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Quarterback-By-Committee (QBBC) Strategy & Advice (2020 Fantasy Football)

by Raju Byfield | @FantasyContext | Featured Writer
Jul 4, 2020

If you want to dive deeper into fantasy football, be sure to check out our award-winning slate of Fantasy Football Tools as you navigate your season. From our Start/Sit Assistant – which provides your optimal lineup, based on accurate consensus projections – to our Waiver Wire Assistant – that allows you to quickly see which available players will improve your team, and by how much – we’ve got you covered this fantasy football season.

In single quarterback leagues, streaming late-round quarterbacks is a popular strategy. To aid in research for the ideal pairings, we have put together a quarterback by committee tool (will be referred to as QBBC going forward). Here is the description from our tool page:

“Quarterback-by-Committee (QBBC) is a strategy where fantasy owners can rely on multiple quarterbacks throughout the season. It often involves drafting two lower-ranked quarterbacks with different bye weeks that can be started throughout the season based on matchups to maximize production. A QBBC strategy can help help owners avoid using early round draft picks on a position that tends to offer quality alternatives much later in drafts.”

You can sort by fantasy points per game, by quarterback with ideal partners, or by quarterbacks with a specified ADP or lower. Our tool automatically updates based on the latest consensus ADP. Let’s take a look at some of the top QBBC pairings. 

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Drew Brees (NO): QB9
An impressive quarterback combination of Drew Brees and Tom Brady could help propel fantasy managers to their league championship. As seen in our QBBC tool, Drew Brees pairings offer the most potential value. After Tom Brady as a QBBC, partner Matthew Stafford (QB13) and Carson Wentz (QB11) are the next two ideal complements. Based on our projections, these are the top-three overall pairings in terms of projected fantasy points per week. All three of these combinations could reap monumental dividends for fantasy football managers who are willing to spend two mid-round picks on the quarterback position. Below are the top five Brees QBBC members. 

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Tom Brady (QB12) 18.6
Matthew Stafford (QB13) 18.4
Carson Wentz (QB11) 18.3
Ryan Tannehill (QB17) 18.0
Baker Mayfield (QB14) 17.8

Tom Brady (TB); QB12
Tom Brady is currently the 12th quarterback off the board based on consensus ADP. He could have a monster season in store for fantasy managers on his own, but pairing him with Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff, Gardner Minshew, or Sam Darnold can help you avoid tougher matchups and maximize fantasy point potential. Brady should be able to sleepwalk to at least 3,500 yards and 25 touchdowns, but he has some tough matchups against the Saints, Packers, the Broncos, and the Chargers. While some of these project as potential shootouts, they could also easily turn into defensive stands. To avoid the potential risk, the five names below can fill in and present what projects as a higher floor option. Below are the top five Brady QBBC members. 

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Matthew Stafford (QB13) 18.1
Jared Goff (QB19) 18.0
Gardner Minshew (QB28) 17.9
Sam Darnold (QB24) 17.9
Daniel Jones (QB15) 17.8

Carson Wentz (PHI):
Currently the QB11 based on consensus ADP, Carson Wentz has an interesting mix of players that project as his ideal QBBC partners. Tom Brady and Wentz could form a dynamic duo, but their ADPs are close enough that you may be forced to use consecutive picks on the position. Daniel Jones and Kirk Cousins both project to provide 17.7 fantasy points per game if used in the fashion our QBBC suggests. Wentz should finally be able to live up to his potential now that he has some talent at wide receiver. Alshon Jeffery is still banged-up, and the team figures to take their time with the receiver they just shelled out money to last season. Even without Jeffery, the Eagles have an embarrassment of riches at the skill positions. As for the schedule, it’s not easy, but it’s one chock full of matchups that appear conducive to fantasy production. If you are able to land Wentz as your first quarterback, you may have the makings of one of the best QBBCs possible. Below are the top five Wentz QBBC members. 

