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Welcome to OwnersBox

by Raju Byfield | @FantasyContext | Featured Writer
Aug 27, 2020

Welcome to OwnersBox. OwnersBox provides a unique fantasy sports experience that offers contests that run for a full week or more. This can lead to some interesting strategy sessions, as you are often no longer planning for just one game. Engaging and entertaining, Weekly Fantasy Sports could very well become the next big thing in fantasy football.

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What is WFS?

WFS stands for Weekly Fantasy Sports. While most are more familiar with season long or DFS, weekly contests offer a unique twist. The contests can run from one to four weeks. This means that strategizing for multiple matchups becomes a priority. OwnersBox offers contests for NFL and MLB, as well as for the NBA and the NHL (during the regular season). In order to roster players, you will participate in a live draft, and thus will not be restricted by a salary cap. Be sure to take advantage of our promotional offer — $100 Free OwnersBucks, in-game virtual currency that can be used to enter contests or converted into real money — when signing up, but also remember that you can test out the platform before entering your first real cash contest.

Lineup swaps

At OwnersBox, players are given one of three designations in regards to their health or availability. A green icon beside the players name denotes the player is healthy. A yellow icon denotes that the player is on the injury report. Finally, a red icon denotes that a player is injured or otherwise unavailable. There are two types of lineup swaps: injury swaps and regular swaps. 

Injury swaps
At OwnersBox you are joining contests that can span a week or more depending on the number of participants. This means being able to manage your lineup becomes critical. This is especially true in the event of an injury or a positive test (for NFL and MLB). Once a player has been confirmed to fall in either of these categories, OwnersBox allows you to swap these players out of your lineup for a player available on the waiver wire. You are allowed an unlimited amount of swaps if your player is labeled as injured, or with a COVID designation. If your player is not designated with a red icon confirming that player has been ruled out, then he will fall under the regular swap umbrella.  

Regular swaps
Users can still swap players out for someone on waiver wires if they are not injured. However, unlike with injured players with a red icon, players with a green or yellow icon can only be swapped out twice per contest. This is important to note for contests that span over a week, or when playing MLB or NFL contests and deciding to stream. There is a games played cap, so the swap ability will not fully devolve into a streaming contest or  ‘swap meet’ the likes of which we commonly see in NBA and MLB season long leagues once the playoffs hit. 

Games played cap
There is a games played cap so streaming does not become part of the way to compete at OwnersBox. For the NFL it is simple, one game per week, per slotted position. For the NBA, you are allowed a maximum of three games per week, per slotted position. So if you draft two power forwards, you are allowed a maximum of six games played since you have two power forward slots. 

Draft based on week-long schedule
One of the more unique parts of WFS is that it forces you to account for every game scheduled within the contests window. Some of the contests I have joined are set to run for a week (two-player contests). However, as mentioned above, larger contests (ones with 4-16 players) can span 2-4 weeks. This means that evaluating and projecting multiple matchups is a necessary part of your research.

Draft starts when full
One thing to keep in mind when joining OwnersBox contests is that like some other platforms, the drafts start just minutes after being filled. This necessitates making yourself available as long as you have an active entry in a contest. Luckily, OwnersBox allows you to pull your entry without penalty, something that is key for those who no will not be available to wait until the contest in question is full. This is important to keep in mind, as the draft will go on without you, and your team will be auto-picked. This is something that can lead to undesirable results, and a punt of a portion of your deposited balance. 

One of the interesting things that OwnersBox has created for its users is the social community aspect. They have a built in messaging platform that allows users to interact with other users (after friend request is accepted), and also to create groups. The group function is one of the key ways the community will be built at OwnersBox, as the owner and admins of the group can start contests just for the group members to participate in. The group function also allows users to compete against each other in a standings format. Instead of creating private contests, those in the group can compare performance in contests as tracked in group standings. 

Final Thoughts

Weekly fantasy sports obviously sounded a little foreign to me when I first heard about them, but upon testing out the platform I was thoroughly impressed. I have participated in drafts for all four sports, and found myself remaining engaged throughout the week as I tinkered with lineups for the three active sports. The new layer of strategy required when joining 4-16 player contests is refreshing, as you are now planning for up to four contests rather than just a single game. And perhaps my favorite part of all is that they use individual defensive players (IDP) instead of the antiquated Team D/ST many DFS providers have opted to use. It’s definitely worthy trying out. Sign up for OwnersBox here.

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Raju Byfield is a featured writer for FantasyPros. For more from Raju, check out his archive and follow him @FantasyContext.

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