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Dan Harris’s Draft Cheat Sheet (2021 Fantasy Baseball)

by Dan Harris | @danharris80 | Featured Writer
Mar 27, 2021

We’ve talked a ton about fantasy baseball this draft prep season. Podcast episodes galore, rankings articles that are constantly updated, and strategy guides to help you through any and all formats.

But, sometimes, you just need the CliffsNotes version, especially when you get close to draft time. And so that’s what I’ll create here: my last-minute cheat sheet for all your draft day needs.

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My Favorite Targets by Position

My Favorite Targets by Round

Players I’m Avoiding Near ADP

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  • As a general matter, focus on starting pitching early. As a rule of thumb, shoot for two in the first four rounds and three in the first six. It dries up quickly.
  • Have a list of targets for the end of your draft that you’re always aware of. Myles Straw for speed. Hunter Renfroe for power. Just have it written out somewhere so you never forget.
  • Practice your mock drafts with the FantasyPros’ Draft Wizard. Not only can you complete an entire mock draft in minutes, but you can now customize them to the nth degree, such as if you know someone in your league always drafts Yankees or never drafts a closer until late, you can give one of the drafters those characteristics.
  • Create your own cheat sheet of rankings, either by combining select experts from our expert consensus ranking or using your own. Then connect your league to the FantasyPros Draft Assistant so you can draft with your own custom rankings, along with expert suggestions.
  • Understand your league settings. If it’s a points league, how many points do you get for an inning pitched, and how many are deducted for a strikeout? What are the position eligibility requirements? Sounds silly, but it’s an easy one to miss when you have a million drafts.
  • Depth is more important than ever, so don’t feel the need to shoot the moon with your late-round picks. Make sure you can plug holes when necessary.
  • Don’t chase speed too much. Steals have been declining for several years in a row. When looking at your historical standings, make sure you lower your goal number of stolen bases.
  • Be patient in salary cap drafts. If prices are incredibly high, wait it out. You can build a winner without rostering a player for the first 25 picks pretty easily.
  • Don’t chase saves. Getting one locked-in closer is probably a good idea, but other than that, just wait it out and scoop up some cheap saves with some of your last picks. There will be a million closers available on the waiver wire.

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Dan Harris is the Editor-in-Chief of FantasyPros. For more from Dan, check out his archive or follow him on Twitter at @danharris80.