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The Ultimate Dynasty Guide: June Edition (2021 Fantasy Football)

by Kyle Yates | @KyleYNFL | Featured Writer
Jun 11, 2021

Not even three months ago, I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait for summer and how warm it would be compared to the bone-chilling cold I had just been enduring for months here in Michigan. And now I completely wish that I could’ve cherished the few weeks where it was in the low-70’s and we could spend all day outside.

For those who are unfamiliar with the weather in the Midwest, it’s now the hot and humid portion of the summer. You can walk outside and feel like you are unable to breathe because of how thick the air is surrounding you. It’s simply too hot for me where I have to go back inside almost immediately to find the A/C.

Speaking of hot, I’ve got the latest Ultimate Dynasty Guide right here for you to read! What do you mean that was a terrible segue? Do I at least get points for trying? Fine.

In all seriousness, you’ll find a ton of valuable information here gathered from all across the “interwebs” to help you assemble the best Dynasty roster you can. Everything from the latest news and its Dynasty impact to a Readers Mailbag!

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Let’s build a Dynasty, shall we?

The Dynasty Beat

(All news items were gathered and reported on by the amazing News Desk team here at FantasyPros!)

Todd Gurley (RB – FA)

Gurley is now visiting the Ravens, according to Ian Rapoport.

Reaction: Gurley’s also visited the Detroit Lions recently and he has yet to sign anywhere. At this point of his career – as sad as it is – Gurley is merely just a depth piece for a NFL roster. If he does sign with Baltimore, it should not alter our long-term view of JK Dobbins and/or Gus Edwards in any way.

Elijah Moore (WR – New York Jets)

Moore is impressing at Jets OTAs, courtesy of Connor Hughes of The Athletic.

Reaction: Moore’s one of the more reliable receivers I scouted coming out last year and he should have fantasy value as soon as he steps onto the field. Unfortunately, Jamison Crowder is still on this depth chart for the time being, which means that we’ll need to wait until Crowder is removed from the situation before we get overly excited about Moore. However, this news is still promising for his long-term outlook.

Tevin Coleman (RB – New York Jets)

Coleman is rumored to have an early edge in the Jets’ backfield, per Rich Cimini.

Reaction: This is to be expected, honestly. The 49ers brought in Coleman to have a veteran presence on this roster that understood the playbook inside and out. Coleman’s injury history though is what could have SF turning to their young rookie RB sooner than later. Michael Carter‘s an excellent fit for this scheme and he has the talent to capitalize on his opportunity for fantasy football. If people are worried about Coleman and how it effects Carter from a Dynasty perspective, they really haven’t been paying much attention to the NFL recently.

Gus Edwards (RB – Baltimore Ravens)

Edwards has signed a two-year extension with the Ravens.

Reaction: This is great news for a completely undervalued Dynasty asset right now. Edwards should be heavily involved in this offense again this season and he has the talent to make his touches count. He’s one of my favorite targets in Dynasty leagues right now due to his upside if something were to happen to Dobbins and he now has the security from the team to go along with it.

Cam Newton (QB – New England Patriots)

Newton suffered a slight bone bruise in his hand during OTAs due to hitting his right hand on a helmet.

Reaction: Newton sounds like he’ll be ready to go for training camp after this slight injury and he’s currently one of the most undervalued options in all of fantasy football right now. Newton may not start the entire season in New England, but he’s absolutely going to be on the fantasy football streaming radar when he is in at QB. He has a revamped receiving corps now and he’ll have an entire full off-season in this system. Newton’s one of my favorite Buy Low candidates right now in Superflex leagues.

5 Players To Target

(All trade values were results of polls on Twitter)

Henry Ruggs (WR – Las Vegas Raiders)

Ruggs’ rookie campaign wasn’t exactly what people were hoping for when they drafted him with a very early pick in their rookie drafts. Unfortunately, Ruggs was not utilized to his fullest potential in this offense and he was used primarily as a deep threat to open things up for other players underneath. With the addition of John Brown to this offense to be that deep threat, I’m fully expecting Jon Gruden to move Ruggs back into the slot primarily to be the RAC threat that he is meant to be. It’s putting your faith in Gruden, which is a scary place to be most weeks, but the discount on Ruggs right now is too much to not at least add him to your roster and see what comes of it. For a 2022 2nd, you’re getting an incredibly more talented receiver than you will at that spot next draft season.

