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Dynasty Roster Renovation: Week 2 Adjustments (2021 Fantasy Football)

Sep 21, 2021

Week 2 of the dynasty roster renovation is here! Let’s see how your team performed and provide some advice to help you make a move for the title this year or plan for a future victory. There’s no wrong way to play this game, but sitting still is usually not ideal, so let’s get into it.

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If you’re still winless

Don’t worry too much yet if you left Week 2 and are still waiting for your first win. Most leagues play 14 games in the regular season, so being 0-2 isn’t the end of the world. You still have time to get to the title game, if that’s the goal.

However, if you’re in a rebuild, going 0-2 is ideal as long as you have your own first-round rookie pick next year. Being a “productive struggle” team can feel counterproductive, but it’s often the best way to play in dynasty. Finishing in the middle is the worst way to be.

On the other hand, if your team is built to win now, and your players just can’t get it going, take a deep breath. Look at your team and see if there’s something you can do to add some points to your lineup. The best way to quickly fix your roster is with a trade. And if that fails, trade again. Just. Keep. Trading. Eventually, it works out.

Players I’m targeting in leagues where I’m 0-2 are underperforming receivers like Brandon Aiyuk (WR – SF) and Laviska Shenault (WR – JAX). Aiyuk has stunk this year so far, and his price might be dirt cheap in some leagues. Similarly, Shenault might also be more affordable due to his terrible start to the year. Look to get rid of older running backs and depth pieces in exchange for these younger WRs who should rebound eventually.

If you’re 1-1… but just barely

If you squeaked out a win this week and didn’t really deserve it, perhaps you can look at moving some of your players that are overperforming and look at turning into a rebuild. It’s not always an easy decision, but sometimes it can be the right one, even this early.

Like I mentioned last week, being honest is critical. If you honestly think your league is stacked and you just got lucky in Week 2, turning it around now might be easier than waiting till more teams are out of the hunt. If you don’t have your own first-round pick or feel like you have an outside chance, then maybe you go the other direction.

Ultimately, being 1-1 doesn’t doom you to one option or the other on its own. If you’re not sure either, then perhaps you can look for guys like Tim Patrick (WR – DEN) or Tony Pollard (RB – DAL), who could be relatively cheap and still go up in value as the season goes along. Neither are ideal dynasty assets for the long term, but you can trade them to someone else later on as their value goes up. This gives you a chance to get some quick profit if your team does not have a chance at the title.

If you’re undefeated

Being undefeated always feels great, even if you’re only 2-0. It’s very likely that you got lucky and didn’t deserve it, but when you’re 2-0, you have to consider at least contending for the title this year, even if your team doesn’t look ready.

This is when you look to move your injured or high-upside assets for more secure points scorers. If you have Travis Etienne (RB – JAX) or J.K. Dobbins (RB – BAL) on your IR, maybe you look to move them for someone performing now. See if there’s someone on your bench that you’re holding on to that might not be worth it this year. Send project players to rebuilding teams for win-now pieces.

Targets for this category might be Brandin Cooks (WR – HOU) and Marvin Jones Jr. (WR – JAX), both top-20 WRs through two weeks. If they’re on rosters with no chance of winning this year, perhaps a young WR or a future 2nd might get a deal done to help you solidify your bench.

No matter what, if you’re 2-0, don’t just sit idly by and expect your team to dominate without making moves. Start feeling out your league-mates to see who’s looking to change things up. Start looking for trade partners and ask in group chats if anyone’s sick of their team. Maybe you can find a willing partner who wants to make something happen this week.

Other Dynasty WR Trade Targets

Other than those players I mentioned above, if you’re looking for points, I’d look for Marquise Brown (WR – BAL) in your league. He might be on a roster that’s enjoying the recent bump in value but wants to get out. Maybe you can get a deal done to help your bench without paying through the nose.

Another WR I like for dynasty is Jaylen Waddle (WR – MIA). Unlike Brown, Waddle had a down week compared to his above-average Week 1 output. Waddle’s a rookie, so he won’t be cheap, but I seriously think he’s got a great future ahead of him and wouldn’t mind overpaying slightly to add him to my roster now. It could be the cheapest he’ll be all year.

Last but not least is Vikings WR K.J. Osborn (WR – MIN). He came out of nowhere, but he might be the real deal. Adam Thielen (WR – MIN) isn’t getting younger, and with Irv Smith Jr. (TE – MIN) on the bench this year, it seems like Osborn is getting the bulk of the boost. He was likely a waiver add, so he shouldn’t be too expensive, but he could help your team, both now and in the future.

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