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Round 22 Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis (2020)

May 27, 2020

Brendan McKay could breakout in 2020 if he wins a job in the rotation.

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While the delay to the start of the MLB season is hard on everyone, it does allow for deeper dives into different aspects of fantasy baseball. You’ll notice that we’re doing this on a team-by-team and player-by-player basis with a pair of series we’ve put together. Additionally, we’re going to examine fantasy baseball on a round-by-round basis, covering 12 players per article and providing you a plethora of info specific to each fantasy baseball round.

We’ll keep things going with Round 22. You can find the complete series here.

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Round 22 Player List

Rank Player Team Positions
253 BAL 1B,3B,DH
254 BOS 1B,2B,3B
256 NYM SP
257 CWS 2B,SS
258 MIA C
259 ARI C
261 SF RP
262 TB SP
263 STL C

Expert Analysis*

Jarad Evans @Jarad_Evans 8 3 3 3
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4 4 3 0 3
Jon Anderson @JonPGH 2 7 1 7
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola 4 3 3 3
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse 4 2 2 3
Bobby Sylvester @bobbyfantasypro 2 5 2 4
Dan Harris @danharris80 1 8 0 6

*Value: A total assigned to how the overall fantasy value of the round compares with other rounds relative to ADP/ECR (10 = most value: 1 = least value); Risk: A total assigned to how much potential risk exists compared with other rounds (10 = most risk: 1 = least risk); Studs: the number of potential league-winning players that can be found in the round; Busts: the number of potential busts that can be found in the round.

Q1. Who has the most league-winning potential of any Round 22 fantasy pick?

Jarad Evans @PFF_Jarad
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4
Jon Anderson @JonPGH
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse
Bobby Sylvester @BobbyFantasyPro
Dan Harris @danharris80

Q2. Who has the biggest bust potential of any Round 22 fantasy pick?

Jarad Evans @PFF_Jarad
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4
Jon Anderson @JonPGH
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse
Bobby Sylvester @BobbyFantasyPro
Dan Harris @danharris80


Q3. What is your general strategy tip for Round 22?

Nick Madrigal is my primary late-round target in the entire draft and I would scoop him several rounds earlier than here. Batters with his level of plate discipline simply do not fail in the majors very often. He’s a lock to hit close to .300 and will also pitch in double-digit steals. Sure, Madrigal has minimal power, but you can find plenty of that elsewhere. On the other end of the spectrum, Chavis will kill your batting average with his 33% strikeout rate. Those are players that I avoid.
– Jarad Evans (@Jarad_Evans)

The young M’s (Madrigal, May, and McKay) are the most notable names from this bunch, and their roles are now even more uncertain than they were in early March. As of now, the only accurate answer to how MLB teams will handle rookies is a shrug. But if it’s clear any of them are poised to stay in taxi-squad purgatory, just drop them without doing much harm to your team. None of the veterans here are all that exciting in a shallow mixed league.
– Andrew Gould (@AndrewGould4)

The risk with May is that he makes no big-league starts this season, which is a real possibility. I don’t see any reason to prioritize any of these other guys over Madrigal or McKay, because this round is just so gross. Those two names are the only ones with any real upside in 2020, so I’ll give them a shot all day at this point.
– Jon Anderson (@JonPGH)

It’s only about upside at this point. There may be a few sleepers that have survived the earlier run — if Brendan McKay is available and I have another bench spot open for a pitcher, I’d certainly draft him — but we’re likely stepping into the next tier. If I can make any case — even a far-fetched one — for a specific player to over-perform, then I found my main target.
– Mario Mergola (@MarioMergola)

Since we’re approaching the end of the draft and based on my draft strategy, I’m typically lacking in steals and saves. Based on that, Nick Madrigal represents high-upside with the potential to play a “full” season and hit for a great average and steal a ton of bags. If I haven’t taken a third closer yet, I’ll wait a round for Watson/Yoshi Hirano/Mychal Givens types to drop a round to make sure I’m getting value for them. On the pitching side, I’m still targeting high-strikeout guys and fading innings-eaters who don’t do anything special.
– Carmen Maiorano (@carmsclubhouse)

A few players in this round have some serious upside from Michael Chavis and Nick Madrigal to Jorge Alfaro and my favorite player from this grouping, Brendan McKay. In the same way Chris Paddack dominated the MLB in his limited innings last season, McKay could breakout in 2020 if he wins a job in the rotation. Besides him, Yadier Molina is the last reliable fantasy catcher before it becomes a total crapshoot.
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

I am pretty much passing on everyone in this round. The players with potential have either shown too little in the minors (Nick Madrigal) or have roadblocks in the way of becoming real fantasy assets (Brendan McKay, Dustin May). There’s almost no one on this list, other than perhaps Carson Kelly and Adrian Houser, who I’d feel comfortable relying on in a standard fantasy league.
– Dan Harris (@danharris80)

Complete Round-by-Round Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis

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