Expected Cost: 2022 2nd-round draft pick.

Darrell Henderson (RB – Los Angeles Rams)

There’s potentially no greater upside acquisition in Dynasty leagues this off-season than Henderson. With essentially just Cam Akers and him on this depth chart, Henderson should not only see enough work himself to be a viable FLEX option each week, but he comes with unspeakable upside if Akers were to miss time again with an injury. Having Henderson as the 4th or 5th RB on your roster is an outstanding strategy that could pay off with a fantasy title.

Expected Cost: 2022 2nd-round draft pick.

Ezekiel Elliott (RB – Dallas Cowboys)

You’re absolutely going to have to pay up to acquire Zeke, but I still believe that he’s a value in Dynasty right now. When Dak was healthy and this offense was cooking, Zeke was the RB3 in all of fantasy football. However, once Dak left the lineup last season, Zeke’s production fell off a cliff and he’s left a bitter taste in fantasy managers’ mouths. The expected cost listed below is still pretty steep, but you’re getting one of the few remaining workhorse RBs in the NFL with this trade. Additionally, there are some managers in your leagues – as evidenced by the poll – that may be willing to part with him for a single 1st-round pick. I’m making that trade 10 times out of 10.

Expected Cost: Two 2022 1st-round draft picks.

Cam Newton (QB – New England Patriots)

As I mentioned above, I’m all in in trying to acquire Newton in my SF leagues right now. The general public could not be more down on Newton and his 2021 outlook, which means that he’s a value based on where his production can be when he’s on the field. Even if you only get Newton through the New England bye week, that’s still 13 weeks this season of borderline QB1 performances based on his rushing upside and involvement in the Red Zone. Additionally, what happens if we see Newton bounce back and actually thrive because he’s had a full off-season in this system and the new offensive weapons are a huge help? You’re only sacrificing a 2022 2nd-round pick in a SF league for a QB and there are plenty of fantasy managers – based on the poll – that would be willing to move him for a 2022 4th. I mean…come on.

Expected Cost: 2022 2nd-round Superflex draft pick.

Tyler Higbee (TE – Los Angeles Rams)

Higbee’s shown that he can be very fantasy relevant before when he’s the clear TE option in this offense. The issue has been that when Gerald Everett is healthy and on the active roster, they simply cancel each other out from a fantasy perspective. Now, Everett’s gone and this offense is set to explode underneath Matthew Stafford. Based on his size, Higbee could become Stafford’s main option in the Red Zone and Higbee’s production this season could shoot through the roof. Not many people are thinking about Higbee’s potential in this offense that’s going to be a lot better in 2021, which means that it’s the perfect time to swoop in and try to acquire the talented receiving option on the cheap.

Expected Cost: 2022 3rd-round draft pick.

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Dynasty Mailbag

Q1. Hey Yates, I’ve got 3 eagles on my dynasty team. (Jalen Hurts/Miles Sanders/Dallas Goedert). Was offered Mike Williams and the 3.05 in this upcoming rookie draft for Goedert. I like Goedert a lot, but don’t like having this many players from 1 team. Also have Jonnu Smith as my other TE. Thank you.
– @WillMar56988531

While I’m not particularly crazy about having that many Eagles players on my Dynasty roster, I wouldn’t make that move just for the sake of getting rid of multiple options on one team. If someone comes with a fair offer for Goedert – which this is not – than I’ll definitely consider it. However, I won’t move off of a talented player for less value just because I have multiple options on the same NFL roster. Williams might not be in LA after this season and the 3.05 is an absolute dart throw of a pick. I’d need more to move off of someone who could be a top-5 TE if the Eagles move Zach Ertz.

Q2. Love your content! Can you talk a little bit about balancing value vs production in a startup? Players like Davante Adams who should be great for a few years but will have shrinking trade value are tough to rank!
– @sujoybanerj

Fantastic question. And you answered your question a bit when you said “who should be great for a few years”. That’s all I need to hear! One of the mistakes new Dynasty players make is thinking that they’re going to have this same exact team for the next decade. First off, there’s no guarantee that this league will even be going still in five years, so don’t overthink things. Additionally, so much changes in fantasy football year to year. This is why we recommend that you think about your team in two to three year windows. If Adams is going to be great for the next three years, then don’t overthink it. Draft him, chase after a Dynasty championship, and then figure the rest out down the road.