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Tom Brady (QB12) 17.9
Daniel Jones (QB15) 17.7
Kirk Cousins (QB22) 17.7
Gardner Minshew (QB24) 17.6
Ryan Tannehill (QB17) 17.5

Matthew Stafford (DET): QB13
Matthew Stafford is currently the 13th quarterback off the board based on consensus ADP. He has one of the easiest schedules not only based on strength of opponents, but on strength of projected gamescript. Ranked with the eighth-easiest schedule based on our projections, Stafford is the ideal lead quarterback for a QBBC. He has a low enough ADP to allow fantasy managers to load up at other positions, and outside of Carson Wentz, some of his ideal QBBC members can be had multiple rounds later. An annual 5,000 passing yard threat, Stafford has the tools to get back to the level he was at before Golden Tate and Eric Ebron left the team. If you are willing to wait until Drew Brees and Tom Brady are off the board to draft your first quarterback, Matthew Stafford may be one of the ideal QBBC options. Below are the top five Stafford QBBC members.

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Carson Wentz (QB11) 17.5
Cam Newton (QB29) 17.2
Ryan Tannehill (QB17) 17.1
Kirk Cousins (QB22) 17.1
Jimmy Garoppolo (QB20) 16.9

Jared Goff (LAR): QB19
Willing to wait until the final rounds to dip into the quarterback waters? Jared Goff just may be an ideal target as the head of a QBBC. Currently going off the board as the 19th quarterback based on consensus ADP, Goff could very well have a bounce-back season. With only four truly tough matchups all season, a combination of gameflow and improvement on offense can help lead to Goff challenging for top-12 fantasy quarterback status by year’s end. Brandin Cooks is gone, but with Van Jefferson looking to step into three wide sets, and the talented Cam Akers ready to take over at running back, the arrow is pointing up for this offense. Cam Newton and Gardner Minshew project as Goff’s ideal QBBC partners, but don’t sleep on Denver’s Drew Lock, who could do some special things in bursts this season. Below are the top five Goff QBBC members. 

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Cam Newton (QB29) 17.5
Gardner Minshew (QB28) 17.1
Drew Lock (QB23) 17.0
Kirk Cousins (QB22) 16.9
Jimmy Garoppolo (QB20) 16.8

Daniel Jones (NYG): QB15
Daniel Jones flashed his game-changing fantasy upside last season, but he also showed off his low-end QB2 floor. The hope is that he can find more consistency as a sophomore if his receivers stay healthy. His ability to use his legs to pick up yardage adds to his fantasy appeal, and that can often turn a QB2 outing into a QB1 performance. The New York Giants did not give Jones any exciting new weapons to play with, but they did draft a franchise left tackle who should help transform the Giants’ offensive line from one with promise into a consistently good unit. As for Jones’ schedule, there are not many good matchups per se, but there are quite a few that project to have a gamescript that requires the Giants to throw the ball early and often. He is not someone to trust on a weekly basis, but that’s why he is currently going off the board as the 15th quarterback based on consensus ADP. His upside makes him an ideal QBBC member. According to our projections, Jared Goff and Cam Newton make for his best QB partners. Below are the top five Jones QBBC members. 

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Jared Goff (QB19) 17.2
Cam Newton (QB29) 16.9
Ben Roethlisberger (QB16) 16.8
Baker Mayfield (QB14) 16.7
Joe Burrow (QB18) 16.4

Ryan Tannehill (TEN): QB17
Despite a scorching close to the 2019 fantasy season, Ryan Tannehill is currently the 17th quarterback off the board based on consensus ADP. He has one of the toughest schedules in the league (the 28th-hardest), but he would make a strong QBBC member. While the Titans may not repeat their 2019 success, their schedule does offer a solid enough combination of easy matchups and projected shootouts that Tannehill can ride to fantasy relevance. He flashed his upside last season, but he’ll need to keep connecting with A.J. Brown to find consistency. If Corey Davis can also find his groove now that A.J. Brown will occupy a good portion of the opposing team’s number one corners, Tannehill can vastly outperform his draft position. Still, this is a quarterback on a run-heavy team with a tough schedule. This makes him a perfect candidate for a QBBC. Below are the top five Tannehill QBBC members.

