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By Alexander Onushco, Browns Correspondent, Mon, Jul 27th 2:50pm EDT

In an interview with the Cleveland Browns website, head coach Mike Pettine made it clear that veteran journeyman Josh McCown would be the team's Week 1 starter ahead of Johnny Manziel. (Source: Cleveland Browns)

Fantasy Impact: This has been the belief all offseason, but Pettine's confirmation all but assures that there will be little competition for the team's starting QB gig. Unfortunately, McCown has proven mediocre at best as a starter and has a weak supporting cast around him. That isn't a recipe for fantasy success and he should continue to be left on the waiver wire in all but the deepest leagues.


By Steve Painter, Browns Correspondent, Sun, Jun 21st 1:55pm EDT

DeFilippo has a history with McCown, in 2007 with the Raiders, and said, "I haven’t seen anything from an arm strength standpoint, from an athletic standpoint to tell me that his game has declined at all. He is much better in situational football, a much smarter quarterback than he was in 2007." (Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Fantasy Impact: There is currently no competition between McCown and Johnny Manziel so McCown is the guy in Cleveland. But he is not the future for the team, and everyone should know that.


By Steve Painter, Browns Correspondent, Sun, Jun 7th 4:48pm EDT

Coach Mike Pettine said, "We didn’t just look to bring in a guy who was just going to be a mentor. We wanted a guy who we think can still play a little bit if you put him in the right circumstances. He’s been more than advertised." Despite McCown's age (36) people who have seen the practices agree that he can still pass effectively. (Source: Akron Beacon-Journal)

Fantasy Impact: The Brown's are in trouble and will struggle to score points this year. Perhaps even be the lowest scoring team in the entire league. This is a situation to avoid if possible.


By Jonathan Ebanks, Browns Correspondent, Fri, May 29th 10:56pm EDT

According to ESPN's Tony Grossi, Josh McCown will likely be "unchallenged" as the Browns' starting quarterback. (Source: ESPN Cleveland)

Fantasy Impact: This is all because the Browns are simply looking for their quarterback to manage the offense and not turnover the ball. Johnny Manziel takes far more risks than the Browns would like and also failed miserably at quarterbacking the offense during the first week of OTAs. He looked lost, and that widens the gap between him and McCown that much more.


By Matthew Terelle, Browns Correspondent, Sat, Feb 28th 3:27pm EST

The Cleveland Browns have signed Josh McCown to a three-year contract. They beat out other interested teams including the Bills and Jets for McCown's services. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: It is unclear whether McCown was signed to start or as a mentor to the team's younger quarterbacks, but either way this likely signals the end of the Brian Hoyer era in Cleveland.


By Keith Kraska, Browns Correspondent, Thu, Feb 26th 9:52am EST

The Buffalo Bills are attempting to sign free agent QB Josh McCown, reports Vic Carucci, the lead Bills writer for the Buffalo News. McCown visited the Bills on Feb. 16 and at least two other teams, Chicago and Cleveland, since then. (Source: Vic Carucci)

Fantasy Impact: Even though McCown reverted to his backup-caliber norm after a career year in 2013, he would be an instant threat to E.J. Manuel for the Bills' starting job. But in what's likely to be a run-first offense under new coordinator Greg Roman, any QB there would be a fantasy longshot.


By Matthew Terelle, Browns Correspondent, Wed, Feb 18th 9:22am EST

The Cleveland Browns have expressed interest in meeting with free agent quarterback Josh McCown. (Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Fantasy Impact: McCown was recently released by Tampa Bay and would be a solid addition for the quarterback hungry Browns. If McCown does sign with the Browns, it would most likely signal the end of the Brian Hoyer era with the team. McCown played under offensive coordinator John DiFilippo in 2007 while both were with the Raiders.


By Stacie Rigby, Browns Correspondent, Fri, Feb 13th 3:11pm EST

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown has sparked interest in the Baltimore Ravens organization since his release on Wednesday. He had a poor 2014 season throwing fourteen interceptions and losing four fumbles. The Ravens feel as though McCown would be a good fit as a backup QB since he worked well with Ravens new OC Marc Trestman while they both were in Chicago back in 2013. (Source: Baltimore Ravens )

Fantasy Impact: McCown, 35, had a QB passer rating of 70.5 in 2014, according to ESPN stats. He has not stated any interest in playing with the Baltimore Ravens. After all, any QB that is signed to the Ravens squad would be warming the bench, like Tyrod Taylor, unless their star QB Joe Flacco is injured. Flacco has played every game, uninjured, since his start with the Ravens in 2008.


