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Running Diary: Week 3 (2021 Fantasy Football)

Sep 27, 2021
Justin Fields

(The Fantasy Football Running Diary is an ongoing series by Tim Metzler, in which Tim shares and records what is happening in the NFL every Sunday. It may also include updates on his personal life.)

Welcome to my Running Diary for Week 3. We’re looking at just the games played on Sunday, September 26. Paying attention to everything that’s happening in the NFL is tough. You’re busy. Don’t sweat it. You keep doing you, and let me do the work for you. Here we go!

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12:05 (CST) – We’re back at it again! The thunder of kickoffs is a symphony of joy.

12:10 – I’m bored. Someone do something.

12:14 – Bills toss the first TD of the week! Josh Allen to Emmanuel Sanders. A rough start to the year, but Allen is still very much a potential MVP this season.

12:15 – I’m watching the Bears game this early afternoon. Justin Fields is making his first start and so far hasn’t made any big mistakes.

12:24 – Titans, Saints, and Cardinals have all hit TD pay-dirt. It’s starting to feel like Kyler Murray is going to be the unquestioned QB1 this year. The Cardinals are not to be taken lightly.

12:40 – Pretty low-scoring affairs at this point. Oh, Mahomes has an INT today. That’s just his second career interception in games played in September. The man is unreal.

12:45Zack Moss catches a TD to keep the Bills in the “most exciting offense” conversation. Moss has 51 total yards and a TD so far. If only it wasn’t impossible to know which Buffalo RB will be the lead back from week to week. Sigh.

12:50 – Justin Fields is going to be exciting… But so far he’s 1/1 and has been sacked 3 times. This is hard to watch.

1:00Justin Herbert has 2 TDs while guiding the Chargers to a 14-0 lead over the supernatural Chiefs. How soon until Mahomes guts Herbert and scores 24 unanswered points?

1:15 – Halftime is fast-approaching for these early games. Most of these matchups are relatively low-scoring efforts. Yawn. However, there appears to be an upset brewing in the Chiefs/Chargers matchup. Additionally, it looks like Josh Allen has returned to his end-of-2020 form. The Buy-Low trade window has officially closed for the Buffalo gunslinger.

1:45 – Games are back! Woof. This Bears O-line might can’t be worse. Or can they? Oh dear. Fields sacked for a 5th time.

1:46 – Somehow the 0-2 Jaguars are leading the Cardinals. In related news, James Robinson has 7 carries and 1 catch for a total of 8 yards. Yikes. I feel dizzy.

1:53Marquez Callaway was one of the hottest end-of-draft-season players to draft or pick up. Seemingly the WR1 for a Saints team that can’t depend on Michael Thomas at any point in the future, he was… super disappointing in the first two weeks. But he’s got 3 catches for 31 yards and a TD this week. Anyone who didn’t drop him might secretly be a genius.

2:10 – Cancel the upset alert. Chiefs are up 17-14.

2:11James Conner scores?!? I feel like I haven’t said his name since the 305th time he sprained his ankle last season.

2:12Saquon Barkley was supposed to run it up against this anemic Falcons run defense. He hasn’t done so and the game is almost in the 4th quarter. Barkley owners should be nervous.

2:25 – I’m going to shut my stupid mouth. Saquon runs it in for his first TD in A LOOOONG time.

2:27Trevor Lawrence has thrown 7 INTs in 3 games. I’m not sure how much more blame I can cast upon Urban Meyer.

2:30 – The Steelers are bad. Like, really bad. Granted, Dionte Johnson is out, but this team is going to be lucky to not finish last in their division. When does Dwayne Haskins (yuck) become a priority add in Superflex leagues? Sooner than you’d think. Big Ben is done.

2:31 – a stat to know about the Steelers: rookie RB Najee Harris has had a hard time running for much yardage. However, he’s got 10 targets today and finally broke 100 total yards in a game. No matter the score, he’s going to get touches. 

2:41 – My apologies to my Detroit and Baltimore friends for not mentioning the Ravens-Lions game yet. The Lions are stubborn and will upset some good teams this year. It will 100% be because D’Andre Swift is a PPR stud. Like Najee Harris, he’s going to get the ball even when the gameplan breaks down. The Ravens are good but their whole roster is injured. Upset alert has been activated for this game.

3:00 – Oh dear there are too many upsets about to happen. Chargers over Chiefs, Lions over Ravens, this is madness.

3:15Justin Tucker 66 YARD FIELD GOAL TO SAVE THE KNEECAPS!! NFL RECORD!!! Sorry, Lions.

3:16 – WOW!!!! Chargers top the Chiefs, who fall to 1-2. I’m so confused how this is happening. Someone say, “Jumanji,” because everything is just wrong.

3:20 – The second slate of games begins now. I need more coffee.

