's fantasy value.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Nov 11th 10:27am EST

Dez Bryant has had an up and down season this year and his appearance against the Jaguars was the highest high this year. (Source: Star-Telegram)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant and the Cowboys are simply going to play a game of chicken until he becomes a free agent and this can go one of two ways for fantasy owners. Either Bryant could quit on the Cowboys and be an issue for the team or he could try to prove the team wrong and be a top fantasy asset; this season has shown that he his going more for the former than the latter. Bryant has been a double digit fantasy asset in seven of ten weeks and his 13 touchdown pace matches a career high. Bryant was a fantasy star in Week 10 and has been a 20+ point fantasy option in four weeks this season; Bryant is very locked in with Tony Romo this year and that point is huge for fantasy owners. Bryant averaged 1.6 targets per catch in his first four years and this season he is up to 1.5 targets per catch with Tony Romo at quarterback and is also averaging 9.6 targets per game as compared to 8.5 in the three previous years. These statistics show that Bryant is not only getting the ball thrown to his side of the field more often but is also catching the balls thrown to him. With Romo at quarterback, Bryant is a top-10 if not top-5 wide receiver option; buy high on this star receiver.


By Scott Ellinwood, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Nov 10th 11:06am EST

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant had an outstanding game in Week 11 against the Jaguars. Bryant caught six of his eight targets for 158 yards and two touchdowns, including a highlight reel reception in which he broke the tackles of several Jacksonville players to reach the end zone.

Fantasy Impact: Bryant remains a must-start despite having a two-week dip in production. The return of Tony Romo really helped Bryant break out of his slump.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Nov 7th 1:55pm EST

Dez Bryant has seen his worst two game stretch since 2011 and the Cowboys have struggled in back to back losses. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: There is a direct correlation between Bryant's weak two game stretch and Tony Romo's injury woes and, with Romo getting healthier, Bryant needs to have a big week against the Jaguars. The 45 yards that Bryant has caught for over the past two weeks is the least since he caught for 22 yards in three games in 2010 and his five catches are his least since four catches in two games of 2011. The results are poor for Bryant, but he still is getting targeted ten or more times per game and has touchdowns in each of the past two games. He has six touchdowns on the season and is finding ways to get to the ball. If Tony Romo plays this week, look for Bryant to eclipse 100 yards receiving and be the true WR1 that you drafted. The rest of the schedule is also favorable for Bryant and the Cowboys so expect for Bryant to be a top 10, or borderline top 5, WR option.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Nov 6th 1:49pm EST

Dez Bryant has not had good games recently, but still feels like the offense is okay. (Source: Dallas-Forth Worth Star-Telegram)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant has gotten targeted at a decent rate this year but has seen his catches go down. He has caught six touchdowns thus far this year but needs Tony Romo back to get back on WR1 levels. With Brandon Weeden at the helm on Sunday, Bryant only caught 20% of passes targeted to him and was shut out on catches until after the Two Minute warning in the 4th. Bryant's yards per catch is down as he has worked on his route running and Bryant has only had two 100 yard receiving performances this year. Bryant is on pace for 89 catches for 1129 yards, good numbers but far off of the pace set by the top receivers this year. Bryant has an opportunity to improve on those numbers as Tony Romo returns and a solid game against the weak Jaguars pass defense can help that.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Nov 3rd 9:16am EST

Dez Bryant had a busy day, changing his agency and having a team-leading ten targets, but the results were minimal. (Source: NBC Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant was looked to frequently by Brandon Weeden but between Patrick Peterson's defense and Weeden's inaccurate passes, he only finished with two catches for 15 yards and a touchdown. This is now back to back weeks where Bryant was shut down, even though he scored a touchdown in both games. Tony Romo will at least be on the plane to London to join the team and he will try to play against the Jaguars on Sunday; this would be great news for Bryant. Coming into the Redskins game last Monday, Bryant and Romo had finally their stride for the 2014 season with three straight games with ten or more targets after averaging eight targets per game over the first four weeks. Bryant's six touchdowns and nearly ten targets per game makes him worthy of a WR1 but Romo's health is an issue, as Bryant's numbers will improve with Romo at QB.