By Matthew Schultz, Browns Correspondent, Thu, Feb 12th 8:06pm EST

The Buccaneers cut Josh McCown on Wednesday, leaving only Mike Glennon and Seth Lobato under contract. (Source: NBC Sports)

Fantasy Impact: This certainly makes it seem like the Buccaneers are going to go with either Mariota or Winston. It also probably makes Winston the more likely choice based on several rumors going around. First, it was rumored that Derrick Brooks offered to mentor Winston. Then, it was rumored that Lovie Smith prefers Winston and that was one of the possible reasons why he chose Dirk Koetter over Marc Trestman. Either way there is still a lot of research for the Bucs to do since this may be one of their most crucial draft picks in franchise history.


By Matthew Schultz, Browns Correspondent, Tue, Dec 23rd 3:14am EST

After a horrible game on Sunday, Josh McCown decided to pass the blame around. He said, "There’s a reason why 31 other teams have an offensive coordinator. It does matter. It does make a difference." He also complained about nothing being open down the field in another article. It definitely sounds like he knows that his time in Tampa Bay is coming to an end and is trying to give himself the benefit of the doubt. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Obviously, Josh McCown can not be trusted in any fantasy lineups. Also, fantasy owners should keep an eye out for who the next Bucs' QB is, since they will most likely be inheriting a well equipped offense.


By Mike Wright, Browns Correspondent, Mon, Dec 22nd 2:02pm EST

Josh McCown completed 12-of-26 passes for 147 yards and 1 INT in Sunday's loss to the Packers.

Fantasy Impact: It was a really rough outing for McCown and the Bucs. Lovie Smith must really have no faith in Mike Glennon to keep tossing McCown into action. Or perhaps Lovie sees McCown as his best shot at the #1 pick in next years draft. Either way, McCown was awful and will likely be shipped out of Tampa at the end of the season.


By Mike Wright, Browns Correspondent, Mon, Dec 15th 1:21pm EST

Josh McCown completed 12-of-28 passes for 154 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT in Sunday's loss to Carolina. He also added 2 runs for 21 yards and 1 TD.

Fantasy Impact: The McCown TD run was a beautiful disaster. The play summed up McCown's fantasy performance of late; ugly, frightening, improbable, and yet somehow effective. McCown takes on the Packers next week, who have been generous for opposing fantasy QBs. He is on the short list of possible streaming options for Week 16.


By Mike Wright, Browns Correspondent, Mon, Dec 8th 1:25pm EST

Josh McCown completed 20-of-39 passes for 250 yards in Sunday's loss to Detroit. He also added 2 TDs and 2 INTs.

Fantasy Impact: This is actually an admirable stat line against a ferocious Lions defense. The larger question for QB streamers for next week; are the Panthers back or did they have a fluke game against the Saints? There will likely be better streaming options next week, but McCown could be on that radar again.


By Matthew Schultz, Browns Correspondent, Sun, Nov 30th 8:12pm EST

Josh McCown's stats were disgraceful being 15/29 CP/AT for 190 yds with 1 INT, but his actual play was even worse. McCown proved again that he is incapable of leading the Buccaneers. During the first half, his defense gave him three different turnovers to build a lead off of. Even with his defense creating opportunities, McCown could only score 10 points during the first half. He was then given the chance on two different drives to come up with some points late in the game to win it but both drives failed around the 50 yard mark. (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: There should not be a single fantasy team out there that starts Josh McCown. After this week, it will be a surprise if the Buccaneers don't resort back to Mike Glennon to see what they have in the young QB. It will also be an unimaginable shocker that Josh McCown and Lovie Smith both have jobs in Tampa next year.


By Matthew Schultz, Browns Correspondent, Sun, Nov 23rd 10:49pm EST

Josh McCown looked good during the first half when he led the Buccaneers to an early 10 - 0 lead. But, then the storm came in during the second half and all hell broke lose for McCown. In the second half alone he had two interceptions & a fumble. The Buccaneers crumbled along with McCown to lose the game 13 to 21. (Source: Chicago Tribune )

Fantasy Impact: There should not be a fantasy team outside of two quarterback leagues that even consider starting McCown. He has been inconsistent at best all season long and can not be trusted. With the Buccaneers' season all but lost, it would not be a surprise if they went back to Mike Glennon to see if they have to draft a QB in 2015. So with McCown's inconsistency and the possibility of Glennon, McCown's future looks bleak.


By Matthew Schultz, Browns Correspondent, Tue, Nov 18th 1:11am EST

McCown has definitely looked good since returning from his injury and he kept that going on Sunday against the Redskins. He was mistake free while throwing for 288 yards and two touchdowns. It was his first complete game without a turnover. (Source: SB Nation)

Fantasy Impact: By now, Josh McCown should be on all fantasy radars and he is a solid backup with low end QB1 potential. Up next are the Bears who are 25th in passing yards & rank dead last in points given up. Plus the Bucs are only two games out of first so the future looks bright.


