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Round 25 Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis (2020)

Jun 2, 2020

Sam Hilliard is a worthy late-round pick who could benefit from MLB implementing the universal DH in 2020.

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While the delay to the start of the MLB season is hard on everyone, it does allow for deeper dives into different aspects of fantasy baseball. You’ll notice that we’re doing this on a team-by-team and player-by-player basis with a pair of series we’ve put together. Additionally, we’re going to examine fantasy baseball on a round-by-round basis, covering 12 players per article and providing you a plethora of info specific to each fantasy baseball round.

We’ll conclude the series with Round 25. You can find the complete series here.

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Round 25 Player List

Rank Player Team Positions
289 OAK C
290 LAD SP
291 MIA SP
292 SEA SP
293 HOU RP
295 COL RP
296 NYM SP
299 OAK SP
300 SD C


Expert Analysis*

Jarad Evans @Jarad_Evans 8 4 2 2
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4 4 4 0 3
Jon Anderson @JonPGH 0 8 0 8
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola 5 3 4 3
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse 3 5 1 3
Bobby Sylvester @bobbyfantasypro 1 5 0 4
Dan Harris @danharris80 1 8 0 6

*Value: A total assigned to how the overall fantasy value of the round compares with other rounds relative to ADP/ECR (10 = most value: 1 = least value); Risk: A total assigned to how much potential risk exists compared with other rounds (10 = most risk: 1 = least risk); Studs: the number of potential league-winning players that can be found in the round; Busts: the number of potential busts that can be found in the round.

Q1. Who has the most league-winning potential of any Round 25 fantasy pick?

Jarad Evans @PFF_Jarad
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4
Jon Anderson JonPGH
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse
Bobby Sylvester @BobbyFantasyPro
Dan Harris @danharris80

Q2. Who has the biggest bust potential of any Round 25 fantasy pick?

Jarad Evans @PFF_Jarad
Andrew Gould @AndrewGould4
Jon Anderson JonPGH
Mario Mergola @MarioMergola
Carmen Maiorano @carmsclubhouse
Bobby Sylvester @BobbyFantasyPro
Dan Harris @danharris80

Q3. What is your general strategy tip for Round 25?

I actually like this round quite a bit, especially compared to the last one. There are some very solid upside bats here in Mejia and Murphy while Goodrum is an underrated multi-category contributor. The pitchers have upside too. Nathan Eovaldi, in particular, has electric stuff but can’t seem to put it together for whatever reason. Maybe a shortened season is what he needs to find the magic? Worth a shot at this point.
– Jarad Evans (@Jarad_Evans)

I liked Alcantara months ago, but innings were one of his main assets. The same strike goes against Porcello, Gonzales, and Bassitt. While Eovaldi at least has more potential, you’d have to be willing to cut him immediately if he comes out of the gate sluggish. Definitely keep an eye on how MLB’s plans affect the Rockies. If they’re playing their home games with a DH at Coors Field, Hilliard jumps to the top of the board.
– Andrew Gould (@AndrewGould4)

Sorry, what are we still doing here? Sam Hilliard is a little bit interesting if they are actually playing games in Coors Field this year, and Alex Wood can probably get to 10 wins if he can stay healthy, but seriously, where is the beer fridge in this place?
– Jon Anderson (@JonPGH)

I happen to like this group, and I can make a case for any of Sandy Alcantara, Marco Gonzales, Ryan Pressly, and Sam Hilliard to be solid sleepers in 2020. I’m obviously looking at the bench player who best fits my team’s needs, but it’s also likely that I waited until now to draft my starting catcher. If the league settings allow it, I will avoid drafting a catcher and take someone else I like. I’ll then wait until the season is about to start and drop a player for a catcher. This simply buys me some time, as I hold onto a player who would otherwise be a waiver-wire target for others.
– Mario Mergola (@MarioMergola)

Same strategy as last round. If you’ve waited this long to grab your third reliever, Oberg is the best option. He has a great chance to supplant Wade Davis as the closer, no matter how bad the Rockies end up being. Again, volume pitchers like Alcantara, Bassitt, and Porcello get suppressed in a shortened season. Lastly, don’t be afraid to take one of “your guys” here. Someone such as MacKenzie Gore presents more upside (but a lower potential floor) than the innings-eaters I just listed. For hitters, this might mean targeting older players who could have a surprising season — think Howie Kendrick or Robinson Cano.
– Carmen Maiorano (@carmsclubhouse)

Yuck. All the way around, yuck. There is one player with some upside, but Sam Hilliard is on the outside looking in for a starting job and even if he gets it, the Rockies might not play their home games at Coors Field this season. Beyond him, the best you can do from this group is to get a reliable but unspectacular player like Ryan Pressly or Marco Gonzalez. Yawn.
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

It’s Sam Hilliard or bust for me in this round and, frankly, he’s gone before this round in my drafts because I’m scooping him up earlier. His power-speed combination is outstanding and with the universal DH probably coming, he should find plenty of playing time. Other than that, unless you’ve waited forever on a catcher and want Sean Murphy, there is hardly a player worth drafting here.
– Dan Harris (@danharris80)

Complete Round-by-Round Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis

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