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Round 20 Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis (2020)

May 23, 2020

Mark Canha changed his approach last year and became a fantasy asset

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While the delay to the start of the MLB season is hard on everyone, it does allow for deeper dives into different aspects of fantasy baseball. You’ll notice that we’re doing this on a team-by-team and player-by-player basis with a pair of series we’ve put together. Additionally, we’re going to examine fantasy baseball on a round-by-round basis, covering 12 players per article and providing you a plethora of info specific to each fantasy baseball round.

We’ll keep things going with Round 20. You can find the complete series here.

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Round 20 Player List

Rank Player Team Positions
230 CLE 2B
232 LAA SP
233 NYY 3B
234 CWS RF
235 NYY 3B,DH
236 TB SP,RP
237 PIT SP
238 MIA LF
239 BOS C,1B
240 MIA SP


Expert Analysis*

Jarad Evans @Jarad_Evans 6 6 4 4
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4 4 6 0 3
Jon Anderson @JonPGH 4 4 0 4
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola 4 4 3 3
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse 3 8 3 6
Bobby Sylvester @bobbyfantasypro 3 7 4 5
Dan Harris @danharris80 6 5 0 2

*Value: A total assigned to how the overall fantasy value of the round compares with other rounds relative to ADP/ECR (10 = most value: 1 = least value); Risk: A total assigned to how much potential risk exists compared with other rounds (10 = most risk: 1 = least risk); Studs: the number of potential league-winning players that can be found in the round; Busts: the number of potential busts that can be found in the round.

Q1. Who has the most league-winning potential of any Round 20 fantasy pick?

Jarad Evans @PFF_Jarad
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4
Jon Anderson JonPGH
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse
Bobby Sylvester @BobbyFantasyPro
Dan Harris @danharris80

Q2. Who has the biggest bust potential of any Round 20 fantasy pick?

Jarad Evans @PFF_Jarad
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4
Jon Anderson JonPGH
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse Randal Grichuk
Bobby Sylvester @BobbyFantasyPro Christian Vazquez
Dan Harris @danharris80 Christian Vazquez


Q3. What is your general strategy tip for Round 20?

I’m very intrigued by Bundy, Chirinos, Archer, and Smith in this round as they are all very strong late-round options with strikeout upside. I would lean those pitchers over the bats in this round. Grichuk, Dickerson, Canha, and Mazara are all batting average risks. It’s unclear if Andujar is fully recovered from a major injury. Was Urshela a one-year wonder?
– Jarad Evans (@Jarad_Evans)

Feast-or-famine pitchers could especially be ticking time bombs during a shortened season. Bundy, Archer, and Smith are each capable of piecing together top-20 SP production through three months. They’re also all threats to torpedo your ratios with a handful of poor outings. Any one of these three would require an incredibly short leash. Maybe this is a better time to snag a low-risk, value bench bat such as Dickerson.
– Andrew Gould (@AndrewGould4)

This is a good time to grab another steady bat or upside pitcher. Mark Canha and Cesar Hernandez are routine late-round targets for me because of the trust I have in them to contribute counting stats this season. There is also moderate upside with Smith, Bundy, and Archer here – they are all well worth a crack if you need some more SP depth on your squad at this point.
– Jon Anderson (@JonPGH)

Ideally, calculated risks have been taken to this point. Now, we can remove the word “calculated.” It’s all risk. It’s also all reward. Expect every player available to be a complete bust, and benefit when this is inevitably not the case. I’m looking for the highest of upside at this point, where Miguel Andujar and Dylan Bundy have typically been my main targets.
– Mario Mergola (@MarioMergola)

If I haven’t taken my SP5/6 yet and Caleb Smith is on the board, he is almost guaranteed to be that pitcher for me. Dickerson also has great value as your first bench outfielder. He has hit everywhere he’s gone (career 117 wRC+), and the only reason he’s not going higher is due to his power drop-off, even though he was projected to hit ~25 over a full season last year. This round has a lot of players who may have trouble producing value (Grichuk, Archer, and Vazquez come to mind), so I’ll be reaching for other players who are projected to be drafted in later rounds to make sure I get “my guys”.
– Carmen Maiorano (@carmsclubhouse)

This round is full of landmines with frankly little in the way of upside. We do have a few potential gems, however, with both Dylan Bundy and Chris Archer potentially bouncing back for a huge season. The real prize of the round, however, is Nomar Mazara who is still young enough that we may not have seen his supposedly immense ceiling. I’ll be grabbing him in many drafts hoping for that breakout to finally come. Corey Dickerson is a nice consolation prize, though, if Mazara is already off the board.
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

There are a lot of late-round gems sitting here in this round. Mark Canha changed his approach last year and became a fantasy asset, Dylan Bundy should benefit from moving to the Angels and throwing his high-spin fastball up in the zone, Chris Archer still has some juice left with a more analytically-minded coaching staff, Nomar Mazara is still young with upside, and Gio Urshela and Miguel Andujar should contribute. I’m all-in on Bundy this year so if he’s there, I’m grabbing him, but I am more than happy to take any of the late-round bats I mentioned above.
– Dan Harris (@danharris80)

Complete Round-by-Round Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis

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