By Ryan Olinyk, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Nov 3rd 8:17am EST

Dez Bryant ends his day with two catches for 15 yards and a touchdown. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: It looked like Dez Bryant was really missing Tony Romo under center, catching just two passes on 10 targets from Brandon Weeden. Dez is on pace for 89/1128/11 and may be a good buy-low candidate, as Bryant only has five catches for 45 yards in his last two games. Tony Romo is traveling to London and is expected back in Week 10.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Oct 28th 10:25am EDT

Dez Bryant had an amazing effort that led to a touchdown in the second quarter but he was very quiet other than that catch. (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant's touchdown to give the Cowboys a 7-3 lead in the second quarter was very impressive but the eight yard catch was the lone bright spot in a limp three catch, thirty yard performance. Bryant has had a very odd 2014 season thus far, pairing weeks where he is a WR1 with very weak performances. The touchdown, his fifth of the season, was his first in three weeks and he was targeted seven times but he was seriously outplayed by rookie Bashaud Breeland. This season may look like a down year for Bryant, but he is catching a high percentage of passes targeted at him, 63% this year as compared to 60% for his career, and he is trying to branch out from his common route tree to find a way to be a part of the offense. As stated before, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan has been working very hard to keep the ball in the playermaker's hands, but there may be more trouble ahead. The Cardinals will most likely put All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson on him this week which may cause more issues for Bryant, who did struggle against the very strong Seahawks secondary in Week 6. Although Week 9 may be a troublesome week for Bryant, matchups against Jacksonville and New York, who he already has a 151 yard receiving game against, give a better outlook for the main receiving threat for the Cowboys. Look to Bryant as more of a low-WR1 this week, especially if Tony Romo is not healthy, but still look to start him.


By Scott Ellinwood, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Oct 20th 9:49am EDT

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant had a great game in Week 7, catching nine of his 12 targets for 128 yards and a score in Dallas' 31-21 win over the Giants.

Fantasy Impact: Bryant has been a top tier WR1 all season and has a great matchup against the struggling Redskins pass defense in Week 8. Bryant is red-hot and a must start in all leagues.


By Nick Vertucci, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Oct 19th 6:55am EDT

Dez Bryant who is listed on the Week 7 injury report with a shoulder issue did practice in full on Thursday but listed as probable for the Cowboys Week 7 matchup against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium.

Fantasy Impact: Although the shoulder is a concern, Bryant is a full go and still a must start for any lineup. While scoring double digit fantasy points in 4 of his last 6 games, (those two low-end scoring games were against the 49ers and Seahawks) Bryant should be a top 5 start for the rest of the fantasy regular season considering the weak passing defensive teams on the Cowboys upcoming schedule.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Oct 17th 10:59am EDT

Although he had a weak outing in Week 6, Dez Bryant is a part of a revitalized Cowboys offense. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: Offensive playcaller Scott Linehan knows what he has and uses it well; Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray have had 13 more plays per game called for them this year as compared to last season. Many people look at that and say that Murray is a big part of that boost, but Dez Bryant is still on a 9.5 target per game pace even with Murray's record workload. Keep in mind that Linehan was the offensive coordinator for the Lions when Calvin Johnson averaged 10.73 targets per game from 2010-2013 so Linehan knows how to use his best outside receiver. Bryant will improve on his pace moreso this season as the Cowboys may try to move away from Murray and lessen his workload. He will still finish as a top-10 receiver this year; not the top-5 receiver that you may have drafted but still very solid.


By Scott Ellinwood, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Oct 12th 10:02pm EDT

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant only caught four of his 10 targets for 63 yards in the team's 30-23 win over Seattle in Week 6. This was a tough matchup for Dez, facing arguably the top pass defense in the NFL.

Fantasy Impact: Bryant will look to get back on track as the Cowboys host the New York Giants in Week 7. Despite the occasional hiccup, Bryant remains a weekly must-start.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Oct 6th 10:53am EDT

Dez Bryant's 37 yard catch in overtime is critical in the Cowboys 20-17 win. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant is still a top-10 wide receiver in football and games like yesterday and outstanding catches like the one he made in overtime show why. Bryant had 9 catches for 85 yards and a touchdown yesterday as he extended a streak of touchdown catches in the second half to four games. Bryant has developed his game greatly during the young season, working on his route running and generally being a better teammate by helping in the running game, but he is still a big play option and is on pace to maintain quality offensive production. Even with DeMarco Murray on a historical yardage pace on the ground, Bryant is still projected to have 100 catches for over 1,000 yards and double digit touchdowns. He may not be making as many explosive plays, his yards per catch is down from 14 to 11.8 this season, but he has 6.4 receptions per game, up from 5 per game for his career average. Fantasy owners should not worry about Bryant's production in the face of Murray's record pace; he will still be a top WR option.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Sep 30th 1:31pm EDT

Dez Bryant is not discouraged by the changes in the Cowboys offense or in team's coverage of him; he continues to adapt and keep his value. (Source: Dallas Cowboys)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant has seen his fantasy stock go down a bit, but his willingness to add new skills to his already strong repetoire is a good omen for the future. Bryant has been an outside receiver through his time at Oklahoma State and in the NFL with the Cowboys, but, over the past two weeks, scouts have seen that he is more willing to move inside to make plays. Bryant has seen his yards per catch drop but little things like this are very good for the long run. As evident by his 68 yard reception against the Rams in Week 3 and his maintained explosiveness on shorter routes, Bryant can still make the big plays and adding more of a focus on possession and routes on the inside will only make him a stronger fantasy option in the long run. With DeMarco Murray getting historically high production, Bryant is finding new ways to earn the attention of Tony Romo. Fantasy owners may not look for 30+ yard catches from Bryant, but the added focus on new routes will assure that Bryant is still a focal part of the Cowboys offense.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Sep 23rd 11:41am EDT

