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Dan Harris’s Updated Overall Fantasy Baseball Rankings (2020)

by Dan Harris | @danharris80 | Featured Writer
Jul 16, 2020

In the spring, before the MLB season was delayed, Bobby Sylvester and I debated about players we had ranked differently on the FantasyPros Baseball Podcast. It was a fun episode, with both of us pointing out stats, metrics, and statcast data to support our opinions.

A friend of mine texted me after listening to the podcast and asked how Bobby and I could possibly differ so much in our opinion since we both have the same data from which to work. And there are plenty of answers, but the best one is just: because baseball.

Baseball is a beautiful game that is nuanced and precise, and as the old adage goes, an eighth of an inch is the difference between a home run and a pop fly. And even with metrics being so advanced as they are in today’s game, they still explain what has happened, not necessarily what will happen.

And now, we have the added variable of a shortened, regional schedule and the reality that COVID-19 will cause players to unexpectedly miss time. That means that fantasy analysts will likely employ vastly different strategies and, simply put, draw different inferences from the information that comes out during summer camp.

In other words, when you compare my rankings below to the expert consensus, you are going to see some massive differences. Some of that is due to me just being bullish on some players (Bo Bichette is about to explode and Nick Castellanos will crush in Cincinnati) or bearish on others (innings-eaters like Zack Greinke don’t do it for me this year and I’m terrified of Jorge Soler).

But, given the craziness of this season, it’s really just personal preference. This is how I’m drafting if I am having my draft today and it’s what I feel most comfortable with in light of the current climate. If you’re so inclined, hop on board and let’s win some championships.

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Dan Harris is the Editor-in-Chief of FantasyPros. For more from Dan, check out his archive or follow him on Twitter @danharris80.

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