Eli Manning
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The New York Times | Jul 25th
New OC McAdoo will try to instill some Packers magic into this sinking ship.
Fantasy Team Advice | Jul 24th
Few QB's disappointed in 2013 like Eli Manning, but much of that could be blamed on his O-line, and OC. This year, the Giants will feature a new OC, an upgraded O-line, and new WR threat in Odell Beckham, meaning that Eli is prime for a bounceback. He is a QB that can be grabbed in the final rounds on draft day as a backup, so don't reach too early, as the 2 time super bowl winner has to prove himself once again in 2014
Breaking Football | Jul 24th
Some think Eli Manning is headed on a downward spiral. Some say he's already there. Based off of what we saw in 2013, both assumptions need to be considered.
Fantasy Football Maniax | Jul 15th
The New York Giants have a new offensive coordinator, but Eli Manning was so terrible last year that I do not think I would want to own him in 2014. He's been bad for 1.5 years and is in danger of losing his job if things do not change in 2014. The addition of Odell Beckham Jr. was nice, but the Giants still have to figure out how to block for Manning.
Gridiron Experts | Jul 14th
Eli Manning co-hosted his family’s annual passing academy the past two days and despite catering up to 1,200 teenagers on passing tips, release points and escape routes, he found time to toss the ball around and bond with his newest target, first round pick Odell Beckham. Mike Rigz | Eli Manning Re-energized in New Giants Scheme - Gridiron Experts [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...
Fantasy Sports LR | Jul 10th
The news that he is back on the field so quickly after ankle injury is a positive sign. Perhaps the transition to Ben McAdoo calling the plays is too. Nevertheless, failture to address the offensive line and his own propensity for turnovers leave Manning undesirable at QB this year.
NFL.com | Jun 10th
In today's Three and Out: A pair of NFC East quarterbacks proclaim themselves ready to play; the Seahawks back off any talk of a running back committee.
The Fake Football | Jun 9th
  In fantasy football, many players have a “what have you done for me lately” mentality. The wounds left from players such as C.J. Spiller, Trent Richardson, Roddy White, and  Full Article » The post The Nightmare Is Over: Why Eli Manning Will Return To Fantasy Relevance appeared first on Fantasy Football Rankings & more, The Fake Football.