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By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Sep 30th 1:31pm EDT

Dez Bryant is not discouraged by the changes in the Cowboys offense or in team's coverage of him; he continues to adapt and keep his value. (Source: Dallas Cowboys)

Fantasy Impact: Dez Bryant has seen his fantasy stock go down a bit, but his willingness to add new skills to his already strong repetoire is a good omen for the future. Bryant has been an outside receiver through his time at Oklahoma State and in the NFL with the Cowboys, but, over the past two weeks, scouts have seen that he is more willing to move inside to make plays. Bryant has seen his yards per catch drop but little things like this are very good for the long run. As evident by his 68 yard reception against the Rams in Week 3 and his maintained explosiveness on shorter routes, Bryant can still make the big plays and adding more of a focus on possession and routes on the inside will only make him a stronger fantasy option in the long run. With DeMarco Murray getting historically high production, Bryant is finding new ways to earn the attention of Tony Romo. Fantasy owners may not look for 30+ yard catches from Bryant, but the added focus on new routes will assure that Bryant is still a focal part of the Cowboys offense.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Sep 23rd 11:41am EDT

Pro Bowl player Dez Bryant is still improving his route running. (Source: Dallas Cowboys)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant is a top 10 WR, but has seen a drop in yards per catch since 2012, down to 12.4 thus far in 2014. Bryant needs to focus more on his route running as teams attempt to shut down the deeper routes and may be even more valuable as he becomes more of a possession receiver. He has yet to catch 100 passes in a season, although he has 185 catches over the past two seasons, and an added attention to detail may make 2014 the first season that he eclipses that benchmark. Bryant will always have explosiveness, evident in the 68 yard touchdown catch against the Rams, so an added focus on being a possesion receiver will only make him more of a fantasy threat.

By Rick Johnson, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Sep 20th 8:43am EDT

Dez Bryant claims he will play on Sunday vs. the Rams. He is listed as questionable with a shoulder injury but has now played in 42 straight games, since missing 5 games early on in his career. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: Fire Dez up as usual in what should be a good fantasy matchup for him, but keep your fingers crossed that Romo's back is not bothering him this week.

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Sep 18th 10:55pm EDT

Bryant injured his shoulder in the Week 2 games against the Titans, but only missed one series in the game and finished with 10 receptions for 103 yards and one TD. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant is in no danger of missing any game time Sunday against the Rams. It is a favorable match-up for the entire Cowboy's offense, and Bryant is unquestionably their best pass catcher. The only real issue for Bryant arises on the other end of the ball in Tony Romo. The Dallas QB has looked sluggish to say the least, and Bryant's performance could suffer if Romo doesn't figure out his own issues. Also, the Cowboys have suddenly shown a dedication to running the ball, and should build an early lead Sunday that may limit the passing game further. Regardless of all the warning signs, Bryant is an elite talent and a must start when healthy. Fantasy owners just have to hope the Cowboy's defense is as bad as advertised, every game becomes a shootout, and Romo works out the kinks. Easy enough eh?

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Sep 9th 10:57pm EDT

Bryant managed 4 receptions for 55 yards on 6 targets in the opening week contest against the 49ers. (Source: ESPN )

Fantasy Impact: Romo struggled to find a rhythm and made several very poor decisions that led to 3 interceptions, making it tough for Bryant to be a factor for fantasy owners. Bryant remains a solid WR1 due to his elite talent, but Romo has to get it together if Dez is going to be the elite fantasy option he is expected to be.

By Rick Johnson, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Aug 30th 7:32am EDT

Dez Bryant and Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones have met twice in the past week to discuss a long-term contract going forward. Jerry is on record saying that he wants Dez to be a Cowboy long term. Dez has stated that he doesn't want the contract to be a distraction after the season starts. (Source: Dallas News)

Fantasy Impact: Dez is finally showing the maturity needed to be a dominant player on the field and whether or not his contract gets settled before the season starts is a moot point. With Scott Linehan in town along with a bad Dallas defense, the Cowboys will be in a shootout nearly every week which will lead Dez to be the #1 WR in fantasy football this year.

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Aug 21st 11:32pm EDT

Despite playing only two series in the Cowboy's second preseason game, Bryant mustered 3 catches for 59 yards and made a circus catch on the sideline that was ruled incomplete because he was out of bounds (a holding penalty would have negated the play regardless). In film session coaches pointed out that Bryant was forced to make the acrobatic catch because he ran a bad route, and Bryant accepted the criticism saying "If it’s not right, tell me it’s not right because I want to do my best to fix it". Not being offended by the lack of praise for the catch is another sign that the uber-talented wide receiver is continuing to mature and fosters thoughts of great things to come. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant's talent has never been in question. His maturity level on the other hand was a focal point in the beginning of his career. His dedication to getting better and willingness to be "coached up" has his potential sky rocketing. A potentially atrocious defense, a new pass happy offense, a very talented QB, and other weapons in the offense to take some focus off of Bryant sets the table for a monster fantasy season. Dez is currently the 3rd WR (9th Overall in PPR) being drafted and there is no reason to argue with that value.

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Jul 28th 11:35pm EDT

Dez Bryant's tweet about being disrespected stirred up some unintentional controversy but he quickly clarified that he was responding to an article written about his contract negotiations and not the actual negotiations with Cowboy's brass. (Source: SportsDay DFW)

Fantasy Impact: While it looked like there was tension brewing between Bryant and the Cowboy's front office, all seems well for now. Bryant is poised for a huge season under new passing game coordinator Scott Linehan. Many experts have Dez locked in as a top 3 wideout this year so the contract situation will be worth monitoring to ensure he stays happy and committed to the cause.

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