By Matthew Schultz, Browns Correspondent, Sun, Nov 9th 7:09pm EST

Josh McCown had an average day at the office despite throwing for over 300 yards & two touchdowns because he also threw two costly interceptions. One interception was in the endzone while the other sealed the Buccaneers' loss. (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: It's safe to say that the Buccaneers are still searching for a reliable answer at QB & fantasy owners have to be able to find a better answer than McCown or Glennon. The silver lining is that McCown is talented enough to get the ball to his playmakers which only helps the other fantasy stars on the Bucs.


By Mike Wright, Browns Correspondent, Tue, Nov 4th 6:51pm EST

Mike Glennon announced on his radio show that Josh McCown would be starting the week for the Bucs. (Source: WDAE 620 AM on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: McCown has missed several weeks dealing with a thumb injury. Lucky for him, Mike Glennon was unable to secure the starting QB job during his absence. McCown was essentially useless for fantasy during his healthy stretch. He will likely remain off of the fantasy radar and hopefully won't drop the fantasy value of the Tampa WRs.


By Mike Wright, Browns Correspondent, Sat, Sep 20th 11:19am EDT

Josh McCown is going in for a second test on his injured thumb. He hurt his thumb by after hitting it on Robert McClain's face mask. There is concern he could have ligament damage. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: McCown wasn't tearing it up by any stretch. His departure will make way for Mike Glennon to take over. Lovie Smith has said McCown is still the starter when healthy, but one has to speculate that if Glennon can move the sticks, he will keep the job.


By Mike Wright, Browns Correspondent, Fri, Sep 19th 1:29pm EDT

Josh McCown was 5/12 for 58 yards and 1 interception before leaving the Thursday night massacre against the Falcons with a thumb injury.

Fantasy Impact: Long gone are the hopes and dreams of the Trestman version of Josh McCown coming to Tampa Bay. He has not played up to the contract he was handed. Even worse now, he is looking at a sprain to his throwing thumb, giving Mike Glennon a chance to take the starting job. If Glennon shows any kind of decent play, McCown is likely back to holding a clipboard.


By Mike Wright, Browns Correspondent, Tue, Sep 16th 12:49pm EDT

Josh McCown played an average game against the Rams on Sunday, but didn't play well enough to win. He was 16/21 for 179 yds and 1 INT. He also called his own number twice for 6 yards and 2 TDs.

Fantasy Impact: McCown saved his fantasy game by rushing for 2 TDs. For a QB2, he put up solid numbers. The problem is the matchup was good and the game was in Tampa. McCown has been serviceable through 2 weeks and has another delicious matchup next week against a hapless Atlanta defense.


By Pat James, Browns Correspondent, Mon, Sep 8th 6:08pm EDT

Josh McCown went 22-for-35 for 183 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions against the Panthers on Sunday.

Fantasy Impact: McCown flashed the ability we saw last year in Chicago, but also made very avoidable mistakes. He hit Chris Owusu on a perfectly thrown ball dropped in between two zone defenders. However, pressure from the Panthers' front seven forced McCown into two costly interceptions. McCown didn't take many shots downfield, averaging a measly 5.3 yards per attempt on the day. McCown remains a spot play against weak defenses, but nothing more.


By Pat James, Browns Correspondent, Mon, Aug 25th 10:57am EDT

Josh McCown completed 13-of-16 passes for 112 yards with one touchdown and one interception in a Week 3 preseason contest against the Bills.

Fantasy Impact: McCown displayed command of the offense and looked very much in control leading the Bucs to a preseason victory over the Bills. McCown hooked up with Mike Evans for a touchdown on a perfectly executed stop and go double move in the first quarter. He initially threw a second touchdown to Doug Martin, but it was challenged and reversed. His lone mistake, an interception, was due to Brandon Myers losing his footing. McCown is in line to be the Bucs' starting quarterback. With the skill players at his disposal, he will turn in QB1 performances throughout the season given the right match up.


By Matthew Schultz, Browns Correspondent, Sat, Jul 26th 8:13pm EDT

Carl Nicks and the Buccaneers have agreed on a financial settlement in order to part ways. Carl Nicks on his decision to step away: "However, after careful consideration, I have made the decision to step away from the game. This was by no means an easy decision, but I believe that it is what is best for me and my family as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers." (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: The Buccaneers offensive line is now on shaky ground with the departure of two ex-pro level guards and at least three new starting linemen. McCown was able to enjoy a solid offensive line in Chicago and he will likely need another reliable line in Tampa if he will enjoy similar success. As of right now it does not look very likely that the Buccaneers offensive line will be a symbol of certainty, so a drop in McCown's & receiving corp's fantasy stock should be expected.

Coach Esser | Jul 28th
McCown failed miserably last season in Tampa and I'm not sure it will be much better in Cleveland. I expect lots of QB changes and he could be the starter on and off all season.
Breaking Football | Jul 24th
McCown is serviceable but not the elite guy we thought we saw for half a year in 2013.