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Round 24 Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis (2020)

May 31, 2020

Hunter Harvey has major longterm upside but his fantasy impact will be limited by the lack of save opportunities Baltimore can provide.

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While the delay to the start of the MLB season is hard on everyone, it does allow for deeper dives into different aspects of fantasy baseball. You’ll notice that we’re doing this on a team-by-team and player-by-player basis with a pair of series we’ve put together. Additionally, we’re going to examine fantasy baseball on a round-by-round basis, covering 12 players per article and providing you a plethora of info specific to each fantasy baseball round.

We’ll keep things going with Round 24. You can find the complete series here.

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Round 24 Player List

Rank Player Team Positions
278 LAA 2B,3B
279 SF SP
280 ARI RF
281 NYM RP
282 TEX 2B,3B,DH
283 SF SP
284 SF C
285 SF SP,RP
286 MIN SP
287 DET 2B


Expert Analysis*

Jarad Evans @Jarad_Evans 4 3 2 2
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4 2 4 0 4
Jon Anderson @JonPGH 1 10 0 9
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola 2 3 2 3
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse 5 5 3 3
Bobby Sylvester @bobbyfantasypro 2 6 2 4
Dan Harris @danharris80 2 7 0 4

*Value: A total assigned to how the overall fantasy value of the round compares with other rounds relative to ADP/ECR (10 = most value: 1 = least value); Risk: A total assigned to how much potential risk exists compared with other rounds (10 = most risk: 1 = least risk); Studs: the number of potential league-winning players that can be found in the round; Busts: the number of potential busts that can be found in the round.

Q1. Who has the most league-winning potential of any Round 24 fantasy pick?

Jarad Evans @PFF_Jarad
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4
Jon Anderson JonPGH
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse
Bobby Sylvester @BobbyFantasyPro
Dan Harris @danharris80

Q2. Who has the biggest bust potential of any Round 24 fantasy pick?

Jarad Evans @PFF_Jarad
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4
Jon Anderson JonPGH
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse
Bobby Sylvester @BobbyFantasyPro
Dan Harris @danharris80


Q3. What is your general strategy tip for Round 24?

Solak played very well in a late-season audition with the Rangers and could be a multi-category contributor if he gains a starting role. He also can play all over the diamond which increases his chances of getting at-bats. There are a few potential closer candidates here in Betances and Harvey that are worth dart throws this late in the draft. Kevin Gausman is too risky for me in a shortened season because he is susceptible to blow-ups.
– Jarad Evans (@Jarad_Evans)

Grisham and the second basemen are all semi-interesting, but this isn’t too great a grouping. At this point, there’s little harm in seeing if La Stella’s improbable breakout was more than a mirage. It’s entirely possible that Harvey becomes Baltimore’s closer and still finishes a truncated season with five saves.
– Andrew Gould (@AndrewGould4)

There’s not a single name here that I want to draft. I’ll give Gausman a shot in a really deep league since he should be able to put up some nice starts just given that new ballpark, but I don’t think he will make anything but a negligible difference on your season outcome in 2020. Grisham is worth a spin if you need some steals, but otherwise, I’m probably hitting the auto-draft button and grabbing a beer at this point.
– Jon Anderson (@JonPGH)

I’m usually forcing myself to wait until the last round to draft a catcher if I didn’t take one of the bigger names earlier. I am not alone with this strategy, however, and I have found some value in jumping ahead of the group by selecting my starting catcher in the second-to-last round. This only happens if I don’t like any names available at this point, and I would gladly draft Nick Solak or Hunter Harvey before a catcher.
– Mario Mergola (@MarioMergola)

You know it’s the end of the draft when there are three Giants in a row, and four total in the round. In all seriousness, the last two rounds are where you should be taking lottery tickets in your area of need, or solidifying your ratios with top setup men. Continue fading the volume guys like Samardzija. Solak, Grisham, Gausman, and La Stella represent the high-upside, and Betances represents the ratios help. Finally, don’t draft Michael Pineda, given that he’s on an 80-game suspension.
– Carmen Maiorano (@carmsclubhouse)

I wouldn’t mind grabbing Jonathan Schoop as a reliable backup middle infielder but besides him, there is only one player from this grouping that will end up on any of my rosters and it is Hunter Harvey. He has major longterm upside but his fantasy impact will be limited by the lack of save opportunities Baltimore can provide. Even beyond that, he may not even win the job out of camp.
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

You’re at the very end of your draft here so the viable fantasy options are few and far between. Round 24 sees a few intriguing options, including Hunter Harvey, who could be a strong closer if all breaks right, and Kevin Gausman, who should benefit from his home park and could find success if he continues to rely on his splitter as much as he did last year. Kole Calhoun is also a fine filler for your bench, but other than that, there’s just not much to love here.
– Dan Harris (@danharris80)

Complete Round-by-Round Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis

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