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Week 7 Swap Meet: 5 of the Most Traded Players This Week (2019 Fantasy Football)

by Zach Brunner
Oct 18, 2019

Through six games, Aaron Rodgers ranks only as QB14, which has left fantasy owners that invested in him rightfully frustrated.

Week 7 in the NFL season started out with the knee injury to Patrick Mahomes, one of the best players in fantasy. At the time of writing, we do not know the severity of the injury, but hopefully he was right when he told Andy Reid that he would be fine. In any case, injuries are a part of fantasy football and they create a lot of headaches. Injuries also lead to trades, due to increased value of a player or fantasy owners looking for a replacement.

These are five of the most-traded players from this week. If you do find yourself involved in trades with these players in them, I will give you a few names of relatively equal value that you can consider or at least gauge the player’s value off of. All values given take half-point PPR scoring into consideration.

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Aaron Rodgers (QB – GB)
With the Packers leaning on the run this season, Aaron Rodgers’ fantasy value has been the victim. He also lost all of his WRs recently which has clouded Rodgers’ fantasy outlook a little bit. Through six games, Rodgers ranks only as QB14, which has left fantasy owners that invested in him rightfully frustrated.

Now, you could be a frustrated owner looking to sell Rodgers, as more and more comes out about his pass-catchers going down. You may also see this as an opportunity to buy low on one of the NFL’s best seeing some easy games up ahead. The owners of Mahomes may also be looking for a replacement depending on the news on his knee. No matter your specific situation, these are three names that hold similar value to Rodgers right now that can be included in trades:

  • David Montgomery (RB – CHI): The talented rookie RB is getting touches now, but the efficiency has gone down and he is struggling to find the end zone. He ranks as just RB34 right now, but there’s no questioning his talent.
  • Josh Gordon (WR – NE): Speaking of talent, we know Gordon has the talent to be one of the league’s best receivers because we have seen him do it. Unfortunately, he ranks as WR49 on the season and it’s frustrating for Gordon owners to continue waiting for this New England breakout.
  • A.J. Green (WR – CIN): Green figures to be close to returning, and he should find himself as a top-15 receiver once he is fully up to speed. However, his trouble staying healthy recently is alarming.

Melvin Gordon (RB – LAC)
Gordon has been back in action for two weeks now, and he has given us almost nothing to be excited about from a fantasy perspective. His offensive line has looked terrible, causing him to run for just 49 yards (2.5-yard average) in the two games. However, there are a couple of things of note that can be viewed as positive. First, Gordon said to the media that it’s tough to get anything going with limited touches since it’s difficult to get a rhythm. He is absolutely right on that point, and it creates one of those situations where Gordon may be given a few extra carries this week to see if he plays better because of it. Secondly, his touches did go up from game one to two, totaling 11 touches in his first game back compared to 16 last week. This could continue to grow to about 18-20 touches.

Now, if you are the owner of Gordon, you have made it until now without him producing, so you should have some other options. Those trading Gordon would be selling him while his value is at its lowest, but that’s also good news for buyers of Gordon. The following three names hold value close to where Gordon is right now and should not be moved for anything less than this. However, I won’t tell your league’s Gordon owner this, so try offering someone you perceive as less valuable than these three players.

  • Phillip Lindsay (RB – DEN): Lindsay had a quiet performance on TNF this week, but he ranked as RB12 through Week 6. He is a talented RB, but the split with Royce Freeman limits his upside this season.
  • Brandin Cooks (WR – LAR): With the protection being terrible for Jared Goff, downfield targets have been affected, which directly hurt Cooks, who ranks only as WR33 right now.
  • Hunter Henry (TE – LAC): Henry ranks as TE18 in only two games, as he has averaged 17.0 points. While this is impressive for Henry, this also shows the state of the TE position. Having a consistently solid play at TE this season is a luxury.

Stefon Diggs (WR – MIN) 
After a three-touchdown performance in Week 6, many fantasy owners figured now would be the perfect time to sell high on Diggs, making him one of the most traded players of the week. Diggs ranks as WR15 on the season, but he was just WR58 before last week’s explosion. Unfortunately, Diggs will not face matchups like the Giants and Eagles (his last two games) every week, so he is probably more of a WR2 or WR3 than a WR1 going forward. However, maybe the Vikings have figured it out and Kirk Cousins will be tossing the football more. If that’s the case, you could be getting a good deal for Diggs. These are three players that have struggled so far this season that have similar values today as Diggs.

  • Melvin Gordon (RB – LAC): As stated above, he has been bad through two games, but there is a potential increase in workload still and the offensive line should be a bit better than we have seen recently.
  • Devonta Freeman (RB – ATL): While Freeman has struggled running the football overall this season, he has done enough damage through the air to rank as RB16. With how bad the Falcons defense is, the team will continue to pass often.
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR – PIT): JuJu has gone through three QBs this season and he has struggled because of it. He ranks only as WR36, but once there is a little stability and chemistry is developed, his numbers should improve.

DeAndre Hopkins (WR – HOU)
DeAndre Hopkins continues to fall short of the expectations placed on him before the season, with him going as the first WR off the board in many drafts. Through six weeks, Hopkins only ranks as WR16. He also has not scored a touchdown or hit 100 yards since Week 1. The worst part of Hopkins’ performance is that the rest of his team is playing well, so it’s not like he is being brought down by a sinking ship. Deshaun Watson is QB3 so far, and he is playing incredibly well.

The good news is that we are seeing Hopkins’ floor right now, which is still a top-20 receiver. Brighter days should be ahead for the star receiver, but it can be tough to wait around for them if your fantasy team is struggling. Whether you’re trading for a player to improve your team now or you’re looking to make a long-term play with Hopkins, these are three players than could have similar value in trades.

  • Chris Carson (RB – SEA): Carson has been locked in recently, running for 100+ yards in three straight weeks. The worry for Carson is if he will lose some touches once Penny is healthy. Still, he is RB11 on the season.
  • Marlon Mack (RB – IND): Mack has shown terrific footwork, running behind his big offensive line. Having already served his bye week, Mack ranks as RB18 this season.
  • Keenan Allen (WR – LAC): Despite three quiet weeks in a row, Allen still ranks as WR6 because of his hot start. He should be able to get back on track soon and is still a WR1 this season.

Zach Ertz (TE – PHI) 
While Zach Ertz has not impressed with his performance so far, his consistency at the TE position is something that carries value. He has at least four catches and 50 yards in every game this season, which isn’t the double-digit total you would like to see, but it’s a nice floor to have at such a volatile position.

Still, an Ertz owner could be frustrated with his play and looking to sell after grabbing Darren Waller or even Austin Hooper later on. On the other side, you could have had Will Dissly or are disappointed by the play of T.J. Hockenson or Delanie Walker and need an upgrade at the position. Both of these situations have been very common, which is why we see Ertz listed as one of the most traded players this week. If you’re involved in one of these common trades, here are three players at other positions that hold similar values to the Philly TE.

  • Josh Jacobs (RB – OAK): While his performance has been quiet overall, the rookie has been great, ranking as RB15 after his bye week. Gruden also said he wants to involve him more in the passing game, which only increases his value.
  • Kerryon Johnson (RB – DET): The offensive line has not done a great job for Johnson and he has not been as involved in the passing game as we thought he would be. Through five games, he ranks as RB23.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. (WR – CLE): Odell got back on track last week, with his second 100-yard game of the season. The thing holding him back most is his single touchdown, but he should find the end zone more after his bye and improve on his WR23 ranking.

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