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By Jim Cunningham, Jets Correspondent, Sat, Aug 23rd 8:31am EDT

Geno Smith put up good numbers against the Giants first-team offense, throwing for 137 yards and a TD to rookie TE Jace Amaro.

Fantasy Impact: Geno looked very poised in the pocket Friday night, using his feet only when flushed out of the pocket and sliding at the end of every play. He is looking more and more like what the Jets were hoping he would be when they drafted him last year. He won't be a QB you should count on starting every week but for those of you who like to stream QB's and/or if you play daily fantasy football, pay attention to his match-ups. He could have a couple of big games against some of the weaker defenses in the NFL.

By Tom Woods, Jets Correspondent, Sat, Aug 23rd 7:25am EDT

Rex Ryan named Geno Smith as the Jets' Week 1 starting quarterback, following their 35-24 loss to the Giants. Despite the loss, Geno Smith played well, completing 9 of 14 passes for 137 yards and a touchdown, helping the team to a 10-7 halftime lead. Smith also took care of the ball as he avoided any turnovers. (Source: Bleacher Report)

Fantasy Impact: Smith's performance Friday night was impressive, and he was helped out by the reliability of the receiving corps. If Smith continues to impress and comes into his own under center for the Jets, then he could well be a midseason pickup. As it stands, however, he'll go undrafted in most standard leagues.

By Tom Woods, Jets Correspondent, Sat, Aug 16th 10:31pm EDT

Geno Smith completed 10 of 13 passes for 98 yards and an interception, and picked up 20 rushing yards and a touchdown in the Jets' 25-17 preseason victory over the Bengals. He gained more yards than Michael Vick, who went 5-for-9 with 70 passing yards and a touchdown. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Smith did little to distance himself from Vick in the 'competition' for the Jets' starting quarterback role, but he still played okay. He may not completely outperform Vick in either of the Jets' remaining preseason games, but he'll probably end up starting Week 1 for the team - barring a massive collapse, or an injury. It's probably best to avoid drafting Smith, perhaps monitoring his progress over the season to see if he's worth picking up at any point.

By Cole Patterson, Jets Correspondent, Tue, Aug 5th 3:26pm EDT

The New York Jets have announced Geno Smith as the starter (over Michael Vick) against the Indianapolis Colts. Rex Ryan said he has been "happy with the way [Smith has] looked, his command." (Source: The Star Ledger ( ))

Fantasy Impact: Smith being named the starter is just the next step in this "competition." All signs point to Smith being named the week one starter over Vick. While some improvement can be expected from Smith, he is still not QB1 material. Until Smith shows marked differences in level of play, his weapons (Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley, Jeff Cumberland, etc.) should be limited fantasy options as well.

By Tom Woods, Jets Correspondent, Thu, Jul 24th 3:34pm EDT

Michael Vick followed up comments he made in May about the lack of open competition for the starting quarterback position in New York, by suggesting that it is already known Geno Smith is the Jets’ starter. Vick made the comments as the team reported for training camp on Wednesday: “I think that’s already been addressed as far as who the starter is. There’s no more speculation about that.” Barring a freak occurence, Geno Smith will beunder center in Week 1. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: If Vick's words are to be believed, then Geno Smith's fantasy stock immediately improves. He still isn’t projected as a starter, even in a two quarterback league, but he could be used to plug holes on a bye week, or if a team’s QB1 goes down with injury. In most eight and ten team leagues, Smith should be available on waivers, but he will be worth keeping an eye on as the season progresses.

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Could be a shockingly good fantasy debut, just leery of ranking him higher.
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I oddly think Geno has a chance to be decent, and facing the Raiders at home surely doesn't hurt.
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