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Bobby Sylvester’s Cheat Sheet for Family and Friends (2019 Fantasy Football)

Aug 23, 2019

Melvin Gordon’s ADP has plummeted too far

Whether I’m at a family birthday party, playing a softball game or I walk past someone at the grocery store, I’m littered with fantasy football questions wherever I go this time of year. I love every minute of it, of course, but in the past, I tried to tell everyone everything they could know before their drafts. I learned my lesson and approached it differently the following season. I figured the best way to provide them with all of my advice was to simply build a series of easy to follow lists. Now it has become an annual tradition and I share it with anyone who wants it. Welcome to the family! For any more specific questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter.

*All rounds listed are for standard 12-team half-PPR, 1 QB leagues.

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Quarterbacks I Want

Quarterbacks I’m Avoiding

Running Backs I Want to Start

Running Backs I’m Avoiding

Running Backs I Want On My Bench

Wide Receivers I Want to Start

Wide Receivers I’m Avoiding

Wide Receivers I Want On My Bench

Tight Ends I Want

Tight Ends I’m Avoiding

General Strategy

  • Only draft 1 QB and 1 TE
  • Don’t draft a DST or kicker at all, instead, fill the spot with another high-upside RB (see the full strategy here)
  • Draft at least 4 WRs in the first 9 rounds and 1 or 2 upside WRs for your bench
  • Draft 3 or 4 RBs in the first 7 or 8 rounds then get as many high-upside backup RBs as possible for your bench
  • Do a quick (and FREE) 5-minute mock draft to help prepare

Ideal Starts by pick-range

A Roster I’d Love

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