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Dynasty Roster Renovation: Responding to Week 1 (2021 Fantasy Football)

Sep 15, 2021

Welcome to the Dynasty Roster Renovation! This series will focus on what to do if your dynasty team is in disarray. Whether it’s a big problem or a little one, I hope to provide a few options to get your brain thinking. None of these are the only options. These are just intended to get your brain thinking of ideas. Ultimately how you manage your team is up to you, these are just some ideas you might find useful depending on the state of your team each week.

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If You Lost Week 1 In A Major Blowout
If your team lost in a major way in Week 1 then now might be the time to look into a rebuild. Some people prefer the term retool because it sounds less impactful, but it’s the same idea. If your team lost badly in Week 1 or suffered some injuries that you don’t think you can recover from, it might be time to think about tearing it down if you haven’t thought about it already.

For starters, “rebuilding” doesn’t necessarily mean you need to trade everyone away for picks or anything. To me, rebuilding means you’re turning your focus to next year more than this year. You should be looking to add players that are high in trade value rather than production value. The best way to turn your team around is to insulate whatever value you can for next year.

Young injured players are perfect for this kind of thing. Players like Curtis Samuel (WR – WAS) or Jerry Jeudy (WR – DEN) are players I would target first. These are potentially starting-caliber players that have taken a hit in production value for this year. Take a look at the other rosters in your league and see if you can find some guys that those managers might want to get rid of for players who will produce more this year.

If You Lost In A Close Matchup
This is the toughest one, especially after a single week. Obviously not every team that loses needs to start over. If your team missed the mark by a few points, don’t fret. The season is far from over, and you might only be one of two pieces away from turning the ship around.

If you’re agonizing over a close loss, the first thing to do is to be honest with yourself. Did you lose to the best team in the league or one of the worst? Did you lose on a freak play on Monday night or were you behind all week and just couldn’t catch up?

Ultimately, this one comes down to you and how you think your league will perform from here. If you feel like you still have a chance then hit the waivers and see if you can make some small trades to bolster your bench. Players can go from nobodies to heroes really fast in fantasy, so don’t be afraid to churn the bottom of your roster for upside players.

Guys like Elijah Mitchell (RB – SF) and Kenneth Gainwell (RB – PHI) come to mind. These players may be rostered already, but depending on the other manager’s outlook they could be seen as sell-high candidates that could really help your team win in the coming weeks as injuries and byes start to pile up.

If You Won, But You Shouldn’t Have
In dynasty, the best part about losing is knowing that you have next year’s draft to look forward to. The worse your team does, the better your pick is in the upcoming rookie draft. But if your team stinks and you manage to win, that’s not ideal.

Again you have to be honest with yourself. Did you win or did the other team just have a bad week? If you started a bad lineup and got lucky with the win, you might want to start trading away anyone who performed well for you to avoid that happening again.

Players like Van Jefferson (WR – LAR) or Christian Kirk (WR – ARI) come to mind. These are players that had terrific Week 1 performances that no one saw coming. You might be able to move one of these players for someone younger or for picks to help your team long-term.

If You Crushed Your Opponent In Week 1
If your team won in a blowout then congrats! Your team is likely what we call a contender and should be looking for ways to add depth to your bench whenever possible. It’s a good place to be, but don’t get complacent. There are always ways to make your team stronger.

One way to do this is to look for smaller trades for players who underperformed this week. Maybe you can figure out a trade for Aaron Rodgers (QB – GB) or Aaron Jones (RB – GB), both of whom struggled mightily in Week 1 against the Saints. These are both players who should be fine eventually but who you might be able to trade for at a discount right now if their current manager is panicking.

Feel out the other managers in your league and see what they might be willing to part with for your younger players who aren’t ready to produce yet. You could also try to target trades where you consolidate your players but trading two players for one better one.

Ultimately the best plan each week is to evaluate your team and make decisions that make you better, either this year or beyond. Hit me up on Twitter @AndrewHallFF with any questions you may have, and stay with FantasyPros all season long to help you out!

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