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Cam Newton (QB29) 17.1
Jared Goff (QB19) 17.0
Ben Roethlisberger (QB16) 16.6
Baker Mayfield (QB14) 16.6
Teddy Bridgewater (QB26) 16.6

Baker Mayfield (CLE): QB14
Baker Mayfield looks like a true QBBC target. While he has one of the easier schedules of all quarterbacks (fourth-easiest schedule), there will no doubt be more than a few tough matchups that could make another option look more appealing. After the debacle that was the 2019 season, Baker Mayfield should bounce back in a big way. Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry both had offseason surgery, and they are expected to be healthy to start the season. David Njoku wound up on injured reserve last season, and he has been inconsistent even when on field. This led the Browns to sign Austin Hooper from the Atlanta Falcons to be their new starter at tight end. The Browns also have the good fortune of having two near-elite running backs on their roster, which should help to open things up for the passing game. Below are the top five Baker QBBC members.

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Cam Newton (QB29) 17.0
Gardner Minshew (QB28) 17.0
Kirk Cousins (QB21) 16.9
Daniel Jones (QB15) 16.7
Ryan Tannehill (QB17) 16.6

Kirk Cousins (MIN): QB21
Kirk Cousins will have to do some adjusting to life without Stefon Diggs, but he still has an exciting arsenal of weapons to work with. Adam Thielen remains to operate as the team’s top wideout, and the Vikings spent a first round pick on a talented slot receiver in Justin Jefferson. Minnesota will look to lean on the run, and they will now be without Diggs’ malcontent looming over the focus of the offense. Cousins will still have an opportunity to put up yardage, especially when gamescript dictates throwing the ball. He has a fantasy-friendly schedule, and he should be a top target for streamers and QBBC strategies. Below are the top five Cousins QBBC members. 

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Cam Newton (QB29) 16.9
Jared Goff (QB19) 16.9
Ryan Tannehill (QB17) 16.9
Daniel Jones (QB15) 16.4
Ben Roethlisberger (QB16) 16.3

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT): QB16
Ben Roethlisberger promises to produce at a QB1 level, but he’s available as the QB16 based on consensus ADP. Chase Claypool and Eric Ebron will provide major boosts to the passing game, giving Big Ben the deepest collection of weapons he has had since the days of Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, and Emmanuel Sanders. The running game also projects to be more consistent this season. James Conner should be healthy, and Benny Snell could make a sophomore leap with the added room having Roethlisberger under center will provide. Rookie running back Anthony McFarland also projects as a dynamic playmaker who will earn his way into the backfield equation. Pittsburgh does not have the toughest schedule, but there are at least a few matchups it would be best to avoid if employing a QBBC. Below are the top five Big Ben QBBC members.

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Jared Goff (QB19) 16.8
Daniel Jones (QB15) 16.8
Ryan Tannehill (QB17) 16.6
Baker Mayfield (QB14) 16.6
Cam Newton (QB29) 16.5

Joe Burrow (CIN): QB18
Apart from two or three matchups where Joe Mixon can truly take over, Joe Burrow is going to be forced to prove that he can succeed as a passer in the NFL. The Cincinnati Bengals’ defense is not very good, and that could lead to plenty of garbage time production for the exciting rookie. He has an insanely deep backfield led by the elite Joe Mixon to keep defenses honest, and he has a wide receiver group that includes A.J. Green, Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd, John Ross, and Auden Tate. Expectations may need to be tempered for such an exciting college prospect, but there is no denying his upside as a passer alone. Burrow can also use his legs to pick up yardage, and he should be able to climb from QB2 to QB1 in a number of weeks due to his rushing production. All of his top three QBBC members can be had multiple rounds later, giving fantasy managers the opportunity to round out their depth at other positions before spending a pick on a second quarterback. Below are the top five Burrow QBBC members.

QBBC Partner Projected FPPG
Cam Newton (QB29) 16.6
Ryan Tannehill (QB17) 16.5
Ben Roethlisberger (QB16) 16.5
Daniel Jones (QB15) 16.4
Jimmy Garoppolo (QB20) 16.3

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