Josh McCown
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The New York Times | Jul 23rd
Familiar big WRs for hands as Evans/Jackson resemble Marshall/Jeffery.
Breaking Football | Jul 22nd
McCown was a student of Marc Trestman, but he's had the size, arm and mobility all along. He's suddenly leading a very underrated Bucs offense and is a nice sleeper.
Fantasy Football Maniax | Jul 15th
McCown is a good free agent signing, but the only system he did well in was Marc Trestman's system in Chicago. It remains if that will translate to the Tampa Bay offense. It also remains to be seen how quickly the Buccaneers go with Mike Glennon if McCown struggles out of the gate.
Fantasy Sports LR | Jul 10th
On a per week basis, I'll be higher on McCown while he is the starter, but year long, at this stage I'm not convinced he (more accurately the team's record) keeps Glennon reserved all season. The TB QB position is a strong investment throwing to tall WRs Evans/Jackson.