Pro Bowl player Dez Bryant is still improving his route running. (Source: Dallas Cowboys)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant is a top 10 WR, but has seen a drop in yards per catch since 2012, down to 12.4 thus far in 2014. Bryant needs to focus more on his route running as teams attempt to shut down the deeper routes and may be even more valuable as he becomes more of a possession receiver. He has yet to catch 100 passes in a season, although he has 185 catches over the past two seasons, and an added attention to detail may make 2014 the first season that he eclipses that benchmark. Bryant will always have explosiveness, evident in the 68 yard touchdown catch against the Rams, so an added focus on being a possesion receiver will only make him more of a fantasy threat.


By Rick Johnson, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Sep 20th 8:43am EDT

Dez Bryant claims he will play on Sunday vs. the Rams. He is listed as questionable with a shoulder injury but has now played in 42 straight games, since missing 5 games early on in his career. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: Fire Dez up as usual in what should be a good fantasy matchup for him, but keep your fingers crossed that Romo's back is not bothering him this week.


By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Sep 18th 10:55pm EDT

Bryant injured his shoulder in the Week 2 games against the Titans, but only missed one series in the game and finished with 10 receptions for 103 yards and one TD. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant is in no danger of missing any game time Sunday against the Rams. It is a favorable match-up for the entire Cowboy's offense, and Bryant is unquestionably their best pass catcher. The only real issue for Bryant arises on the other end of the ball in Tony Romo. The Dallas QB has looked sluggish to say the least, and Bryant's performance could suffer if Romo doesn't figure out his own issues. Also, the Cowboys have suddenly shown a dedication to running the ball, and should build an early lead Sunday that may limit the passing game further. Regardless of all the warning signs, Bryant is an elite talent and a must start when healthy. Fantasy owners just have to hope the Cowboy's defense is as bad as advertised, every game becomes a shootout, and Romo works out the kinks. Easy enough eh?


By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Sep 9th 10:57pm EDT

Bryant managed 4 receptions for 55 yards on 6 targets in the opening week contest against the 49ers. (Source: ESPN )

Fantasy Impact: Romo struggled to find a rhythm and made several very poor decisions that led to 3 interceptions, making it tough for Bryant to be a factor for fantasy owners. Bryant remains a solid WR1 due to his elite talent, but Romo has to get it together if Dez is going to be the elite fantasy option he is expected to be.


By Rick Johnson, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Aug 30th 7:32am EDT

Dez Bryant and Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones have met twice in the past week to discuss a long-term contract going forward. Jerry is on record saying that he wants Dez to be a Cowboy long term. Dez has stated that he doesn't want the contract to be a distraction after the season starts. (Source: Dallas News)

Fantasy Impact: Dez is finally showing the maturity needed to be a dominant player on the field and whether or not his contract gets settled before the season starts is a moot point. With Scott Linehan in town along with a bad Dallas defense, the Cowboys will be in a shootout nearly every week which will lead Dez to be the #1 WR in fantasy football this year.


By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Aug 21st 11:32pm EDT

Despite playing only two series in the Cowboy's second preseason game, Bryant mustered 3 catches for 59 yards and made a circus catch on the sideline that was ruled incomplete because he was out of bounds (a holding penalty would have negated the play regardless). In film session coaches pointed out that Bryant was forced to make the acrobatic catch because he ran a bad route, and Bryant accepted the criticism saying "If it’s not right, tell me it’s not right because I want to do my best to fix it". Not being offended by the lack of praise for the catch is another sign that the uber-talented wide receiver is continuing to mature and fosters thoughts of great things to come. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant's talent has never been in question. His maturity level on the other hand was a focal point in the beginning of his career. His dedication to getting better and willingness to be "coached up" has his potential sky rocketing. A potentially atrocious defense, a new pass happy offense, a very talented QB, and other weapons in the offense to take some focus off of Bryant sets the table for a monster fantasy season. Dez is currently the 3rd WR (9th Overall in PPR) being drafted and there is no reason to argue with that value.


By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Jul 28th 11:35pm EDT

Dez Bryant's tweet about being disrespected stirred up some unintentional controversy but he quickly clarified that he was responding to an article written about his contract negotiations and not the actual negotiations with Cowboy's brass. (Source: SportsDay DFW)

Fantasy Impact: While it looked like there was tension brewing between Bryant and the Cowboy's front office, all seems well for now. Bryant is poised for a huge season under new passing game coordinator Scott Linehan. Many experts have Dez locked in as a top 3 wideout this year so the contract situation will be worth monitoring to ensure he stays happy and committed to the cause.

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