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2013 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers (Expert Consensus)

by dave
Mar 12, 2013

I found Jesus and you can too. Before you decide to stop reading (or give me a ‘hallelujah brother’), just know that this post could land you some sleepers that will take you to the promised land in 2013. And no, the sleeper list does not include Tim Tebow (although I hear his delivery is better for baseball than football). Back to Jesus in a bit…
We launched a new report today to help you find the top fantasy baseball sleepers of 2013. The report compares expert rankings against average draft position to produce a list of consensus sleepers. It’s a simple way to identify guys with upside that you may want to target during the later rounds of your draft.
The nice thing is, you can easily customize the report to:

  • Only include your favorite and/or most accurate experts
  • Only use the specific ADP of the site where you’ll be drafting
  • Adjust settings to look for deep sleepers or mid round gems

Check out our Consensus Sleepers Report »
What sleepers did our report dig up? Well, as mentioned above, all the settings are customizable so there’s no set list of sleepers for everyone. If you’re drafting on ESPN, your opponents will likely be influenced by the default rankings on ESPN. So be sure to play around with the tool’s filters.
thumb_25254This is, by the way, how I found Jesus. I first created a custom consensus of experts by clicking on the “Edit Experts” button. You can try your own recipe, but I selected the five most accurate experts from last year (well, 4 of the 5 because one of the expert’s overall rankings only go 100 deep right now). I then selected ESPN ADP in the drop-down option for Average Draft Position. I kept the default setting, which looks for players with an ADP worse than 200 and a rank spread (gap between the Rank and ADP) of at least +30.
The report found a number of potential sleepers, including my savior, Jesus Montero. The consensus rank from my four experts was #109 overall. His ESPN ADP was #214. That’s a rank spread of +105. In a 12-team league, this represents 8 rounds of value. Apparently, a few other experts agree that Jesus is a sleeper. Whether you agree or not, check out our sleeper report for more players that might be under the radar.
We also launched three other reports today to help you with your fantasy baseball drafts:

Check out the new reports and let us know what you think. Also, if you think these reports are cool, you will love our suite of fantasy baseball draft tools.
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