Q3. What is your favorite Fantasy Football league setup?? .5 PPR, full PPR?? 3 WR?? SUPERFLEX?? IDP??
– @BrentNewbill

First off, I’m always a Half PPR advocate. I’ve played in Standard leagues and I’ve played in Full PPR formats, but Half PPR is the best of both worlds and the most balanced. Additionally, I was always all for 1QB formats, but I joined a couple of Superflex leagues a couple of years back and it’s now essentially all that I play. It places such an emphasis back on the QB position, which makes Dynasty even that much closer to being a NFL GM. Fun fact: I’ve never played in an IDP league.

Q4. Is Watson a sell or hold? Especially for a contender. If he plays it will be great but if he doesn’t it could mean starting Daniel Jones all year.
– @jacquilleOhill

Can I be honest with you right now? I legitimately don’t know what to do with Deshaun Watson right now. And I think that every other analyst in the space would tell you the exact same thing. This is such a weird situation with his pre-existing trade request combined with the off-field issues. There’s a possibility that Watson gets cleared, he gets traded to a solid organization, and he’s a top-5 QB yet again in 2021. There’s also an equally strong possibility that Watson’s found guilty, faces discipline from the league, and has to sit out all of this upcoming season. I’d love to be able to provide people with an “insider’s edge” and tell everyone with certainty what’s going to happen, but the truth is that I can’t do that. I wish I could, but we’re all in the same boat right now of simply having to wait and see how this all plays out. Until then, I’m not selling him or trading for him.

Q5. What round 2022 draft pick would you give up for Jerry Jeudy in a Dynasty Leagues – PPR thanks!
– @SoDakFantasyGuy

Jeudy’s such an interesting Dynasty asset heading into 2021. He put up terrible statistics last season, but the QB play certainly wasn’t a help to him. He’s still one of the most talented route-runners in the NFL, but the offense he’s in is so crowded that it’s going to be interesting to see how much of a target share he can command. I’m still willing to buy into the talent though and I’d be inclined to send away a late 1st to go get him. The benefit here is that you don’t have to send away that capital, in my opinion. I think you can get him for a 2022 2nd.

Q6. What’s the main difference between redraft and dynasty for ranking WR vs RB? What’s a good way to change your perspective on these positions going from redraft to dynasty?
– @fradulentsmash

This is a great question! The main difference for how to view players from a Dynasty perspective is trying to forecast a year or two out. With a player that you have as a cornerstone of your Dynasty roster, it’s important to try and look ahead and see if you can identify if their situation is about to drastically change or not. As far as the specific view of valuing RB vs WR, I tend to always place more of an emphasis on RB due to how few workhorse options there are and the need for depth at that position on my roster. Breakout WRs happen all over the place, which makes it easier to wait on the position in your startup draft, etc.

Q7. You pick at the 1.1 in rookie draft who do you take Chase, Harris, Or Pitts 1 QB PPR?
– @LinhartTravis

While there is some excitement now with Pitts, it’s still impossible for me to take him over one of Harris or Chase. 9 times out of 10, I’m going with the RB prospect.

Q8. How do you approach the taxi squad position?
– @DirtyFantasyNFL

For leagues that do deploy a taxi squad, this is 100% the place to throw darts. Different leagues have different settings for the taxi squad, so you might be limited already in you can bring on, but this is the spot where you’re taking the players that signed as UDFA’s after the NFL Draft and you’re simply hoping they can work their way onto the starting roster. If they start to play well, then you can move them up to your active roster. If they don’t make an impact right away, they’re not hurting your roster at all by just simply sitting there on your taxi squad.

Q9. What are some sound dynasty draft/management tips?
– @FantasyShakes

We actually just did a Wisdom Wednesday segment on the FantasyPros Football Podcast that talks through this exact question! I definitely recommend that you check it out hereAnd make sure to subscribe to the YT channel if you’re not already!

Kyle Yates’ Updated Dynasty Rankings



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