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New Feature: Waiver Wire Assistant (My Playbook)

by dave
Sep 17, 2013

James_Starks_waiver_wire_300x250Just in time to help you with your waiver wire decisions tonight, we’ve added a new tool to My Playbook called the Waiver Wire Assistant.
For those of you that haven’t imported your team into My Playbook, it only takes a couple seconds and it’s free. You’ll get instant advice customized based on your roster and the available/taken players in your league. Try importing now.
Those of you that are already using My Playbook should consider upgrading to premium to enjoy multi-league imports, our Start/Sit Assistant, and now… our latest premium feature, the Waiver Wire Assistant. Go to your Playbook now.
In a nutshell, the Waiver Wire Assistant will help you:

    • Identify the top players that are available in your league
    • Rank them based on the % of experts that think you should add them this week
    • Get waiver wire recommendations from a custom consensus of experts
    • Get specific ‘who to pick up’ advice from the most accurate experts
    • NEW: Advice for both Spot Play (current week) and Long Term (rest of season) pick ups.

Import your team into My Playbook now or, if you’re already a My Playbook user, go to your homepage and view the Premium section in the top right of the page.
Here’s a screenshot example of the advice provided. Your advice will be different since it will be tailored to the available players in your league. Good luck with your waiver wire moves this week!
The waiver wire advice above is a screenshot example. Please Import your team into My Playbook now or if you’re already a My Playbook user, go to your homepage