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10 Awesome Fantasy Football Team Names For 2020

by Kyle Yates | @KyleYNFL | Featured Writer
Aug 4, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially turned the corner into fantasy football season! August is now here and everything appears to be “all systems go” for the NFL for week one. While there is a ton of mystery as to what’s going to happen after week one of the NFL season, we’re going to be playing fantasy football in some capacity this year.

Because of that, it’s time to start preparing (if you haven’t been already) and get ready for your drafts! If you have never checked out our Mock Draft Simulator, I highly recommend doing that to help you get ready to dominate your draft.

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For those who have played fantasy football before, you know that assembling your roster is only half the fun. There’s something about finding a team name that your league mates chuckle at that’s so rewarding and fulfilling. With that in mind, I’ve scoured the interwebs, I’ve reached out to my underground contacts, and I’ve interviewed thousands of random strangers on the street corner to find out what the most awesome fantasy football team names are for 2020.

Are you ready? Let’s check them out.

10) Joe Exotic

Did you get wrapped up in Tiger King on Netflix like every other person in the world during quarantine? If so, this team name might just be the one for you. Joe Burrow‘s entering the NFL and heading to the Cincinnati Bengals from the LSU Tigers. It’s almost too perfect to be true.

9) Judge Jeudy

Who doesn’t love the gifs of Judge Judy that you see plastered everywhere on social media? With Jerry Jeudy entering the NFL to the Denver Broncos, there are so many possible variations off of this team name. For now, we’ll stick with the simple, yet elegant, option.

8) Jake Fromm State Farm

Like a good neighbor, Jake Fromm is there! While Fromm is unlikely to have any relevance for fantasy football this season as potentially the third string QB in Buffalo, it’s difficult to pass up as awesome of a team name as this one.

7) My Name Is Alexander Mattison

If you’ve watched Hamilton and have been listening to the soundtrack as much as I have, this is the team name for you. The added benefit? You have amazing music to queue up for when it’s your pick.

6) Pretty Kittle Liars

This one doesn’t exactly fit the target audience, but I had never seen it before and it caused me to laugh. Respect.

5) The Kamara Adds 10 Pounds

We’ve all been trapped in our houses for the past few months and we haven’t been going to the gym. We’re revisiting the “Freshman 15” from our college days and we might not be in our exact peak physical condition. This team name is a way to explain your recent transformation…

4) Fresh Prince of Helaire

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is now catapulting into the top-10 of everyone’s RB rankings and it’s easy to see why…it’s time to capitalize on the hype and secure this team name in your league before someone else does.

3) Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt

Try to read this team name and not get that song stuck in your head…I dare you.

2) Pandemic! At The Disco

Here’s a tribute to the chaos that we’ve all endured over the past several months. Whether you like the band or not, this team name is relevant as hell and will surely have your league mates all doing a slow clap in appreciation.

1) DakTales

If you’re a 80’s/90’s kid, you most likely watched DuckTales at some point during your childhood. How can you not love that theme music?! If you get Dak Prescott on your roster this year, it’s hard to go wrong with this tribute to your youth. And again, you have the added benefit of amazing walk up music every time you make your pick.


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Kyle Yates is a featured writer at FantasyPros. For more from Kyle, check out his archive and follow him @KyleYNFL.

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