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The Best Fantasy Football Experts (Multi-Year Accuracy Report)

Aug 4, 2013

If you’ve followed us at FantasyPros over the past few years, you know we’ve placed an emphasis on highlighting the fantasy industry’s most accurate “experts”.  It doesn’t matter if the pundits offering analysis are up and comers or grizzled vets in the fantasy world. Our focus has been to highlight the most accurate experts through a level playing field. To that end, we’ve undertaken 7 accuracy competitions (both in-season and preseason) over the past few years.


With so much data compiled (literally millions of predictions), the timing is right to take things one step further by unveiling the results of our first multi-year accuracy assessment. Simply put, an expert may hit pay dirt one season but can they consistently deliver the goods? That’s what we uncover in our brand new Draft Accuracy & In-Season Accuracy multi-year reports.




Top 5 Draft Experts (2010 – 2012)


 Rank  Expert  PAY™
 1.  David Dodds – FootballGuys  65.5%
 2.  Jamey Eisenberg – CBS Sports  65.5%
 3.  Pat Fitzmaurice – The Football Girl  65.3%
 4.  Bob Henry – FootballGuys  64.9%
 5.  Staff Rankings – FFToolbox  64.6%

*View full list of Draft accuracy ratings



Top 5 In-Season Experts (2010 – 2012)


 Rank  Expert  PAY
 1.  John Paulsen –  62.4%
 2.  David Dodds – FootballGuys  61.5%
 3.  Scott Pianowski – Yahoo! Sports  61.3%
 4.  Site Rankings – Fantasy Football Nerd  61.3%
 5.  Chet Gresham – The Fake Football  61.2%

*View full list of In-Season accuracy ratings


Accuracy Notes


  • Our default view of the multi-year results is the past 3 seasons. That makes David Dodds (FootballGuys) the highest rated draft expert and John Paulsen (4for4) the top in-season expert. Congrats to both! Note that the full list of rankings provides an option to view the data as far back as we’ve been scoring results. For instance, we’ve performed 4 in-season accuracy competitions. That means you can view the experts’ accuracy for the last 4 years, the past 3 years or the past 2 years.


  • An important note is that an expert must have participated in every competition during the pre-set timeframe in order to appear in the results. In other words, someone who wasn’t part of the 2010 draft accuracy competition will NOT appear in the standings for the “Last 3 Years” assessment. That expert will, however, appear in the “Last 2 Years” view provided that we scored their 2011 and 2012 draft rankings.


  • Lastly, any assessment is only as good as its methodology. We’ve gone to great lengths to be transparent about our rating process. Feel free to check out that link if you’re interested in how we score the results. The multi-year study simply expands on our base methodology by applying an average rating across all of the scores the experts earn.



That covers the overview of our multi-year analysis. You can view the full accuracy results as well as the standings by position and year in our accuracy section. Hopefully this information is helpful for your draft prep! Every advantage helps, right?!

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