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Fantasy Impact: Nolan Arenado’s Power Surge

Nolan Arenado has been on a tear for the Rockies

Nolan Arenado has been on a tear for the Rockies

There is quite a disparagement between the third base position in the American League and National League. The American League has some serious star power at the hot corner with names like Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson, Adrian Beltre, Evan Longoria, and, depending on who you ask, Alex Rodriguez. The National League isn’t quite as deep. However, with young prospects like Kris Bryant, the future is bright for the third base position.

Lost in the hype is a guy named Nolan Arenado. Areando is, arguably, the best two-way player in MLB today. He’s on Sportscenter’s “Top 10” or Baseball Tonight’s “Web Gems” seemingly every night with his stellar defensive play at the hot corner. But, we as fantasy owners get no compensation for a good defensive play. We are here for offense, and no one has been better at the plate over the past month than Arenado.

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Arenado has been on an absolute tear over the last week and month. Over the past week; 10 runs scored, seven homers, 14 RBI, only ONE strikeout, and a .391 average and 1.788 OPS. Over the past month; 26 runs scored, 14 homers, 37 RBI, 16 strikeouts, .313 average and 1.106 OPS. Those numbers are ridiculously absurd.

Now, one of you dear readers could say that Coors is a beneficial factor in those statistics. But, that is simply not the case. He’s actually been better on the road than he has at home. On the road, Arenado has hit more homers (15 away, 9 home) and has more RBI (37 away, 31 home). Even more incredible, his rates are higher away from Colorado, which is amazing because Coors Field has increased batting averages by 17 percent over the past three seasons. His average (.299 away, .287 home), on-base percentage (.342 away, .309 home), slugging percentage (.686 away, .580 home), and OPS (1.028 away, .890 home) are all better in other parks.

The one, and only, knock on Arenado is that he doesn’t run. But, with those counting stats, rates, and lack of strikeouts, I think fantasy owners will be happy to swallow the bagel in steals.

In dynasty/keeper leagues, Arenado’s value is even higher given the fact that he just 24 years of age. In daily leagues, Arenado’s value has skyrocketed over the past two weeks, but he’s certainly worth the price if he can keep swinging a hot bat.

If you are a proud owner of Nolan Arenado in fantasy leagues, as I am, sit back and enjoy the ride this will be. He’s maturing at the plate, he’s got a sweet swing, and he plays dazzling defense. We’re watching this young man thrust himself into the NL MVP conversation and, as a fantasy owner, I very much appreciate it.

Matt Hutcheson is a correspondent at FantasyPros. To read more from Matt, check out his archive and follow him @hutchjr326.

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