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Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Superflex PPR (2021 Fantasy Football)

by Joshua Lefkowitz | @JLefkoNFL | Featured Writer
Apr 1, 2021

I am happy to be follow up my first Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft with another installment, this one focusing on Superflex. For those unfamiliar with Superflex leagues, the format allows managers to start a WR, RB, TE, or QB as a Superflex option. For the most part, the ideal strategy for optimal roster construction is to use the slot to start a quarterback.

Superflex rookie drafts can be a whirlwind experience. For those who play in primarily 1QB leagues, players who usually are drafted in the top-five often go in the back half of the first round. That’s because of the value and scarcity of potential starting quarterbacks in a rookie draft.

If you have strong convictions on a certain player, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger. Often, the rookie draft is the cheapest you will be able to acquire a prospect.

Using FantasyPro’s Mock Draft Simulator to conduct my mock draft, I once again randomized my draft selection and landed the second pick.

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Let’s dive into the results:

1.02: Justin Fields (QB – Ohio State)
Justin Fields is my QB2 in this rookie class, no matter where he lands. The notion of San Francisco trading up to the third spot to potentially grab him, a perfect fit for Kyle Shanahan’s system, has me even more excited. Even if the Niners don’t take Fields, he will end up in a situation where he can jumpstart the offense and enhance the talent around him. He torched the highest level of competition in college and was an electric passer with insane mobility.

His Konami-code upside gives him even more of an edge in fantasy football. Fields was one of the highest-rated recruits coming out of college, and he proved his skillset through his years as a Buckeye.

Fields might not be the second quarterback taken in the draft. There’s a chance that he’ll be the fourth or fifth quarterback taken this year, which would be a massive mistake. Fields is currently being massively overlooked by many in the industry, which will come back to haunt them when he emerges as a fantasy rock star.

2.02: Mac Jones (QB – Alabama)
I doubt that Mac Jones will be available this late after the NFL draft, but in this mock, I’ll roll with it. Getting another signal-caller like Jones at this stage of the draft feels like a huge win. There is a lot of criticism surrounding him, but I’m not buying it. He played with great talent during his collegiate days, but he also shined when it was his time in the spotlight.

There are rumors that the 49ers are considering Jones at third overall. Regardless of whether this has legs, Jones can play at the next level and ball out in the processes. If Jones gets taken in the back end of the first round, where he is often mocked, he could land in a better spot. That’s because the teams picking early usually don’t have as talented of a supporting cast.

However, I don’t expect Jones to escape the top-10 picks. He is as NFL-ready as any quarterback in this draft, and he will look to prove his doubters wrong. The only downside is his lack of rushing upside, but he could certainly make up for that in other areas of his game.

3.02: Elijah Moore (WR – Ole Miss)
Elijah Moore is a playmaker, plain and simple. His explosiveness and elusiveness are eye-popping when you review game footage. What he lacks in traditional size, he makes for with dynamic playmaking ability.

Moore’s stock has been on the incline, and after his electrifying Pro Day, it appears more likely than not that he’ll go in the first round. If that is the case, getting Moore in the third here is an absolute steal — and it’ll be hard to replicate in rookie drafts after the 2021 NFL Draft. His value will only increase as we inch closer to training camp and the regular season.

A good number of teams in the mid-to-late first round need a weapon like Moore in their offense. Tennessee’s A.J. Brown had been pushing for the Titans to take his former Rebel teammate on Twitter, and the team owns the 22nd pick. That would make for an extremely entertaining pairing.

Expect Moore’s draft stock to continue to rise, and don’t be surprised when his name is called during the first round in April.

4.02: Seth Williams (WR – Auburn)
Getting Seth Williams in the fourth round should indicate how deep this draft class is at wide receiver. Williams profiles as a prototypical big-body receiver that can line up in the X, take the top off a defense through his physical traits, and dominate.

He should get taken in Day 2, which could elevate him up rookie draft boards following the NFL Draft. His size and physicality are traits that NFL teams love in rookie receiver prospects, which could help Williams hear his name called sooner than expected during the draft. Williams should see success early and often in the NFL, with teams employing him in the Red Zone and in jump ball situations where he can demonstrate his vastly dynamic arrange of skills.



It is easy to look at your roster and the board during the rookie draft and want to make selections based on roster needs. However, drafting for need will often leave managers reaching to fill holes. Rather, draft the player you believe to best the best one available. It doesn’t matter if you have four running backs who are all RB1s on your roster and the best player available is a running back. More often than not, that player will hold more value than the player you think you need because your roster isn’t as deep somewhere else.

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Joshua Lefkowitz is a featured writer at FantasyPros. For more from Joshua, check out his archive and follow him on Twitter @JLefkoNFL.

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