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Bobby Sylvester’s Three-Round NFL Mock Draft with Trades

by FantasyPros Staff | @fantasypros | Featured Writer
Apr 25, 2019

Is Daniel Jones going in the top 10 picks?

I’ve been counting down the days since the NFL season ended and in just hours, the 2019 NFL Draft will finally be underway! We’ll find out where Josh Rosen is headed along with plenty of fantasy implications. There will surely be a number of first round surprise picks plus a handful of trades. My mock draft has 14 trades built in, which is a typical number for the first three rounds. I’m sure to get a load of questions, or let’s be honest, complaints, about the crazy things I’m forecasting so let’s start by explaining those before we get into the picks.

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Andre Dillard will not be the first tackle off the board, nor will anyone trade into the top 10 to get him”
I know the draft boards you’ve seen have conservatively agreed that Jonah Williams or Jawaan Taylor are the top tackle, but NFL boards tend to be messier than that. Some will have Taylor in their top 10 overall, for sure, but others may not even have a first round grade on him. While most teams won’t have Dillard higher than both, there will definitely be a handful that do, primarily for scheme fit, as he is an exceptional pass blocker. Dillard has apparently been rising up NFL team boards and it is no surprise that he has had 10 private meetings with NFL teams, including with the Jags who pick 7th. To put that into perspective, Taylor has 6 and Williams has just 2.

“The Giants aren’t skipping out on a 1st round QB, nor will they trade up to #2 for Bosa”
New York has 12 picks and just like any other year, are the most likely team to trade up. If they can get a generational talent like Bosa for their two first round picks, I’m imagining they’ll pull the trigger. Kyle Shanahan has said that he is open to trading back and that he thinks there are more than two great players in the draft. Yes, the Giants would miss out on Daniel Jones but a Pro Day meeting and a private meeting with Will Grier have me wondering if the Jones rumor is a smoke screen.

“There is no chance Dwayne Haskins and Daniel Jones both fall out of the top 15″
Denver seems set on taking a QB, as they spent four of their 30 private workouts on first round QBs. Besides them, however, I don’t see anyone set on taking a QB in the first. There is a chance Oakland’s “secret player,” if you believe them, is Haskins and that they will take him at #4, but they also have two late round firsts that they could use if he slides (he is the only QB they have met with besides Murray). Cincy seems to be fixed on Ryan Finley or Jake Dolegala and didn’t invite any first round QBs for a visit. Miami is in the same boat, as they seem inclined to wait until 2020 for a chance at Tua. Then we’ve got Washington, who yes, has had private visits with all four first-round QBs, but had multiple meetings with Jarrett Stidham, Will Grier, and Ryan Finley. If they pass on Haskins and Jones, each could fall another 10 picks.

Greedy Williams isn’t falling outside the top 15, let alone the first round entirely, you psycho!”
Are you sure about that? How often have you heard of a team drafting a player in the first round who they didn’t invite in for one of their 30 private meetings? It doesn’t happen often, folks. Zero NFL teams have had Williams in and the word is that most have a second-round grade on him. Now, I could be wrong and the Dolphins may have fallen in love with him at the combine but there are several other publications who have recently let Williams fall out of their first round too.

Satisfied? Yeah, I didn’t figure so. I’m glad you have your opinions too and I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together for you. Regardless of what you think about the landing spots I came to, I think we can all agree to root for D.K. Metcalf to the Packers for fantasy’s sake.

*You can see all of my mocked trades at the bottom of the page.

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First Round Trades

  • SF trades 1.2 and 4.108 to NYG for 1.6 and 1.17
  • OAK trades 1.4 to JAC for 1.7, 3.69 and 2020 #4
  • DET trades 1.8 to ATL for 1.14, 3.79 and 4.17
  • WAS trades 1.15 to TEN for 1.19 and 3.82
  • LAC trades 1.28 to ARI for Josh Rosen and 6.174
  • LAR trades 1.31 to DEN for 2.41 and 2020 #3

Second Round Trades

  • BUF trades 2.40 and 4.131 to PIT for 2.52 and 3.83
  • CAR trades 2.47 to DAL for 2.58 and 2020 #3
  • HOU trades 2.55 to NO for 2.62, 2020 #4 and 6.177
  • IND trades 2.59 to NYG for 3.95, 4.132 and 2020 #3

Third Round Trades

  • ARI trades 3.65 to BAL for 3.85 and 2020 #3
  • SF trades 3.67 to WAS for 3.76 and 2020 #4
  • DEN trades 3.71 to WAS for 3.96 and 2020 #3
  • CAR trades 3.100 to PHI for 4.127 and 2020 #4

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