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FanDuel DFS NBA Strategy Advice: Heat at Lakers (10/2)

Oct 2, 2020

Jae Crowder is arguably the most consistent player across the DFS landscape

Welcome to Game 2 of the NBA Finals! The Miami Heat are trailing in this series to the Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 1-0, with game 2 tipping off tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST. Implied betting totals have the Lakers as the large favorite in tonight’s contest. Ensure you’re up-to-date with injury statuses and lineup news.

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LeBron James (LAL): $15,500
Game 1 of the NBA Finals went well for the Washed King as he totaled a double-double and was one assist away from a triple-double, in addition to securing the win. LeBron is as safe of a bet as it gets at this stage in the game, especially with how motivated and determined he looks to secure another ring. Expect Bron to be a chalky option tonight, but a worthwhile one.

Anthony Davis (LAL): $14,500
AD is always a big risk with his injury history, but don’t forget, he is also one of the most dominant players in the league, and Game 1 helped display that as the big man totaled 60.3 FanDuel points in that contest. Davis looked virtually unstoppable, totaling 34 real-life points, in addition to scooping up three blocks on the defensive end. AD is likely going to be a chalky option at the MVP/Star spots on tonight’s slate, but with good reason — he’s unreal and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

Jimmy Butler (MIA): $14,000
Butler appeared to have rolled his ankle in the first game, but it doesn’t sound like it’ll affect his status tonight as the star in Miami is anticipating a big contest with his team down in this series. Butler hasn’t really dominated in the last two series, dating all the way back to the middle of the Milwaukee Bucks series. The 3-and-D master has topped 40-plus FanDuel points only twice in the last nine games. Be wary of Butler’s performances moving forward, but at some point, he’ll need to put the team on his back if the Heat stands any chance of winning this series.

Bam Adebayo (MIA): $13,500
Adebayo had a truly brutal contest in the last game as he totaled only 12.8 FanDuel points in 21 minutes of playing time, but don’t expect a repeat performance tonight. Adebayo may or may not prove worthy of reaching value or more, but he absolutely needs to put together a much stronger contest tonight if the Heat have any hope of winning. Expect Adebayo to bounce back. He is an interesting contrarian option on this slate and could prove to contain tournament-winning upside.


Tyler Herro (MIA): $11,000
There may not be a more fun story than the sharpshooting rookie. Herro totaled 21.3 FanDuel points in the last contest in 30 minutes of playing time. While Herro didn’t put together a splash performance, he could heat up moving forward (no pun intended). The rookie has a genuine ability to score at will in addition to being able to dish out assists at free-will. It could take a few games, but the rookie is certainly one of the pivotal players in this series.

Rajon Rondo (LAL): $10,000
Rondo has struggled in the last two contests, totaling 16.6 and 15.6 FanDuel points. Prior to those two games, though, Rondo totaled 28.4 and 26.5 FanDuel points. While Rondo has some upside, he hasn’t been a very consistent option, but that also creates some intrigue as it’s sure to bring his ownership percentages down. Expect Rondo to get a fair amount of run tonight.

Jae Crowder (MIA): $9,500
While Rondo hasn’t been consistent, Crowder has — the vet is arguably the most consistent player across the DFS landscape, and that’s continued as of late. Crowder has topped 20-plus FanDuel points in his last three, with his worst performance coming in his last game at 20.4 FanDuel points. While Crowder scored only 12 real-life points and hardly chipped in any ancillary stats, there is upside there as he routinely scores in the 25-30 point range.

Duncan Robinson (MIA): $9,000
Robinson doesn’t offer a ton of ability when it comes to scooping ancillary stats, but the guy has an innate ability to shoot from 3-point land and has scored 20 and 15 real-life points in two of his last three games. He didn’t even score in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and it led to a brutal 4.8-point performance. Expect some positive shooting regression in this contest.

Danny Green (LAL): $9,000
Unsurprisingly, Green put together a great performance in the first game of the NBA Finals with his 30.3-point performance. Green totaled five steals and blocks in that contest. While that performance likely isn’t repeatable, Green could always light a team up from 3-point land and has the defensive ability to chip in some points.

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