3:40 – Ouch. The undefeated Raiders are down 14-0 to Jacoby Brissett‘s Dolphins. Gruden always looks mad. Either that, or he always looks like he’s holding in a sneeze. Seriously.

3:42Dalvin Cook is out so the Vikings will lose, but so far they’ve been effective against this Seahawks squad. 7-7. Real talk: are the Seahawks actually good or are they just SUPPOSED to be good?

4:00 – Gotta get ready for dinner. Date night waits for no one… and neither does my wife. I’ll check back in with the games later.

4:45 – We’re walking to a farm-to-table restaurant called Gather. It’s our favorite place and we go maybe once or twice a year. If this tragic week (and past year and a half) has taught me anything, it’s that you have to enjoy life while you can. Nothing is guaranteed. Football is great but love and family always have to come first.

5:30 – We made it. Feels like the last drops of summer are leaking from the sky. Beautiful night. Quick score check. Dolphins lead the Raiders 14-12. Broncos over Jets 0-17. Rams over Buccaneers 14-7. Seahawks over Vikings 17-14.

6:15 – We’re waiting for our braised pork and from-scratch fusilli to arrive. So hungry. 

6:30 – This food is incredible. Almost as incredible Mike Williams has been this season. The man was a late-round pick and has 4 TDs, 295 yards and 22 catches in the first 3 games. Honestly, trade him right now. Anyway, let’s catch up on the games while I wait for dessert.

6:31 – Dolphins trying to force overtime? I’m not sure. Something about the Raiders feels stubborn and magically unable to lose this year.

6:32 – Someone put the poor Jets out of their misery. The biggest win they can get this season is to see Zach Wilson not turned into permanent roadkill. Now someone scrape him off the turf and throw him back out there. The Rook’s gotta learn somehow!

6:33 – SOMEONE CALL GISELE BECAUSE THE RAMS ARE GETTING PAID TO SPANK BRADY’S BUCS! Wowza. The Rams are the team to beat in the NFC. Honestly, both Stafford and Goff seem better on their new teams.

6:34 – The Vikings are leading the Seahawks. But… but Dalvin Cook is out? How can they win if he’s out?? Oh no. Is Kirk Counsins… GOOD!?!?!

6:35 – Overtime for Dolphins vs Raiders. I’m trying to get excited but I’m mostly focused on this tiny cinnamon bun I got for dessert. It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Or… second best. I want to cry from this blissful buttery perfection.

6:45 – In other news, apparently DeSean Jackson had his one fantasy-relevant game of the season today. Can’t wait until next year when he pops his head out of the ground again to score another 80-yard TD. Either that or he sees his shadow and gets injured for 6 more weeks. Please don’t be the guy that adds him off of waivers this week.


7:30 – We’re back from date night. We moved into our new place this weekend and have boxes everywhere. Still, my wife loves football more than I do. We kicked our shoes off and turned on the Packers vs 49ers. Find yourself someone who you can do that with and you’ll have found true love.

7:45Aaron Rodgers being Aaron Rodgers. Back in MVP form already. I’m starting to think the Week 1 loss to the Saints actually WAS an anomaly.

8:00 – the worst part about the off-season Rodgers drama is that the future of the fantastic duo of A-Rod and Davante Adams may be in its final Act.

8:15Trey Sermon is the starting RB for San Fran… and he can’t find any running room. 49ers have work to do.

8:30Aaron Jones is tied for the most TDs in the league. He’s got 5 now. So… yes he was worth that late 1st round pick this fantasy season.

9:00 – This game has three teams. The 49ers, the Packers and the Refs. The Refs are winning. All of us are losing. Stop calling insane penalties. PLEASE.

9:30 – Ooooooh things are getting interesting! San Fran is finally moving the ball and Shanahan’s play-calling mastery is making this into an actual contest. Good game. 

10:00 – My dad texted me right before the game to tell me the Packers weren’t going to win. He’s a Packers fan and not a texting fan. He may be right. 

10:17 – WHAT?!? 37 seconds left and Aaron Rodgers is making that “Fine, I’ll do it myself” face. Packers need a field goal to win. No timeouts. This is madness.

10:20 – Packers win on a walk-off! My dad texted me to say he doesn’t believe it. NFL fandom is tough on everyone. Breathe, my friends. Breathe.

10:30 – Once again, I want to thank you for joining me for this Running Diary. It means so much to me and I hope it brought you a decent recap and insight. On a sorrowful note, FantasyPros lost an absolute legend this week with the passing of Tags. He’s been my fantasy football idol for years and I’ll miss his work and analysis. Please, take a moment to give some love to your family and friends. Maybe even give love to people you don’t know. Nothing is guaranteed and life is precious. Be kind, be generous and be someone that inspires others to do the same. I hope you’ll join me again next week. Have a great week!

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