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By Ryan Dorfman, Packers Correspondent, Sat, Aug 30th 8:00pm EDT

Packers RB Coach Sam Gash made a bold statement saying Eddie Lacy could lead the league in rushing. (Source: Chris Wesseling)

Fantasy Impact: The fact that it is plausible that Lacy actually could lead the league in rushing is remarkable. However, the Packers remain a pass-first offense. Eddie Lacy is a terrific football player, but it is unrealistic to think he will finish the year leading the league in rushing.

By Joe Webster, Packers Correspondent, Sun, Aug 17th 11:30am EDT

After sitting out the first preseason game, Lacy turned in a solid performance against the Rams and their first-team defense. Lacy averaged 5.0 yards per carry on 5 rushing attempts and also hauled in 2 catches for 22 yards. (Source: Rob Demovsky of ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: This is great news if you are already a Lacy owner or are targeting him with a first round pick. Every piece of news that has come out of Packers' camp about Lacy has been positive. Lacy should also have a larger role in the passing game this season which adds even more value to the second-year running back.

By Eric Anderson, Packers Correspondent, Wed, Aug 13th 9:29am EDT

Eddie Lacy didn't play in the Green Bay Packers' first preseason game by design. Coach McCarthy has said, "Eddie’s gotten a lot of work. His reps are up this year from last year, and you have to pay attention to that. It is not my goal for his workload to be very high in preseason games.” (Source: Packers.com)

Fantasy Impact: For fantasy owners this comes as good news. The Packers are limiting Lacy's exposure to possible injury in a preseason game, working in extra practice reps (including pass catching and blocking work) and trying to make sure he's as fresh and healthy for the start of the season as possible. Lacy is looking at the prospect of increased responsibility in one of the NFL's elite offenses...when the regular season starts.

By Dakota Mitchell, Packers Correspondent, Tue, Jul 29th 3:28pm EDT

McCarthy said this offseason that he wants his running backs to be able to stay on the field for all three downs, and that could mean more opportunities for starter Eddie Lacy in the passing game. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: It is well known Lacy is fully capable running the ball inside the tackles and out, but his inaugural season ended with just 257 receiving yards, which is only good for 26th in the league among running backs. The bright side here is that he did haul in nearly 80% of his targets. With more opportunities in the passing game, and a healthy season, Lacy could legitimately challenge for the top fantasy performer in 2014.

By Joe Webster, Packers Correspondent, Fri, Jul 25th 8:32am EDT

Packers running back’s coach, Sam Gash wants Lacy to be ready to be a workhorse for the Packers. "If he gets 40 (carries in a game), I'm OK with that. If he gets 10 carries, 20 carries, as long as we're productive and winning, I don't really care. I tell all the guys, be ready for 50 carries, that's the way you should train in the offseason, as if you're getting 50 carries a game.”

Fantasy Impact: Lacy won’t see 50 carries in game; however this is good news for fantasy owners hoping to land the second year running back. In his rookie campaign, Lacy rushed 284 times for 1178 yards and 11 touchdowns. He is currently being drafted as the 5th overall pick according to ADP.

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